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Moving Beyond API Reference Documentation

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“Great API documentation is essential” many people exclaim. Finally, you reach that glorious moment: “Documentation is done!

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10 Questions Your API Documentation Must Answer

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APIs do not have a user interface, so your documentation is the primary communication method for developers to interact with your API.

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Document Your MVP for a Developer


You might also have a business plan, marketing plan, financials, competitor analysis or other kinds of background document. Founder : Ummm.

Convert Documents With Docs.Zone


You can opt for document to PDF, combine files to PDF, web to PDF, as well as PDF to Word, Excel or images. How to convert web page to PDF.

Spreadsheets in legal documents

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I have spent a considerable part of today translating the equalisation clauses in our Limited Partnership Agreement into formulas in a spreadsheet.

Small Business Tips: Document Your Business Processes

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How you format that document is up to you, but I prefer a simple numbered list of every step I take as I take it. Plan for succession.

Questions to Ask When You Document Your Content Strategy


Research by Content Marketing Institute (and partners) shows that only 32% B2B businesses in 2016 had a documented content strategy.

DocuSign Wants to Handle Your Dollars, Not Just Your Documents

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DocuSign users can now request payments through the platform, streamlining the contract-signing and invoicing process


Court Documents Reveal Texts Between Zuckerberg and Andreessen

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The Facebook founder has considered going into government, according to lawsuit documents that include the texts

Series AA Equity Financing Documents

Series AA Equity Financing Documents Y Combinator and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati are happy toannounce the Series AA Equity Financing Documents.

Series Seed Financing Documents Series Seed Financing Documents Blog Home Documents Blog Archives Subscribe 09/02/2010 Version 2.0 and why Series Seed Documents are better than capped convertible notes “First they ignore you. of the Series Seed Documents as well as a red-line showing the changes I’ve made from the original set. 

Developing a Platform for Web-Accessible Business Documents

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It's essential not to neglect the nuts and bolts of content, and it's more and more important to make sure that business documents are web accessible.

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Organize Your Small Business: Apps To Manage Business Documents

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The post Organize Your Small Business: Apps To Manage Business Documents appeared first on SOHO Tech Training.

The Declaration of Independence: The Best Entrepreneurial Document Ever?

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Would you be happy for your venture to last a few years and make a few million? How about 240 years and 3 trillion dollars?


Overview: Extracting article text from HTML documents

The decision rules are inferred by a classifier trained on a set of labeled documents. My tech blog. Technologies I'm passionate about.


Startup 101: “Open Source” Start up Legal Documents

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These documents include term sheets, investment documents and explanatory notes. Link: [link]. All docs are here: [link].

The Proliferation of Standardized Seed Financing Documents

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TechStars Model Seed Funding Documents (by Cooley). Y Combinator Series AA Equity Financing Documents (by WSGR). Series Seed Financing Documents (by Fenwick & West). This might be a futile effort, which will prove the point that it’s impossible to create one standard set of documents.

The Top 4 Items You Need Documented When Selling Your Website Through a Broker

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Secondly, the broker will utilize the details provided to create a professional marketing document to present to prospective buyers.

The Most Important Document In Your Investor Pitch.

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What do you focus on when you prepare a business plan and an investor pitch? The PowerPoint presentation? The Excel financial spreadsheet?

Documenting Life in a Start-up

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Ctrl+Alt+Compete, a new documentary that debuts later this year, explores start-up culture through the lens of five entrepreneurs. Here's the trailer

How do the sample Series Seed financing documents differ from typical Series A financing documents?

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After the recent announcement of the Series Seed Financing documents by Marc Andreesen, Brad Feld points out that there are now four sets of “open source&# equity seed financing documents: TechStars Model Seed Funding Documents (by Cooley). Y Combinator Series AA Equity Financing Documents (by WSGR). under $500K).

Why You Should Document Your Entrepreneur Experience

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Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of social media consultancy VaynerMedia, explains the benefits of telling the world about your entrepreneurial journey from the start, how to overhaul your company culture, and more

Back To Basics: Document Management Best Practices


Here are some tips to better manage your documents: 1. Consistent Naming of Documents. Granting Access to Documents and File Permissions.

Incubator Funding Documents Should Be Easy

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Documents in the startup ecosystem evolve. For example, convertible note documents are more complex now compared to 5 years ago (e.g., price caps and price cap regulators). Most of the evolution has to do with real-world experiences of investors and startups. Other times complexity can be chalked up to “deal over-engineering.”

Startups & Compliance: Which Employee Documents to Keep

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When you’re starting a company though, there are a few employee documents you are legally required to keep and a few we would strongly encourage you to keep. Documents you have to keep W-4 — This is the Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. This guest post was contributed by Justworks.

Document your tribal knowledge.


And it is even more of a challenge to consider documenting the tribal knowledge of a company’s key employees.

Selling Your Business? Get Your Documents in Order

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You need to have documents ready to support every claim you make during the sales process. Step 1.

What Skills Do Your APIs Offer?

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Why do we allow ourselves to document our APIs this way? And your documentation needs to reflect that as well. No kidding?

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Creating Awesome User Documentation, You Suck at Email, and More…

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Create Awesome User Documentation – Launched by a Micropreneur Academy member and winner of a local startup competition, GuideKit helps you create better documentation with less effort…whether you’re building API documentation, user guides, or in-depth tutorials. Are you a PHP, Linux or WordPress Minor Deity?

Swedish bitcoin startup Safello implements document recognition tech


Those who live in Sweden use Mobile Bank ID to book doctors’ appointments, make bank transfers – and buy Bitcoins. Their service of choice?

Convertible Note Transaction Documents

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It’s a common misconception that the ‘convertible note’ is the only legal document used in a convertible debt financing. Finally, the most often overlooked document is the consent of the startup’s board of directors with respect to the convertible debt round. Convertible Notes

Arkkeo Sees Growth In Important Document & Receipt Platform


Instead, by emphasizing search, Kohila says he can find any document in about five seconds. Keeping track of receipts is no fun. and Finland.

If you've ever overpaid for a legal document, sign up for Docracy, First Round's newest investment

This is going to be BIG.

Plus, I'd make the argument that Docracy's initial userbase will be people who otherwise wouldn't have went to a lawyer at all, going without documentation or using something probably not appropriate for them. That's why it has to charge for its documents. I can't wait until next year! First Round Capital Venture Capital & Technology

31 Incredibly Unprofessional Things People Do on Their Resumes

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Microsoft Word is notorious for rendering documents differently across platforms


Company That Falsified Financial Documents Loses Its Inc. 5000 Slot

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Manage Your Startup Admin Efficiently


The document files are easy to find because they’re organized logically and saved in a digital format. Just scan and save. Get organized.

One Specific Document that Can Save the Day

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If so, this handy document will make transitions much smoother When a valued team member gives their notice or goes on vacation, do you panic?


Failing Fast at Standardized Seed Deal Documents

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about The Proliferation of Standardized Seed Financing Documents. A week or so later, my partner Jason Mendelson wrote a post titled Why There Will Never be a Standard Set of Seed Documents. A few said “I don’t see the problem – it’s fine having multiple seed documents.” It was a short one.

Hart-Scott-Rodino Changes Mean the FTC/DOJ Will Read More Strategic Planning Documents

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What you need to know: New Hart-Scott-Rodino requirements will take effect soon, including (i) expanded review of strategic planning documents and (ii) disclosure by private equity funds of competitive portfolio companies in their affiliated funds.

Startup Metrics for Pirates: SeedCamp 2009 (Sept 2009, London.

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Main | GeeksOnaPlane @ Ignite Paris (Brady Forrest) » Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Startup Metrics for Pirates: SeedCamp 2009 (Sept 2009, London) Same old shit , just a different day (+ 1-2 new slides, not much tho): Startup Metrics for Pirates (SeedCamp, Sept 2009) View more documents from Dave McClure. The 4 Things You Really Need.