Thu.Dec 20, 2012

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When is it Time to Pivot or Quit?

Instigator Blog

Entrepreneurs aren’t quitters. To succeed you need to be resilient, thick skinned and borderline crazy. You need to have just the right amount of delusion to believe you can succeed, spurring you on despite the absurd odds. But sometimes, you have to quit.

8 Opportunities to Lead in 2013

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Leadership is just a series of moments where you do the right thing. Here are eight ways to do that in the coming year. Leadership is comprised of a series of moments, and it can be difficult to sort out individual moments over time.

Is Your Business Ready for 2013? Look into the Future of Marketing to Find Out

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Look into the Crystal Ball of Marketing. Trying to keep up with trends in online marketing is a difficult endeavor. Just when you’ve mastered one technique, it becomes out of date. Just when you formulate a strategy you’re excited about, nobody is paying attention anymore.

6 Reasons Why You Hire the Wrong People

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

No business can afford to make hiring mistakes--especially the mistakes that come up again and again. Hiring the right people is critical for any business, and that's especially true for a small company with relatively few employees.

The New Breed of Startups Master These 5 Processes

Startup Professionals Musings

I see more and more entrepreneurs who seem to have everything going for them – vision, motivation, passion, even a good business plan, product, and money, and yet they can’t close customers.

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Introducing Entrepreneurship to Young People through Activities and Discussion

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation Blog

Entrepreneurship as a Path to Success. Introducing the idea of entrepreneurship puts young people on a path to success.

DC 39

5 Epic Tech Fails of 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These products and innovations once seemed so full of promise. Not so much anymore. I'm a tech connoisseur. Instead of watching TV or dining out, I read the manuals for Bluetooth gadgets and laptops. So you could say I keep a close eye on the goings on in the tech industry.

Finding "Investor-Entrepreneur" Fit (aka Avoiding the Series A Crunch)

Seeing Both Sides

A question I often get asked by entrepreneurs is what is Flybridge’s investment philosophy – do we make our investment decisions based on people or on themes?

Exclusive: Inside the Mind of Google's Great Idea Man

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Serial entrepreneur John Hanke created the first iterations of Google Earth, Maps, and Street View. For his second act, he's now re-imagining the world through augmented reality. John Hanke keeps a low profile around Silicon Valley, but his creations speak for themselves.

The road to healing from heartbreak

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Some years are marked by tremendous challenge and heartbreak. This year, some people very close to me experienced unthinkable losses. My friend Suzanne lost her 22 year old daughter to a heart attack, only to lose her daughter’s best friend to the same cause a few months later.

Cars: The Next Big Advertising Platform?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Connected cars are taking mobile marketing to a whole new level. Here's what to expect. If you own a new car, or if you're up-to-date on what's going on in automotive technology, you know the telematics systems built into most vehicles coming off the line these days are pretty amazing.

Put the internet to work for you

John O'Farrell

Living in silos. As software continues to eat the world , we spend an ever-increasing portion of our time online. Worldwide, we pass over 35 billion hours a month in the digital world, with US Internet users spending an average of 32 hours online monthly.

How to Build Customer Loyalty in 2013

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You can be successful in sales next year, regardless of the economy. As we enter 2013, the business world remains in a state of uncertainty. Will the economy recover? Will new taxes be in place? Regardless of what happens, your key to success will lie in one thing: customer loyalty.

How to Get More Social Mileage Out of Video

Duct Tape Marketing

Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is from Dr. Melody King – Enjoy! photo credit: MoneyBlogNewz.

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[Infographic] Wasting Away – The State Of Workplace Productivity


Workplace productivity isn’t as high as it can be, many managers complain. The culprit they usually point to? The Internet and social media. But they’re wrong. Every year, some $134 billion is lost by employees spending time on tasks that are not work-related.

I'm Going To Be The Richest Black Woman In America

Growthink Blog

"I always knew I'd be a millionaire by age thirty-two. In fact, I am going to be the richest black woman in America." Oprah Winfrey said this in 1987. And then it took her 19 years to accomplish this goal.

5 Tips for Rocking PR Around the Holidays

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

While your competitors are slowing down for the holiday season, here's why to ramp up your public relations--and five pro strategies for doing so. Although most marketing and communications departments are winding down for the holidays, I believe now's the ideal time to put the pedal to the metal.

PR 18

Raising Funds For A Traditional F&B Or Retail Startup


Over the past two weeks I’ve received at least five emails asking for startup advice.

How Much Patent Trolls Cost Start-ups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Infographic: When a patent troll attacks, increasingly its victims are small and midsize companies. Check out the stats

Cost 17
Cost 17

Answering the debate: The iPad vs. the iPad Mini

Jeff Hilimire

What is your current impression of the iPad Mini vs. the regular size iPad? Mine was, before Tuesday, that for an uber-user like myself the iPad Mini was too small and too “not-retina” to replace the regular size iPad (I’m just calling it the “iPad” going forward in this post).

3 Steps to Turn Around a Failing Company

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

"Turnaround King" Grant Cardone says you may think you know what's ailing your company--but you're almost certainly wrong. Revenues falling? Customers and key employees abandoning ship? Costs overwhelming your reserves? Don't lose heart.

B2B 17

Tony Hsieh

Google Ventures

Tony Hsieh about entrepreneurship, fostering corporate culture, and his latest project. Founder Interviews

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Keep Your Employees Safe: Tips From a Security Expert

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The tragedy at Sandy Hook raises important questions about workplace violence. Michael O'Neil, a founder of the NYPD Counterterrorism Division, weighs in on keeping employees safe.

Video Guide: Open an Account in the Largest Video Portal in China

Startup Noodle

Last March Youku announced that it buys Tudou, making it the largest Chinese video portal. There are several video portals in China out there and every large online player has it’s own. Youku is the largest though, at least for now.

China 11

'You Don't Want to Be Too Early'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Long before Michael Lazerow sold Buddy Media, his social marketing firm, to for $745 million, it took him many months to even get a client to try it

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I Have Been Seduced By Online Video by Yaro Starak

Tweet Every year I attend a massive sci-fi and pop culture expo called Supanova. There are events all around Australia and for anyone who is even slightly geeky, such as myself (well maybe more than slightly), they are awesome.

2012 – The Year in Apps

VC Cafe

Nearly 100,000 new developers created applications this year for the App Store, which rakes in 4x more revenue than Google Play. With the number of App Store applications now topping 1 million, [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Nine Strategies To Help You Stop Enduring And Start Creating A Life That Really Works


by Vickie Milazzo, author of “ Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman “ The year 2012 is drawing to a close and, for many recession-wracked American women, it feels like just another mile marker in an endurance race going nowhere. Depressing, but true.

Best of My Tweets

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

I’ve tweeted more than 3,200 times over several years at @bencasnocha. My new Best of Twitter page breaks down some of my better tweets, by category. Go to: Observations - Practical Tips - Quotes - Travel - Facts and Figures. Or 25 random tweets as an example below: Tweet. Link. A Boeing jet generates 10 terabytes of information per engine every 30 minutes of flight. Stephen Brobst, CTO of Teradata.

Help Bring Xconomy to Boulder/Denver

Feld Thoughts

I’ve been a huge fan of Xconomy since its debut several years ago. It’s been a refreshing resource for a bunch of startup communities, including Boston (where it started) and Seattle. Over time they’ve added New York, Detroit, San Francisco, and San Diego and are now considering expanding to Boulder / Denver (I encouraged them to combine both as each city is on fire and there’s no reason not to link them together at this point.).

The Art of the Expatriate

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Probably the most important decision a business owner can make when deciding to set up an office abroad is the selection of who will run it. Brand protection and location selection are the bones of creating a truly global company, but the heart of such an expansion is the people.

Top Things To Consider When Buying New Technology


With the rapid rate of development in new technology there is no surprise that this is the fastest growing sector of the market.

Google Trends and Gun Safety

David Lee

My favorite analytics tool for tech is Google Trends. It was formerly known as “Google Insights for Search” and it shows how many people search for certain terms over time. We use it at SV Angel when doing diligence on an investment opportunity. I prefer this to free tools like Compete and Alexa because those services don’t always capture mobile usage, downloads, etc or other zeitgeist.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Businesses are like relationships. Sometimes you just need to move on. But how do you know for sure? I recently walked out of User Insight, the company I co-founded in 2002, for the last time. Does that sound daunting and maybe even a little tragic? It shouldn't. This is a very good move for me.