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8 Steps Every Leader Must Take To Deal With Setbacks

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As a business owner in this age of rapid technological change, with the surge of worldwide competitors, setbacks and adversity are virtually guaranteed.

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Will Tapping Influencers Really Improve Sales?


Marketing strategies continue to evolve, and with the dominance of social media, the rise of the influencer-marketing campaign is more prevalent than ever. Because influencers are used to working with limited characters to promote products, they’re very familiar with tools like a word counter.

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Simply begin again. I turned 54 today. I’ve always marked the start of a new year on my birthday rather than January 1st. As part of my birthday tradition, I write myself a letter about my upcoming year. I started posting these publicly when I was 51 and they serve as a nice reminder of where I was at v52 (focusing on what I want to do ) and v53 (exploring what I want to be).


8 Startup Ideas For Pharmacy Professionals


Working as a pharmacist can become exhausting after a while. You’re asked to work longer hours to accommodate customers. Mega-corporations demand that you meet certain quotas and fill out tons of paperwork. All of this can add to your stress level.

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Great management lessons every entrepreneur can learn from Ramayana

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The epic saga has a few management lessons which every entrepreneur can learn in order to prosper in the field of business.

What Are VAT Loans And How Do They Benefit You?


Numerous businesses have benefited from business loans. This type of loan gives business owners a capital that they can use for different purposes. Some of the most useful business loans available today are VAT loans.

Reasons Why You Could Lose Your Most Loyal Customers

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You work hard to ensure that you can entice potential customers to buy from your store. It’s tough to make them decide to choose what you have to offer over other choices, considering the competition.

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What are the best startup ideas in India to work on and start a company?

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What are the best startups in India to join currently, and why?

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Prioritizing Safety for Your Employees

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As a manager in your business, one of your main duties is to ensure that everyone is able to work in an environment which is as safe as can be. This is essential if they are to work well, and if everyone is to feel that they work in the right kind of working environment.

Is Your Workplace Secure Enough?

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In order for your employees to work as well as they can, you have to focus on many things as the manager and owner of your business. A major one is that you need to keep the workplace as safe and secure as it can be.