Mon.Jan 23, 2012

Have Idea for a Startup? Don’t Launch a Company, Launch an Experiment

Vinicius Vacanti

Two users. That’s it. It had been a week since we had announced to friends and family our latest idea, LinkFalcon, and only two of them had bothered to try it. I thought LinkFalcon had some real potential. It solved a real problem for me and one that I hoped others had. Complete disaster.

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Resegment If You Aren’t In The Top Three

Feld Thoughts

Six months ago I wrote a post about how I think about competition which included a list of topics that summarizes my philosophy. I covered the first item, Be The First Mover , but then went on to other things, like thinking about competitors every single day. I’m back today with the second topic, “Resegment If You Aren’t In The Top Three.” ” If you look at the Foundry Group portfolio , you’ll notice a lot of market leaders.

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How To Close The Books on Your Startup

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Start Your Marketplace Engines

Genuine VC

At NextView Ventures, we have a number of companies in our portfolio which are “marketplace” businesses, where buyers and sellers meet to exchange a good or service. And along the way we’ve met with or observed a larger number of seed-stage startups attempting to start them. All of these companies face the challenge of the marketplace cold-start problem : simultaneously attracting both sellers and buyers to generate enough liquidity so that meaningful transactions can result.

The Jammed Career Escalator: Old Premises, New Realities

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Centuries of immigrants risked everything to come to America with the belief that if they worked hard, they would enjoy a better life than their parents had. Since the country’s birth, each generation of Americans has generally made more money, been better educated, and enjoyed a higher standard of living than the generation that came before it. This expectation of lockstep increases in prosperity had become part of the American Dream.

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A Powerful (Mission) Statement

Inc Startups

Motivational Message A poster of Holstee's mission statement has become a top seller. the company also prints the message on greeting cards, made from recycled paper elephant dung.'> How Brooklyn-based Holstee's mission statement, which it styled into a poster, inspired millions of people.

You Just Made the Sale, Now SHUT UP!

Taffy Williams

Pardon thelanguage, but the title says a lot. Itsometimes takes a very long time to convince a buyer to buy. This is the case whether the buyer is: · someonepurchasing a retail product, · apossible business transaction like partnering or M&A · providingfinancing in the form of debt or equity · ormost anything else. It is soeasy to continue to press the point without paying attention to what is takingplace. However, there is benefit in takingtime to listen and stopping.

When It's Time to Start Over

Inc Startups

Sometimes, the best way to improve something is to begin again from scratch. Even if it's your top-selling product. In 2004, 37signals, the software company I co-founded, released a Web-based project-management and collaboration tool called Basecamp.

How to not be Scammed by an SEO Firm

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Many marketing companies (those you find online and those who call you unsolicited) claim that they can do search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. The fact that they can do something that sounds so complicated is already enticing. Before paying someone for SEO services, keep this in mind… Overpriced Services At its core, search

How to Make a Brilliant Mistake

Inc Startups

The difference between a great company and a mediocre one isn't whether it avoids mistakes. It's how much it learns when it makes them. Everyone makes mistakes—every entrepreneur, every business leader, every employee.

Turbocharging Solr Index Replication with BitTorrent

Code as Craft

Many of you probably use BitTorrent to download your favorite ebooks, MP3s, and movies. At Etsy, we use BitTorrent in our production systems for search replication. Search at Etsy. Search at Etsy has grown significantly over the years. In January of 2009 we started using Solr for search.

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The 2 Things About Your Start-up Idea That Actually Matter

Inc Startups

Y Combinator's Garry Tan hands you the only yardstick you need when starting a technology company. How does your idea measure up? Regarding ideas , Google founder and CEO Larry Page has said this: "Even if you fail at your ambitious thing, it's very hard to fail completely.

What’s not evil: ranking content fairly *and* letting public content get indexed

Chris Dixon

Please see update at bottom. Most websites spend massive amounts of time and money to get any of their pages index and ranked by Google’s search engine. Indeed, there is a entire billion dollar industry (SEO) devoted to helping companies get their content indexed and ranked. Twitter and Facebook have decided to disallow Google from indexing 99.9% of their content.

Start a Killer Restaurant: 6 Tips

Inc Startups

Advice from a white guy in Texas who became an award-winning sushi chef and restaurant owner. Nearly half of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some point, and 46 percent of restaurant employees say they would like to own a restaurant someday. Clearly many people dream of owning a restaurant. No one dreams of owning a failed restaurant, though.

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Whether Or Not To Go Public

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

There are two major issues facing a start-up considering an IPO: how to do it most effectively, and, secondly, whether to do it at all. The second is the threshold question. Will the issuer be able to raise capital cheaply and more efficiently on the wings of an IPO than with any other method, taking into account the long-range consequences of becoming a public company (going public

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Who Is Your Hero?

Inc Startups

Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony, or Nelson Mandela. Pick one, or another great leader from history. It'll give you the courage to dream big--unabashedly--despite the odds. The first of a four-part series. You are lucky in life if you have the right heroes. I advise all of you, to the extent you can, to pick out a few heroes,"—Warren Buffett, Warren Buffett Speaks (2007). We're all so jaded nowadays by any talk of heroes.

The Benefit of Market Research

Up and Running

Market research is a very important step for all startups as, amongst other things, it helps you understand whether your offering is likely to generate demand.

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How to Make Money on Facebook

Inc Startups

Is your Facebook page a real snoozer? You won't make much money that way! Even the smallest business can make money on Facebook. Here's how. As a small-business owner, you probably don't have the resources that a large corporation employs for online advertising campaigns, but social media consultant and author Brian Carter says that even solopreneurs with limited funds can gain the competitive edge in this vast cyber-arena.

Information Arbitrage - Loyalty

Information Arbitrage


New Orleans and Young Entrepreneurs: Nurturing Each Other

Inc Startups

Looking for a supportive start-up community in which to launch your venture but hoping to skip the extreme competition of the likes of Silicon Valley? If you hurry, New Orleans may be the answer. New Orleans has been good to Jen Medbery.

TBPP2011: Chris Sarette on “Getting to Here”

The Product Guy

What is quickly becoming tradition, we are kicking off the first series of the year looking at our most recent winner of The Best Product Person. Chris Sarette, The Best Product Person of 2011 , is the estimable subject of this series. Over the coming weeks I will be sharing a segments of a Q&A session I had with Chris — and lending some insight into why Chris truly is The Best Product Person of 2011.

Chris Sacca on the implied user contract

Chris Dixon

Chris Sacca nicely summarized today’s FB vs Google vs Twitter controversy: It comes down to what each company has promised its users. Facebook promised its users their stuff would be private, which is why users rightfully get pissed when that line blurs. Twitter has promised users, well, that it will stay up, and that is why users rightfully get pissed when the whale is back.

10 Lies Never to Tell Investors

Inc Startups

All the confidence in the world won't convince a VC these statements are true. Here's why these 10 fibs hurt you -- and what to say instead. Serial entrepreneur and VC Guy Kawasaki recently wrote a post listing the 10 lies entrepreneurs tell investors. These are classic lines that he hears in virtually every company pitch he sits through. I've added my own analysis below as to how they translate to investors' ears: "Our projections are conservative."

[Resource] Ask Your Budget eBook From


Here’s a useful resource for those of us entrepreneurs who aren’t too good with our financials – the “ Ask Your Budget: Amazing Questions a Small-Business Budget Can Answer ” e-Book is currently going for free on online small business community

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Tony Hsieh's Excellent Las Vegas Adventure

Inc Startups

In which our hero, flush with $400 million from the sale of his company, attempts to reinvent his city, Zappos-style. You can't tell anybody about this." Tony Hsieh takes a shot of vodka, and then he tells me a secret, eyes wide, voice rising.

Monday Morning Entrepreneurship

Growthink Blog

Last week , I wrote about the personal transformation I experienced at a very intense strategic advisory board session earlier this month. And about how when the heat got turned up and all the pleasantries were stripped away, what was distilled were the real strategic, tactical, leadership, and management challenges that I and my company face.

How to Bag a Hacker

Inc Startups

The latest tactic in the tech talent hunt: Get your techies to blog about how smart they are.

Statistics On Scandinavian Music Streamers


A market survey conducted by Norstat for the WiMP music streaming service shows that roughly 3 out of 10 Norwegians and Swedes have listened to music by streaming in the week before the questioning took place. The survey was collected in January of 2012.

Why You Should Put Your Personal Life Online

Inc Startups

People do business with people they like. Here's how to make yourself likeable online. I love social media. I love it because anyone in the world can find and learn about me in a few seconds -- and that includes prospective clients. People can quickly and easily discover what we have in common and why we might click if we worked together. Finding that common connection via social media is far more interesting and compelling than meeting a stranger for an hour or giving a formal presentation.

SOPA's Jane Jacobs Moment

This is going to be BIG.

Fifty years ago this year, the New York City Board of Estimate voted down Robert Moses ' plan to build a ten-lane elevated highway across lower Manhattan--leveling fourteen blocks along Broome Street in Little Italy and what is now SoHo, as well as the West Village. Jane Jacobs , a community activist, led the community resistance to the highway.

Be Kind to Your Co-workers, Or Else

Inc Startups

Squabbling and sniping can erode a team. But new research shows that when employees fight, customers get angry. Most of us know firsthand how squabbling and sniping can erode a team.

Internet User Defined: A User by Any Other Name…

Immersive Web

Immersive Web. Internet User Defined. In their press call last week, Google obfuscated the various definitions of a user in online terms. The WSJ takes a small swing at the debate. Billions of dollars swirl around these definitions.

We Will Be the Best-Run Business in America

Inc Startups

Highly Targeted Larry Potterfield's company has more than 1,500 formal business processes.'> Larry Potterfield, founder of the shooting-supply company MidwayUSA, is obsessed with management excellence: quantifying it, developing systems to produce it, and spreading it far and wide.

Apple and US labor

deal architect

Steve Jobs supposedly told President Obama ““Those (iPhone) jobs aren’t coming back,” according to this article in the New York Times. Apple’s labor in China is also showing up in much hand-wringing in the Presidential race. Let’s explore a few. Globalization and Technology