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We’ve put up a post on the Foundry Group site about a new theme of ours we are calling Distribution. We’ve been investing in protocols like SMTP, RSS, XML, and SMS for years and expect to continue doing this. Distribution : Giant existing online markets can be completely disrupted by new distribution methods like Facebook, Twitter, Mobile, and User-Generated Content. Foundry Group distribution theme

8 Must Have Tools For Your Next App Build


Featuring more than 1400 plugins, it is a self-contained Java-based program that can distribute work across multiple machines and platforms to drive builds, tests, and deployments. Gradle has the power and flexibility of Ant with Maven’s ease of use (and without XML). by Matt Shealy, President of ChamberofCommerce.com. When it comes to app builds, there are three key components that will drive success: People. Tools. Automation.

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All Platforms Need a Killer App – Cryptokitties is the one for blockchain


Going back to webmethods , it was how DHL used WIDL (precursor to XML) to embed tracking information in other websites. plugin to connect our browser to the ethereum blockchain and the world of distributed apps. I’ve always loved investing in companies that can become platforms but not investing in platforms. What does that mean? Well, to be succinct, it’s quite hard to sell a platform. You need to show users/customers how your platform can solve problems.

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The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery

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They had a lock on “distribution&# and were named AOL, Yahoo!, The idea was that websites (think news, blogs) could push out a regular “feed&# in an open, XML format that could be read by an RSS Reader otherwise known as a feed aggregator. As the standard gained popularity more people started “subscribing&# to output of their favorite content – either as an email newsletter or as an XML feed into their RSS Reader such as Google Reader.

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Does Drupal Suffice For Your Enterprise Needs?


Drupal supports various modules and distributions which fasten the process of editing, thus saving both your time and money. . Generate website sitemap with “XML Sitemap” module. Drupal offers modules and distributions which provide necessary site features and functions in a single download. It offers various distributions which are useful in setting up different websites: Enterprise Forum – For enterprise needing a discussion forum.

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The End of the Web? Don’t Bet on It. Here’s Why

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It isn’t open in either its standards or in the way that applications are marketed and distributed. Centralized computing was giving way to smart, distributed devices. Few had considered what happened in a world in which the data was distributed. Suddenly you had security risks, confidentiality problems, privacy concerns (think about your medical records being distributed), etc. Distribution becomes a stranglehold.

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How to Scale Organic Traffic (Without Writing a Million Blog Posts)


It’s more than just a distribution channel. Second, these pages need to be discoverable for search engines, which comes down to internal links and XML sitemaps. In-house SEOs and consultants alike are routinely challenged to find new opportunities to expand organic traffic.

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Building Competency in Semantic Web Technology


Among techies, the Semantic Web bears some similarity to a number of common technologies, including relational databases, XML, and Object-Oriented design. for XML practitioners comes with the shift from thinking about hierarchically structured data in documents to thinking of data as a distributed data structure. The familiar XML tools (e.g., in RDF/XML) is just an ephemeral representation of a linked data structure, not a resource in itself.

App is Crap (why Apple is bad for your health)

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Enter the huge innovation in AJAX (asynchronous Javascript and XML), which let us redraw individual portions of the screen and therefore mimic user behavior on on-premise applications. But you need to think in terms of broader distribution. There are so many free Flash games now where the owners of the handset and OS wouldn’t be able to have a cut in the revenue if they were widely distributed on iPhones. Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely.

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What The Rails Security Issue Means For Your Startup


Rails allows XML documents to include YAML attributes. That decision has caused a bit of head scratching, since it seems like a curious choice for most programmers in the community, but be that as it may this allowed posting XML at Rails apps to be trivially exploited. It’s no shortcut for patching your servers/apps, but I’d also recommend using something like Cloudflare to help protect against distributed attacks. Kalzumeus Software.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build A Profitable Niche Content Website

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

Google “xml sitemap creators” and download yourself an xml sitemap. While they do this, take the opportunity to put together a digital product for sale and distribution through your website or blog. Distributing digital products is also very easy. In my first post titled, Why Leave A Six Figure Corporate Job For Internet Entrepreneurship? , I provided a brief background on who I am, what I do, why I know what I know and so forth.

53 Top Conversion Optimization Tools Reviewed by Experts


Unlike many testing vendors, SiteSpect supports all markup languages (HTML, WML, JSON, and XML), style sheets (CSS), or scripting languages (like JavaScript). Survey Monkey is one of the most commonly used tools for creating and distributing surveys. “Men have become the tools of their tools” – Henry David Thoreau.