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Feature Friday: Distributed Identity

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

But are you really comfortable with Facebook or Google operating the identity layer of the Internet? One of them is identity. I am not.

Distribution Advantage

Rob Go

As a seed fund, we tend to layer in “ capital efficient beginnings ” to the mix given our investing model and belief about the best way to build internet and software businesses. We tend to favor companies that have a “distribution advantage”. So what are some examples of distribution advantages? Also hit-or miss.

Why product now trumps distribution – a framework

The Equity Kicker

Back in 1999 when I got my first job in the venture industry I remember having a debate with my boss about the relative importance of product and distribution for startups. Since then the internet has changed everything and for most industries product is now far more important than distribution. He was right.

The End of ?Internet? Companies ? AGILEVC

Agile VC

The End of “Internet” Companies. Al Gore's 2012 Induction to the Internet Hall of Fame. How To Think About The Future.

The Surprising Ways a Distributed Team Can Help Your Company Succeed

crowdSPRING Blog

I love working with people from around the world and truly believe that distributed teams provide huge benefits for small businesses and startups.

What Hasn't Changed: The Internet Keeps Getting Bigger.

500 Hats

Almost every possible internet distribution channel has MORE users than ever before – whether it be search, social, mobile, video, local, SMS, email, chat, etc. Perhaps mobile app distribution can be challenging sometimes, due to Google and Apple still learning how best to offer organic or paid distribution on mobile.

The Golden Age of Internet Marketing?

The Golden Age of Internet Marketing? psychological methods to sell should be destroyed." - The Minutemen, S**t From An Old Notebook We have enough data now to realize that display advertising on the Internet doesnt work. We have enough data now to realize that display advertising on the Internet doesn't work.

Internet Growth Means Big Changes For How Businesses Connect


By John Curran, President and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). billion of them.

Why We Need a Neutral Internet, Exhibit A

Andrew Payne

This inconsistent situation is precisely and exactly why we need a neutral Internet. Ultimately, it hinders innovation: compare the closed, legacy platforms (cable TV, pre-smartphone cell phones) with the enormous economic, quality-of-life, and strategic benefits of the new, open platforms (the Internet, smartphones).

a16z Podcast: Software Programs the World

Ben's Blog

So what … artificial intelligence big data bio cloud infrastructure innovation clusters internet of things machine & deep learning open source quantum computing SaaS distributed systems Moore's Law natural language new platforms & new mediums rise of the GPU trends

What Skills Every New Internet Entrepreneur Needs


I had lunch with one of my favorite Internet entrepreneurs today, Mark Sawyier , the CEO of Off Campus Media. Sponsor. Discuss.

The birth of a new Foundry theme – Distribution

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

This theme – distribution – involves companies leveraging the inherent scalability of the Internet and it’s key platforms in targeted, but extremely large markets. The journey to our distribution theme has been an interesting one, but one that’s typical of how we work at Foundry.

5 Ways to Use the Internet to Drive People Off the Internet

Duct Tape Marketing

5 Ways to Use the Internet to Drive People Off the Internet This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. Snack sized online showcase.

The global content playbook & how the internet actually works

Start Up Blog

The desires of the content owners to limit distribution are irrelevant. I’m a big fan of the John Oliver show Last Week Tonight. Wrong.

The Case for Hardware + Software + Internet Startups - DShen's Blogs


The Case for Hardware + Software + Internet Startups. Vinod Khosla, The Unhyped New Areas in Internet and Mobile , Techcrunch, February 19, 2012. The time is ripe for startups working on products combining hardware, software, and the internet. Competition in internet/software startups is way too fierce. Archives. Search.

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You Can’t Spell Hardware without H-A-R-D

K9 Ventures

If you do a launch it’s rare for the launch to take of organically, it must also be accompanied by a level of paid distribution (i.e.

Episode 7: Changing Plans, Niche Marketing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) | The Bcast

Up and Running

Finally, is the “Internet of Things” the sign of progress, or pushing us toward a grim future? Send us an email:

VC Cafe - Untitled Article

VC Cafe

Indian Market at a Glance : 150 million mobile Internet connections. 250 million Internet users. 25-30 million 3G customers.

India 56

Why It's Time to Bail on Many Internet Businesses

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It''s time for entrepreneurs to consider whether a consumer-oriented Internet service business is still a wise way to spend their time. For many thinking of starting an Internet-based service company, at least one targeting consumers, it is time to consider walking away and doing something else. is toast. The upshot? Of course not.

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How The Blockchain Can Unshackle Us


In the 1970’s it was the personal computer; in the mid-1990’s, the commercial Internet. In the Internet of Things, a refrigerator can be a node.

Distribution Mode vs. Initial Contract Size

Mark Birch

So how does initial contract size affect the distribution strategy of SaaS companies? SaaS tech contract value distribution sales

Man pleads guilty in $2.25 internet steroids distribution

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

million conspiracy to sell steroids over the internet KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) AP) — A North Carolina man has admitted that he led a $2.25

Transitioning To a Mobile Centric World

DirecTV has supported this feature for some time, initially on the Internet via the browser and more recently via their smartphone application.

The Walter White Guide to Entrepreneurship

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

A combination of quality, recognizability, and positive buzz will also help you distribute your (hopefully not-illegal) product more easily.

Here is why Amy Schumer, Justin Bieber, and Carson Daly are the Most Dangerous People on the Internet

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Phony fan sites and celebrity-information sites optimized to appear high in search results are distributing malware to unsuspecting fans

On the Road to Recap:

The same thing happened to many Internet stocks. Cash distributions are what matter at the end of the day, bug big paper gains still make for good fundraising pitches. Internet IPO startup Uncategorized Venture Capital Finance Money startups Unicorns VentureBy January of 2016, that number had ballooned to 229. Emotional Biases.

A Rake Too Far: Optimal Platform Pricing Strategy

Many Internet marketplaces also have a rake or vig. Oddly, they are aggressively and strategically looking to expand non-FB distribution.

The End Of The Level Playing Field

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I am old enough to remember the gogo days of cable TV when entrepreneurs who wanted to launch a new cable channel would go, hat in hand and cap table in tow, to the big cable companies and beg to get distribution on their networks. When the Internet came along in the early 90s, we saw something completely different.

Why Leave A Six Figure Corporate Job For Internet Entrepreneurship? by Yaro Starak

Not so much because of the chump change we made (my distribution partner and I), but more so because of the invaluable lessons learned in the process. But long story short, I have ended up consulting several individuals, and more recently even small businesses on various internet entrepreneurship matters. I understand my profession.

How to Miss By a Mile: An Alternative Look at Uber’s Potential Market Size

This post was a shortened version of a more detailed post he had written for his own blog titled “ A Disruptive Cab Ride to Riches: The Uber Payoff.”

Using Mobile to Fuel Your Blog’s Success

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

If you publish content on the Web, what’s your distribution strategy? Mobile connectivity only looks to grow stronger in the coming years.

Democratizing IoT Hardware Innovation For Startups – A Radical Approach To A Practical Problem


Thinking Aloud future trends hardware Internet of Things IoT IT infrastructure Jeffrey Kangby Jeffery Kang, CEO and founder, IngDan. IDC ).

China 22

How not using Internet Explorer put me out of touch and cost me dearly

The Next Web

Like most folks in the developer community, it’s been years since I last used Internet Explorer as my daily browser. That was me. Oh no!”

The Mother Of All Internet Wars

Force of Good: a blog by Lance Weatherby

There have been quite a few wars in the history of the commercial Internet. Mark Andreessen was the poster child of the Internet. Microsoft's launched Internet Explorer and offered it for free with marketing dollars available to companies that distributed it. InternetNetscape versus Microsoft. Search.

Blog Content 2.0: How To Create Pillar Articles In Today’s New Media Obsessed World by Yaro Starak

All of these are still valid and still effective, but it’s pretty clear the internet has become a lot more crowded since then. Tweet.

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7 Article Marketing Secrets Revealed

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

This is a great incentive to get others to market your work for you, while increasing distribution of the eBook to their own networks and databases.

All Markets Are Not Created Equal: 10 Factors To Consider When Evaluating Digital Marketplaces

Entrepreneurs accurately recognize that the connective tissue of the Internet provides an opportunity to link the players in a particular market, reducing friction in both the buying and selling experience. Internet marketplaces Uncategorized Venture Capital Web/Tech online marketplacesYou must also organically aggregate demand.

Marketing has never been harder than it is today

Version One Ventures

Likewise, mobile has introduced a completely new distribution platform with a very different set of rules than traditional search engine marketing. News A/B testing Brand data Internet Marketing Marketing Marketing and Advertising social media storytelling Cutting through that noise has become really difficult. The bottom line.

3 Sure-Fire Ways To Create Irresistible Content

YFS Magazine

Each day content is produced and distributed across the Internet by the millions.

How To Conduct A Quality Podcast Interview In 7 Steps by Yaro Starak

Using my iRiver I recorded spoken audio – just me talking into the mic – that I uploaded and distributed on my blog.

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