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The Mesh: Why the future of business is sharing, by Lisa Gansky

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By Marylene Delbourg-Delphis @mddelphis. The Mesh, an old word meaning the “opening between the threads of a net&# got its technology flavor with the concept of mesh networking generally defined as “a type of networking wherein each node in the network may act as an independent router.&#

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Disintermediation - It's a B h.

A Crowded Space

Every marketplace deals with disintermediation: oDesk, eBay, Airbnb, CustomMade, and Etsy. This is known as disintermediation. . From Wikipedia: In economics, disintermediation is the removal of intermediaries in a supply chain: “cutting out the middleman”. .

Disintermediation–an old story playing out now

The Equity Kicker

Disintermediation is one of the oldest stories of the internet. We’ve seen Betfair cut the middleman out of sports bets for a reasonable chunk of the football and horseracing gambling market in the UK but I can’t think of another large business that has disintermediated a consumer market. The most obvious candidates for disintermediation are media publishing businesses.

Disintermediation in Education: The Kahn Edition

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a great piece on a self-appointed teacher who runs a one-man "academy" on YouTube: "The most popular educator on YouTube does not have a Ph.D. He has never. taught at a college or university. And he delivers all of his lectures. from a bedroom closet." Salman Kahn has recorded 1,400 10-minute lectures on a range of topics. Over 16 million people have watched his videos. The Khan Academy explicitly challenges many of higher-education's most.

Fintech Companies Redesigning The Financial World


Analyzing in a general way, what appears with much emphasis is a disintermediation movement, in particular the banks. by Caroline Capitani, VP of Business Innovation of ilegra.

What Is a Business Model? Business Models Explained

Up and Running

Disintermediation. Disintermediation is when you sidestep everyone in the supply chain and sell directly to consumers, allowing you to potentially lower costs to your customers and have a direct relationship them as well. Airbnb is a well-known example of the marketplace business model.

Are Banks the Next Dinosaurs?


Twenty years from now, we will see disintermediation of banks, and millenials will no longer recognize the current banking system as they will receive financial services from a number of new entrants in the technology sector.

How technology productivity kills jobs

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

Travel agents, stock brokers, and record stores - Technology, specifically the Internet, has disintermediated and disrupted entire industries. Technology is all about productivity. Getting more things done, faster, cheaper, with fewer people. This has been called the "Jobless Recovery".

bijan sabet: Gatekeepers

Mark Birch

Disintermediation. tech startups gatekeepers disintermediation bureaucracy education government status quo businessbijan sabet: Gatekeepers : bijan : …So when people ask me what gets me excited, this is what I end up talking about a lot these days. Breaking the status quo and taking down the gatekeeper…. The breaking down of barriers. Direct to consumer. Peer-to-Peer. We are seeing this happen.

Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneurs Who Write Books

Inc Startups

The general direction is democratization of information and disintermediation of publishers. The bestselling author offers publishing advice--and insight into why his giving away his latest book for free.

The Great Fragmentation


They disintermediate incumbent industries but also do the same to any new attempts at re-aggregation? A few weeks ago my partner Albert Wenger wrote about Facebook being unbundled: "Facebook's Real Mobile Problem: Unbundling" where he opined that "mobile devices are doing to web services what web services did to print media: they unbundle." Then I recalled this blog post from University Ventures which wonders whether "colleges and universities are the next object of the Great Unbundling."

Better, Cheaper, More Convenient

Rob Go

M arketplace businesses are the classic example of this because they disintermediate the supply chain and offer a more free exchange of products between buyers and sellers. One very broad category of companies are what I’d call consumer transactional businesses.

A Critical, but Ignored Metric for Marketplaces

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They will not care much about their online reputation, they will not drive turnaround times lower, and they will be disintermediation risks. In the press and on home pages across the web you see metrics like 100,000 expert freelancers or over a million sellers or “adding 3,000 new users per day.” ” Those all sound great, but they are irrelevant to the health of a marketplace company.

Top 9 Misaligned Marketplace Incentives

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Also, if someone is paying a membership, there’s a good chance they’ll want to make some good connections in the marketplace, disintermediate, and then cancel the membership. . "Never, ever, think about something else when you should be thinking about the power of incentives." -Charlie Munger. Most marketplaces I know end up seeing some unexpected behavior from their users. It’s always critical to be examining the incentives of all users of the platform.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Recent Seed-Stage VC Investments

View from Seed

The internet continues the disintermediation of content creation. Two weeks ago, my partners and I here at NextView Ventures announced our second fund.

A Glimpse Into the Future: What Sales Will Look Like 5 Years From Now

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Disintermediation--Buyers will seek additional ways to go direct to providers and manufacturers, diminishing the need for and use of manufacturer reps, dealers, and distributors. What will the future bring for sales professionals?

Why Non-Experts are Better at Disruptive Innovation

Inc Startups

Think of all the industries turned on their heads by Internet disintermediation, whether it was book and magazine publishing, the printing industry, the recording industry or retail sales, to name a few.

Artificial Intelligence: Implications On Marketing, Analytics, And You

Occam's Razor

The current crop of Analytics tools are getting better and better at the known knowns , the process of disintermediation of the humans doing that work is only going to accelerate… And then that work will disappear. A rare post today.

Mobile Payments: The Trillion Dollar Industry That's Never - AgileVC

Agile VC

If massively succesful, Isis might disintermediate the companies that manufacturer plastic payment cards and perhaps the companies that make mag stripe hardware (e.g. How to Evaluate Firms for a Seed VC. How To Think About The Future. About Me. AGILEVC My idle thoughts on tech startups.

Content Creation in an Age of Excess

Inc Startups

Those channels have attempted to disintermediate the traditional relationships that existed between, say, Inc. Small businesses take note: It''s no longer about your products and services. It''s about giving your customers what they want and need--and not old-fashioned marketing.

Social CRM at the Crossroads

Venture Chronicles

The evolution of business is all about the reduction of latency and disintermediation through technology, as in the elimination of human action. We have reached a point of disintermediation where we no longer even want to go to them, we expect that a tweet will be responded to substantively in a matter of minutes.

When it Comes to Venture Capital, Do Like Warren Does

Growthink Blog

These high fees obviously eat away at returns, and more profoundly are in contrast to the “disintermediation spirit” so at the heart of modern technology investing. All of a sudden, it is boom time again for venture capital funds, with over $10.3 billion in fresh capital raised by 578 funds in the 1st quarter, up 36% from 2012.

The Singularity hits Venture Capital (Wilson/Kauffman Redux)

Fred Destin

The markets are getting transparent and disintermediated. I mean, really, who still wants to be a venture capitalist ? It's fast moving from job to have for new HBS grads with flat abs and trophy girlfriend (or vice versa) to labour of love for guys or gals who are willing to commit 15-20 years of their lives and preferably a big percentage of their current and future wealth without knowing whether they will ever make money. Shocker !

Growthink Innovation Series: FinTech

Growthink Blog

What does financial disintermediation really mean? [To listen to a recording of the webinar, Click Here ] On this recorded webinar, the Growthink Innovation Series turns to the transformative world of financial technology. According to PWC, within the next 3-5 years, cumulative investment in FinTech globally could exceed $150 billion.

Don’t call it AdTech. It’s “Adhesive”

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

The ability of Adhesive companies to insert themselves into the data stream, which existing marketplace players will enable and encourage this, and exactly who the ultimate beneficiaries are (not to mention who is being disintermediated) are key components to a company’s ability to gain rapid market share and scale. For about the past year my partners have been pushing me to write up some thoughts on AdTech investing.

Sonos + Alexa Strategy

Feld Thoughts

I hope they are thinking hard about it, rather than fearing being disintermediated by Alexa. We all know that Sonos is finally working on an Alexa integration. As I sit here listening to Atom Heart Mother on my Alexa (via “Alexa, play Pink Floyd’s album Atom Heart Mother”), I so badly want it to play throughout my house on our Sonos, rather than just on my desk via Alexa.

A Powerful New Way to Think About Your Company's Growth

Inc Startups

In the broadcast versus cable TV wars, CBS and Time Warner fought each other to a standstill, all the while handing fledgling start-up Aereo a dream-come-true jumpstart toward disintermediating both of them.

Winners and Losers in the Coming Crowdfunding World

Growthink Blog

Liberatingly, crowdfunding will allow smaller companies to simply bypass and disintermediate these broken financial sources altogether. This week, the President is expected to pass H.R. 3606 - the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) bill, which includes provisions that for the first time legalize investment-based crowdfunding.

4 Well-Known Companies to Emulate

Growthink Blog

These kinds of businesses are under severe “disintermediation” threat, as technology allows buyers and sellers to connect directly with each other, and thus bypass “middlemen” like Grainger.

Five reasons why SOPA is luddite legislation

Fred Destin

Technology disintermediates industries -- this one is no exception. SOPA may not pass. What it tells you about the policymakers outlook on how to defend against piracy and copyright infringement is extremely scary.

Highlights On The Business of Software (2012)


He summed up his two years of investigation into one word: disintermediation. The following is a guest post by Matthew Dean. Matthew is a Center of Excellence Leader at CTS Inc. ,

Why Publishers Will Tell You Anything But The Truth


Business professors call this phenomenon “disintermediation,” the elimination of the middleman. By Michael Levin.

Twitter Link Roundup #149 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

crowdSPRING Blog

Another industry being disintermediated by technology: Gaming Faces Its Archenemy: Financial Reality – [link]. Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account , I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing.

Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid (surviving TC50)

Both Sides of the Table

Everybody thought the real substance was going to come from B2B eCommerce players that would deliver “real value&# by disintermediating supply chains … blah, blah, blah. This is part of my ongoing series “Start-up Lessons”.

The Most Interesting Part of CVS & Aetna

Growthink Blog

For Aetna, the existential fear that in a world of big data, predictive analytics, and financial disintermediation of why do big insurance companies like them need to exist at all anymore. CVS' proposed acquisition this week of health insurance giant Aetna is a big deal.

[Review] To Sell Is Human


The first section reveals that the sales profession hasn’t vanished into thin air despite the “disintermediating” propensities of the Internet. Do you know that 40% of our time at work is engaged in selling, even if we’re not in sales?

All GMV is not created equal

A Crowded Space

Weak marketplaces suffer from disintermediation, pricing pressure, and destructive competition. At oDesk, we started with a 50%+ take rate but quickly lowered that to 30% and then 10% as we became more self-service and also wanted to lock up the market and prevent any disintermediation. Disintermediation - GMV is stronger if customers are effectively locked in. For marketplaces companies, GMV (gross merchandise value) is the number 1 metric that most focus on.

Yelp Reviews Inaccurate at Best — Disservice to the Internet at Worst

Immersive Web

Anyone can rise up and disintermediate existing players in any market. Immersive Web Yelp is one of the properties that online businesses need to manage. But be afraid.

Trail Mix and Online Advertising

Eric Friedman

Darren Herman , who is a thought leader in the ad planning world, recently published Disintermediation of Online Display Advertising ( Link to the PDF ) In which he recounts the early stages of online advertising and brings you up to speed in a clear and concise way.