The Boundaryless Era: the Time for Distributed Teams


The boundaryless era, the time for distributed teams. Companies are relying on the engineering talent provided by remote, distributed, or as we call them , boundaryless teams. Remote-Distributed (a.k.a. Also you get to better insulate yourself from the competition and ups and downs of a particular local job market, and you’ll automatically get better coverage of multiple time zones and languages when your team is more distributed.”

Programmable Currency is coming

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Any government in the world that moves to a non-sovereign currency (Like El Salvador has making Bitcoin its national currency), will lose control of its economy. They won’t just be able to control their currency distribution digitally, they’ll also be able to define where and when it can be spent. China’s 2021 crackdown on crypto currencies has continued unabated. They’ve now banned all types of Crypto transactions.

A Conversation with 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

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One in five prime working age American men has not worked in the last twelve months, and our labor force participation rate is down to 62.9%, the same levels as El Salvador the Dominican Republic. Any of those changes would require a wholesale revolution in the way we distribute and measure value and work. Exploring The Everyday is an interview series exploring interesting individuals or companies who are trying to make an impact on the lives of everyday people.