Thu.Feb 21, 2013

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Venture Capital Returns

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

This post is for everyone who thinks venture capital is an easy business. I'd like to dispel that notion. More risk should produce more return.

Revisiting Median vs. Average With Accelerator Data

Feld Thoughts

US Median Income – 1947 to 2007 – 20th, 40th, 60th, 80th, 95th Percentiles (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

The 51 Best Customer Service Tips For Entrepreneurs

Mike Michalowicz

Few things are truly more important to entrepreneurs and small business owners than getting and keeping customers. Newsflash. All of it matters. Focus.

6 Things You Need to Know About Leading a Meeting

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you don't know how to run effective meetings, your business, your organization, and your career are doomed. But here's the thing. Don't ask me why.

SEO Consulting in 2013: What the Pros Know that You Don’t

Duct Tape Marketing

Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is Chris Warden. – Enjoy! Content is king. We’ll never know.

SEO 32

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One Year Anniversary Slideshare: Start-Up of You Executive Summary

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

A year ago, we launched The Start-Up of You. To celebrate the anniversary, we put together a 190 slide deck on Slideshare summarizing the key themes.


4 Ways That Employees Manipulate Bosses

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Use these tactics to thwart four common dirty tricks that employees play on their bosses. This is known in the trade as "forcing a card."

New LumaScapes Infographics On Startup Funding, Strategic Buyers and Gaming

VC Cafe

The LumaScapes are a great way to depict an industry value chain all in one page. While [.]. [[ This is a content summary only.

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Get More Time To Think: 4 Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When's the last time you gave yourself some time for quality, focused, creative thinking? Start here. That’s the good news. Get a coffee.

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Advisoray, Know How and Even Greater Vitality in March!

The Product Guy

Thank you to everyone who made it to our latest record-turnout roundtable meet-up of The Product Group at MTV Networks / Viacom, as well as to our other sponsors, Balsamiq Studios , Sunshine Suites , and Ryma Technology Solutions. If you would be interested in mentoring or being mentored visit [link] today! TWEET ). tpgblog DoT com ). Enjoy!

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Three Out of Four Hires Fail: How to Beat the Odds

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Bad hires suck up time, energy, and money. How to avoid them. ” Maybe not the only one: The same could be said for hiring. The worst part?

[Infographic] Going Green For Small Business, Without Breaking The Bank


Many small business owners think that only large corporations with big budgets can afford to go green. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

Green 12

The True Test of a Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Do you want to build a business or a job? Many entrepreneurs don't understand the difference. What's your top priority as a business owner? That's all.

Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: Recruiting 101 (via Greg Brockman of Stripe)

Scott Edward Walker

To Our Clients & Friends: Welcome to our weekly series “ Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed.” IM, a cup of coffee, etc.); I hope you enjoy it.

Top 10 Most Generous Tech Acquirers of 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Where might you get the biggest payday, if you decide to sell your tech firm? Look no further. Call it the money-is-no-object list.

2012 Recap and Final Close at $19M

Version One Ventures

While crunching the data and reflecting on the past year, it’s clear that 2012 was busy. Version One Ventures made eleven investments, including three angel investments that rolled over into the fund. Here are some of the more interesting details to share about our activity in 2012: Version One invested more than $2.5M

7 Ways to Save More Money Now

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A growing business has expenses. Use these steps to cut costs and ramp up your profits in 2013. Increasing revenues is vital to a growing business.

Ten Sneaky Bad Habits That Hurt Client Relationships


by Joseph and JoAnn Callaway, authors of “ Clients First “. This is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. It’s a behavior fueled by fear.

Your Start-up Needs Some Structure

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As your company grows you need to think less like an entrepreneur and more like a CEO. What's the threshold that drives this transition?

Presenting to Win

Venture Cyclist

“ Whether you are presenting to investors or to startup competition judges, you are faced with some amount of random behavior.” A while ago I wrote a piece on “ How to Score an Investment for your Startup ”. Following that theme you can now read “ Presenting to Win ”, my latest article written for Scalable Startups project at UC Berkeley.

Can't We All Not Get Along? 5 Rules for Healthy Conflict

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How to initiate professional conflicts without upsetting your colleagues or getting accused of being a "hater." But initiating conflict is never easy.

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deal architect

Innovative Business Uses of Technology

Want to Get Acquired? Get Your Funding From These VCs First

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You may recognize many of the firms on this ranking of most successful VC firms. But there are a few noteworthy surprises, too.

5 Steps to Calculating Your Startup Costs

Early Growth Financial Services

Originally published in AmEx Open Forum. You can’t create a realistic business plan without knowing how much it will cost to get your business up and running. If you don’t have an idea of your startup costs, you won’t know how long you’ll have to bootstrap, how much funding you’ll need or how quickly to scale. Here’s how: 1.

Franchise: Buy New or Used?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A franchise can be a great on-ramp to small business ownership. Here's how to decide on a new or existing franchise purchase.

Share Your Consumer Experiences And Get Paid Using Good Vs Bad App


Helsinki-based app, Good vs Bad , is an interesting take on the consumer ratings sector. It makes sense that this sort of app would be made in Finland.

The Pitch Meeting, Demystified

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Whether you think your pitch meeting went well or poorly, you can improve your next one with an intelligent de-briefing. What was that question?

How To Find Profitable Facebook Campaigns An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

As you may know, I use Facebook as one of my primary traffic sources for my affiliate marketing campaigns. Meet SocialAdNinja. Enter SocialAdNinja.

What Social Media Can't Do: Ben Kaufman

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

During Social Media Week, Quirky CEO Ben Kaufman said when it comes to product innovation, there are limits to what social media can do. ”

The third option

In the recent months I’ve realized I am very much in a bubble. Everyone I know is building a company. At least among your most treasured peers.

4 Quick Tips to Be Funny on Twitter

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A few Twitter pros remind us that to be funny, you have to take a risk. Don't watch your follower count. "I ” – Friedman 2. Man up.

How Failure Led To Success: A Story Of Three Startups And Import2


Full Disclosure: I used to consult Sourcekibitzer in 2006/2007 on marketing. Far less than how many have the name on their blog or LinkedIn profile.

Bob Nardelli: 'The Best Way to Set the Culture Is to Put It in Writing'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The one-time CEO of Chrysler and Home Depot says companies should have a mosaic of ethnicity, experience, and opinion


3 Tips to Small Business Public Relations Success

Rembrandt Communications

What is small business public relations? If you are a new entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard of using press releases and publicity to help boost awareness for your products and services. However, you may not know exactly what public relations is and what it can do for your business. Small business public relations is really just [.].