Thu.Feb 16, 2017

Ode to Keystone

Feld Thoughts

Dave Jilk, my first business partner and one of my closest friends, wrote the following Ode to our Keystone house. For the poetry nerds out there, Dave informed me that this is a villanelle. Recently, Amy and I decided to sell our Keystone House.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn About Public Speaking From Donald Trump


by Mike Smerklo, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Next Coast Ventures. Don’t scroll past this post just yet! Let me be clear: I am not here to make a political statement or endorsement.

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It's important to cherish every moment you've been blessed with


Book Review: What to Do When Machines Do Everything

deal architect

Malcolm Frank, Paul Roehrig and Ben Pring, thought leaders at Cognizant are back with a follow up to their last book, Code Halos. The title of the new book is gloomy but the book (they sent me a review copy). Industry Commentary Silicon Collar


25 of the Most Inspiring Books Everyone Should Read

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Take it from these CEOs, founders and other high-achieving leaders

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18 Proven Ways to Be More Confident

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No famous quotes, no lofty ideas. just actions that lead to greater confidence and greater success


Leverage Your Network to Help Drive Your Own Branded Content

Duct Tape Marketing

Leverage Your Network to Help Drive Your Own Branded Content written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. The Content Creation Conundrum. If you’re looking to grow your business’s online presence, original branded content is the way to go.

Business Blog Gathering Dust? Here's How to Keep Posting Even When Time Is Tight

Inc Startups

Marketer Jason Quey reveals how to keep your blog active when every minute of your day counts

4 Ways To Expand Brand Awareness To A Larger Customer Base


Today there are more ways to market than ever before. And we’re not referring to throwing a lot of things out there and hoping something sticks. These are highly targeted marketing tactics that can be fine-tuned using a long list of metrics.

13 Totally Useless Expenses Your Company Is Wasting Money On

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Companies waste money in many ways. Here are 13 ways to cut the waste and build up your company's rainy day fund


How Do I Feel About the Snap IPO Given I Didn’t Invest?

Both Sides of the Table

Every tech or major news journal in the country is preparing to write their Snap, Inc (creators of Snapchat, Spectacles, etc) stories and many of them seem to want a “How does it feel to have missed this investment story.”

What's the Secret to Staying Positive all of the Time?

Inc Startups

It always come down to having the right rituals


Cash Flow Hacks Every Startup Should Know


If you are a founder, then you already know the odds are against you. Let’s face it most do. Well, it turns out there are some simple hacks you can use to dramatically improve your chances of success. While every startup should know these hacks, most don’t.

The 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Going From Employee To Self-Employed

Inc Startups

Know what you're getting into before making the leap

NC House OKs again constitutional question on private property condemnation

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH — The North Carolina House is not giving up on letting voters weigh in on prohibiting local or state governments from condemning someone's property for private economic development

The State of Entrepreneurship Is Strong. Here's Why You Should Still Be Worried

Inc Startups

A new report from the Kauffman Foundation offers a lot to like about the current small business landscape in the U.S., but points out several trends that are cause for concern

Report: A day before McCrory signed HB2, he got a poll that showed it would be popular

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

Former Republican Gov. Pat McCrory signed House Bill 2 a day after his political strategist shared a poll showing it would be popular with voters, newly released emails show

Are You Always Chasing the Urgent at the Expense of the Strategic? Here's How to Flip That

Inc Startups

Practical tips for breaking the cycle of getting consumed with working on urgent things but never getting to the real priorities that you know need your time


Horse meat, horse genitals hidden in juice boxes seized by customs agents in Virginia

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

Customs and Border Protection agents at Dulles International Airport in Virginia seized 42 pounds of horse meat and horse genitals hidden in juice boxes, officials said Thursday

Left-Brain or Right-Brain: Which Builds Better Products?

Inc Startups

The balance between logic and creativity in the workplace

NC State basketball coach Gottfried won't return after this season

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH — Mark Gottfried couldn't reverse North Carolina State's two-year slide in time to save his job

Use This Presentation Strategy to be Instantly More Persuasive

Inc Startups

Persuading people to buy into your way of thinking or seeing things is hard. Try this strategy to up the odds that you'll break through and get people on your side


Shane Battier returns to Heat, to lead analytics department

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

Shane Battier has returned to the Miami Heat

What You Need to Know about Starting a Business with a Co-founder

Inc Startups

Building a business is hard--here's one way to make it easier

More than 250 Latino businesses in Charlotte to close to support immigrant protest, rally

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

Charlotte-area immigrants are joining groups around the nation Thursday to bring attention to immigrant issues, demonstrate their importance to the country and protest Trump administration policies

101 Quotes From the Most Successful Americans Ever (All With One Big Thing in Common)

Inc Startups

Hint: they were all elected to the highest office in the land. Also, it's President's Day


Winning numbers drawn in 'Cash 5' game

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) AP) _ The winning numbers in Thursday evening's drawing of the North Carolina Lottery's "Cash 5" game were

Steve Jobs And The Profound Question That Will Transform Your Career

Inc Startups

Transform your business by answering this empowering question Steve Jobs brought up in a famous keynote


Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 3 Evening' game

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) AP) _ The winning numbers in Thursday evening's drawing of the North Carolina Lottery's "Pick 3 Evening" game were

The Science Behind Storytelling Every Salesperson Needs to Know

Inc Startups

How to use stories to capture buyers' attention


Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 4 Evening' game

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) AP) _ The winning numbers in Thursday evening's drawing of the North Carolina Lottery's "Pick 4 Evening" game were

How To Be a Billion-Dollar Small Business

Inc Startups

Now is the time for small companies to best leverage their flexibility and agility to take a piece of the market

Agile 31

Longtime NC State PA announcer C.A. Dillon Jr. dies at 91

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) AP) — C.A. Dillon Jr., the public address announcer for N.C. State basketball games for more than 50 years, has died at his home. He was 91

Don't Call It a Comeback: Why the Nokia 3310 Is Ready to Knock Out the Competition

Inc Startups

How about 260 hours of standby battery? Respect