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New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs

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The good news is that he is all about helping early-stage startups. Early-stage startup. Super Angels. Series-seed round.

Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley – Going to Where the Action Is

Steve Blank

In the last five years, hundreds of large companies have established Innovation Outposts (and here ) in Silicon Valley. are examples.

New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs


The good news is that he is all about helping early-stage startups. Early-stage startup. Super Angels. Series-seed round.

10 Marketing Lessons for Early-Stage Tech Startups

Both Sides of the Table

The following are some lessons I learned about early-stage startup marketing. I know because I did this in early 2000. Go slowly.

Early-stage Regional Venture Funds–part 2 of 3 of Bigger in Bend

Steve Blank

Part 2: Early-stage Regional Venture Funds. What’s Missing Is Early Stage Capital. Regions are missing early-stage capital.

The two reasons early stage investors should be active investors

The Equity Kicker

I’m writing this post to get my thoughts straight. This is, in fact, a trend that has been underway for some time. Uncategorized Venture Capita

The Top 10 Sources of Early-Stage Money

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These investors are the most active financiers of early-stage startups. Well, there’s friends and family. million. Only 2.7

(First Annual?) List of Go-To Early-Stage Service Providers in the NextView Ventures Boston Portfolio

Genuine VC

Although these startups are very diverse businesses themselves, they face similar requirements (especially in that they’re currently all in the seed to Series B range of company stage). Recently, we surveyed our Boston-based NextView portfolio Founder/CEOs asking them about which service provider firms they’ve been using.

Thoughts from the road: building startups and collective ambition outside Silicon Valley

Version One Ventures

Just a few years ago, if you wanted to do something big, you needed to go to Silicon Valley. A few years ago, Boris wrote that something special was happening in the Toronto-KW corridor (for those of you non-Canadians, that would be like SF and the Valley). Waterloo has another unicorn with Kik. Great senior talent.

Is This the End of Silicon Valley?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

But there's no shortage of skeptics in the idea a "Silicon Prairie" will emerge. Many of these companies are global from Day One. Ads by Pheed

From Silicon Valley to the UAE: Organizations Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Wondering how to meet the elusive female investor for your early-stage venture?

Secrets of Silicon Valley's Biggest Investors

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In Silicon Valley, people say that the investor-entrepreneur relationship is like a marriage, only more important.

Silicon Valley Is Still Best Place to Build a Startup But…

Hunter Walker

I’m an unabashedly pro-Silicon Valley homer. However, what Silicon Valley thinks about your startup has never been less important. Bay Area early adopters were generally representative of the people who would be getting online in the next few years. And it’s interesting to consider why. Largely white.

Can You Really Build a Great Tech Firm Outside Silicon Valley?

Both Sides of the Table

Last year I was on Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley meeting with one of the most prominent venture capital firms in the country.

Dave McClure Misses An Additional VC Trend.Outside Silicon Valley

Seeing Both Sides

But I think he's missing one important trend that is happening outside of Silicon Valley. For those of us who practice the VC craft outside of Silicon Valley, it is clear that the mega VC strategy just doesn't work. Nearly all of the mega hits have been Silicon Valley based. They are in the middle.

Silicon Valley Uber Alles? I think so… Some of their Secret Weapons.

Scalable Startup

[contact-form] Can any other region “catch up” to Silicon Valley, or be the next Silicon Valley? Why not?

The Greenshoe = how to repay all those that helped along the way.

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Imagine if you’re in Silicon Valley right now with no equity in a tech startup, but associated with several people getting six figure “bonuses” because they somehow wound up with some stock in one. The free parties (or not free) and swag and great stories and boat rides in the bay are nice.

The Greenshoe = how to repay all those that helped along the way.

Scalable Startup

Imagine if you’re in Silicon Valley right now with no equity in a tech startup, but associated with several people getting six figure “bonuses” because they somehow wound up with some stock in one. The free parties (or not free) and swag and great stories and boat rides in the bay are nice.

How Can Israeli Startups Raise Funding in Silicon Valley?

VC Cafe

VC investors rely heavily on referrals, but what should a non US startup do when looking to raise funding in Silicon Valley? good luck!

MySpace Co-Founder: What's Wrong With Silicon Valley

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But Zynga is just the tip of the iceberg--a metaphor for what''s wrong with Silicon Valley, in his opinion. Why do it? "It''s

Silicon Valley Bank HALO report – Angel Investing(Infographic)

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Angel Investor Business Development CEO Succession early stage founder instagram Revenue Growth Scalability startup startup CEO Tom Nora

Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Business Schools And Early Stage Entrepreneurship


Most business schools don't have much insight into what goes on in the pre-validation and validation stages of the business and fail to underscore a simple fact: you do not get financing unless you validate your business first. She is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and strategy consultant. Sponsor. SPOTS Online.

Norway's Silicon Valley Development Program Back Open


Applications are welcome to Innovation Norway''s flagship business development program, taking place in Silicon Valley this Fall.

Early Stage Investments For Politicians


I believe the importance of early stage investing for politicians can be explained through them. My guess is that it's quite many.

Everything you need to know about Silicon Roundabout in 10 Links

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If you haven’t heard about the quick rise of the London startup scene, it’s time you pay attention. link]. Share/Bookmark.

Raising Money Using Customer Development

Steve Blank

Unfortunately in early stage startups the drive for financing hijacks the corporate DNA and becomes the raison d’etre of the company.

Democratization of Angel Investing

Professor VC

crowdfunding early stage investing angel groups angel investing venture capitalSecond Market ). Only one transaction has closed to date.

Lessons Learned: Don't launch

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Friday, March 13, 2009 Dont launch Heres a common question I get from startups, especially in the early stages: when should we launch? This is the usual reason given for a marketing launch, but for most early stage startups, its a failure. My answer is almost always the same: dont. Dont scale.

500 Startups? How about 5000!

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Craig Page @CraigDPage hosted a party 2 weeks ago in Santa Monica that celebrated 500 startups in the SM/Venice ecosystem known as Silicon Beach these days, and he may not be far off. I guess it could happen, So Cal could surpass Silicon Valley some day. Southern California is going to reach the tipping point. on and on.

The Leading Cause of Startup Death – Part 1: The Product.

Steve Blank

Thirty years later we now realize that its one the causes of early startup failure. The Product Development Diagram Emerging early in the twentieth century, this product-centric model described a process that evolved in manufacturing industries. We’ll look at the model stage-by-stage. None of mine did.) I agree.

Early Growth Financial Services (EGFS) Launches JumpStart Program for Early-Stage Startups

Early Growth Financial Services

Outsourced financial services firm adds low-priced, fixed cost offering to their suite of financial services to help support very early-stage startups nationwide. JumpStart was designed specifically for very early-stage startups, to provide essential financial services and build a solid financial foundation for young companies.

Episode 4: Signs You Need a Manager, Online Tools for Startups, and Our TV and Podcast Top Picks

Up and Running

Jonathan: Silicon Valley (HBO). Things that you might use to get going in the early stages. Email marketing: MailChimp.

What negotiation tactics does Dave Mcclure use? #500strong

Scalable Startup

He created a new layer for people to get a shot at launching a Silicon Valley start with some cash and mentoring that they never would have otherwise had. Most venture capitalists will take a little advantage of naive entrepreneurs so this was surprising to hear over and over. Remember, this thing didn’t exist a few years ago.

What is Drupal? or, My retraining in Software Development

Scalable Startup

from catching up with Silicon Valley and New York as a stronger startup region. The strongest impact on improving this situation is Silicon Valley and Seattle companies – Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and others are making enormous investments in building So Cal as a software town. So L.A.) What is Drupal?

The Executive Summary; Loosen Up a bit.

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I often get inquiries about getting involved in early stage companies here and around the country. You hardly ever see a Silicon Valley startup without one, no matter how early stage. The Executive Summary. But I’ve noticed that in L.A. Real investors don’t usually work that way. Be better.

CASH IS KING — C-A-S-H — Friction Cost Reduction — Accountants, Attorneys and Consultants

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All of these things are magical words to early stagers. Most startup entrepreneurs focus on one thing throughout the lifecycle of their company: bringing in CASH. C-A-S-H. Cash through investments, revenues, borrowing from F&F, VCs, convertible notes, deal terms, angels, etc. Cash on Hand, The next Round, we just need $XXX,XXX. Tom Nora.

The Five Phases of Fundraising

UC Berkeley

by Morten Lund, repeat entrepreneur based in Denmark, the chairman of LundXO and Tradeshift, and a prolific seed-stage investor. At least it’s easier to do in Silicon Valley, where many firms have offices close to each other. Congratulations, you’re one of the few entrepreneurs that connect with early stage venture capital.

Facebook IPO Lessons

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3) Don’t discard old business models because they are old… Silicon Valley is home to the shiny new object syndrome and we often forget that old business models are referred to as old because they WORK. Entrepreneurship Facebook IPO Silicon Valley VC

IPO 12

Fenwick & West - Internet/Digital Media and Software Industries Silicon Valley and Seattle 2010

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

Background - In 2002, Fenwick & West began publishing its Silicon Valley Venture Capital Survey. These trends are also evident in the growth of professional angels, seed-stage funds and traditional venture capital firms participating in angel and seed-stage investments. By Barry J. overall declining from $29.9

Be Audacious, like Sophia Amoruso.

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In Silicon Valley people like Ron Conway and Tim Draper sometimes write a check for $500,000 without even seeing a pitch. Audacity.