How Secure Are Your Documents?


Does your business or department still work with paper documents? While paper documents and locked filing cabinets used to be the mainstream way, now holding out against digitization not only makes you an anachronism, it could be putting your private information at unnecessary risk.

Open Source Funding Documents

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Cooley, one of the top startup law firms, has open sourced the legal documents required to do a Series Seed or Convertible Note financing. They are available on Cooley’s CooleyGo document generation platform and also on GitHub. Kudos to Cooley for doing this. We need to make the transaction costs of getting a financing done as low as possible and putting the legal docs into the public domain is a great step forward in doing that.

Tips for Confidential Business Document Storage

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Business documents are very important and should be stored safely. If you need to retrieve information from such documents in the future, it can be done easily. That is why every business should strive to keep their documents safely.

Document Your MVP for a Developer


In fact, let me provide an important warning: If you create these documents, don't have input from a technical resource, take it to a development shop and they provide you a price. It's fine to send out documents that have older information.

Keeping Your Information Safe When Ordering Government Documents

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To help you stay safe online, here are four tips to keeping your information safe online when ordering government documents from home. This eliminates any loopholes that can give hackers access to your government issued documents.

Questions to Ask When You Document Your Content Strategy


Research by Content Marketing Institute (and partners) shows that only 32% B2B businesses in 2016 had a documented content strategy. And at the same time, 48% businesses cited a documented content marketing strategy as the reason for their overall improvement in content effectiveness.

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Convert Documents With Docs.Zone


You can opt for document to PDF, combine files to PDF, web to PDF, as well as PDF to Word, Excel or images. How to convert documents to PDF with Docs.Zone. Alongside the fact that you can transform simple documents to PDF, you can also merge them to PDF as well.

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How Much You Can Save With Document Management Software


There are several ways you can go about saving money, but one of the best and easiest is to use document management software (DMS). No matter what type of business you have, document management software is a crucial piece to cost savings. By Benoy Tamang, CEO of eFileCabinet.

Home Document Management Software: How It Can Positively Impact Niche Workers


Home document management software is a tool that can turn niche employees like consultants, freelancers, and independent contractors into powerful, market-disrupting professionals. The perks of working for a company are well-documented, and among these perks is comfort and stability.

Moving Beyond API Reference Documentation

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“Great API documentation is essential” many people exclaim. Finally, you reach that glorious moment: “Documentation is done! The Hidden Value of API Documentation. API documentation tells the story of your API. Beyond API Reference Documentation.

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Can Document Management Restore Consumers’ Trust In Enterprises?


Looking at the course of information “management’s” evolution over the past twenty years, companies have, in general, evolved to predominately rely on and store information digitally, yet un-securely and through paper documents, too. By Jesse Wood, CEO of eFileCabinet.

How Document Scanning is making Businesses more Eco Friendly


The process of document scanning refers to the effective method of converting paper documents into digital documents so that a business or company can access their important information 24/7. Others document management document scanning online storage

Spreadsheets in legal documents

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Rather than imperfectly describe formulas in legal documents we should be able to capture them precisely in a Google Sheet or Excel and append the file to the legal document.

10 Questions Your API Documentation Must Answer

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APIs do not have a user interface, so your documentation is the primary communication method for developers to interact with your API. As previously discussed, our API documentation needs to move beyond API reference documentation and into all aspects of the API lifecycle.

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Document Business Processes With These 6 Online Tools

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Successful businesses execute standard processes consistently. Here's a look at six tools designed to boost workflow, productivity and overall performance. Back Office Grow back office business process management business systems managing workflow process management productivity workflow

Building Your API Documentation Strategy For SUCCESS

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So far, we have put together a foundation for our API documentation: 1. We must first move beyond API reference documentation and look for other ways to communicate the value and purpose of your APIs. An approach to API Documentation Strategy SUCCESS.

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Failing Fast at Standardized Seed Deal Documents

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about The Proliferation of Standardized Seed Financing Documents. A week or so later, my partner Jason Mendelson wrote a post titled Why There Will Never be a Standard Set of Seed Documents. I’ve concluded that Jason is right so rather than torture myself, I’m failing fast with regard to trying to help create a set of standardized seed documents. A few said “I don’t see the problem – it’s fine having multiple seed documents.”

Small Business Tips: Document Your Business Processes

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The operational details of a small business can range from simple to wildly complex, but documenting them well is something you will never regret and something that (post-bus) may save your business!

The Proliferation of Standardized Seed Financing Documents

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As of today’s announcement that Ted Wang at Fenwick & West has collaborated with a group of bay area early stage VC’s and angel investors to create the Series Seed Documents (the site isn’t up yet so I can’t opine on the quality of the docs but I expect them to be fine) we now have – at my count – four different standardized seed financing documents floating around the industry. TechStars Model Seed Funding Documents (by Cooley).

Why No Startup Should Be Without Document Management


Every startup needs a sound skeleton to hold it together, and document management software is just the thing. Imagine you do lose that very important document. A document management plan is exactly what you need to both stay organized and secure.

Back To Basics: Document Management Best Practices


Here are some tips to better manage your documents: 1. Consistent Naming of Documents. For instance, you can list the type of document first, the client it is intended for as second, the date as third, and the date the file was created last.

Methods to Writing an Observation Document


If you create a terrific deal of documents through the entire season, then you’re mindful how tedious the content sometimes. Contrary to other types of documents, influential article would love to obtain a good hypothesis.

Model Seed Documents - Direct From Techstars

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Big Airlines Just Filed a Legal Document to End Ridiculous Emotional Support Animals. It's Absurdly Brilliant

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United, Southwest, Delta, JetBlue, Alaska and other airlines are asking the U.S. government for severe restrictions on emotional support animals.

Dropbox Starts Preparing Documents for IPO

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Dropbox's last valuation was at $10 billion in 2014. Technology

What to Do If You Get Incorrect Tax Documents

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Whether it's a 1099, a 1099k, or a W-2 that's wrong, let's get this straightened out immediately. Personal Finance: Spread the Wealth

Court Documents Reveal Texts Between Zuckerberg and Andreessen

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The Facebook founder has considered going into government, according to lawsuit documents that include the texts

Report: Court documents claim Kimrey sexually abused Mariah Woods

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

Mariah Woods was sexually abused by the man who has been charged in connection to her death, according to a report from the Jacksonville Daily-News

Architect wants to document disappearing flattop homes

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

SOUTHERN SHORES, N.C. (AP) AP) — Architect Chris Nason drove slowly through Southern Shores spotting the occasional flattop cottage


Startups & Compliance: Which Employee Documents to Keep

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When you’re starting a company though, there are a few employee documents you are legally required to keep and a few we would strongly encourage you to keep. Documents you have to keep W-4 — This is the Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. This document tells you how much federal income tax to withhold from each employee’s paycheck. This guest post was contributed by Justworks.

SAFE Seed Financing Documents

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I wrote an article for LaunchDFW titled “SAFE and SOUND? A Primer on the new YC Docs“ It’s somewhat geared towards the Dallas Fort Worth startup scene, but I believe it’s probably relevant for most of the country/world. Venture Capital

Series Seed Financing Documents

Series Seed Financing Documents Blog. Documents. « About the Series Seed Documents | Main. Series Seed Financing Documents. Please note, these are the latest versions of the Series Seed Documents.    These are the original versions of the Series Seed Documents.    BEFORE DOWNLOADING THESE DOCUMENTS PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER. ?. I've not included those in this project (nor the other documents requested above).

DocuSign Wants to Handle Your Dollars, Not Just Your Documents

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DocuSign users can now request payments through the platform, streamlining the contract-signing and invoicing process


Choosing The Right Digital Management System: 5 Sneaky Ways Some Providers Hold Your Data Hostage


As multichannel data continues to overwhelm small businesses, trying desperately to collect and organize a deluge of data like paper receipts, invoices, legal documents, and scattered digital assets, a digital management system to handle of all that data becomes a necessity.

Series AA Equity Financing Documents

Series AA Equity Financing Documents Y Combinator and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati are happy toannounce the Series AA Equity Financing Documents. These documents were originally created for YC-funded startups to use whenraising angel rounds.

Convertible Note Transaction Documents

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It’s a common misconception that the ‘convertible note’ is the only legal document used in a convertible debt financing. Finally, the most often overlooked document is the consent of the startup’s board of directors with respect to the convertible debt round. I often receive emails from entrepreneurs asking for a ‘sample convertible note’ which I assume they are planning to use on their own.

Documents: Raleigh airport worker who went missing was 'stressed out'

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH — Documents obtained by ABC11 show Allison Cope, the Starbucks employee who disappeared from her job and became the subject of a national search, told the police officer that found her she left because she was "stressed out and

Series Seed Financing Documents Series Seed Financing Documents Blog Home Documents Blog Archives Subscribe 09/02/2010 Version 2.0 and why Series Seed Documents are better than capped convertible notes “First they ignore you.   That said, I think this quote accurately captures the life-cycle of creating a simple set of documents for early stage investment. of the Series Seed Documents as well as a red-line showing the changes I’ve made from the original set. 

Judge: Don't seal documents

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RALEIGH — A North Carolina judge on Friday denied Duke Energy''s motion seeking to shield records related to groundwater pollution leaching from 33 coal ash dumps in the state while a separate federal

4 Ways to Avoid the Confusion Of Financing Documents

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So-called 'simple agreements' are more complex than you might think. Startup