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10 Avoidable Mistakes Cause Entrepreneurs Much Pain

Startup Professionals Musings

When you try new things, you make mistakes, and I’ve seen many. The simple answer is to do something, and start simple. Quick to hire and slow to fire.

Is There More Than One Type Of Convertible Debt?

Ask The VC

Troy Henikoff and I had lunch a month or so ago in Chicago and the conversation turned to convertible debt. I’d recently made an offer to invest in a company Troy was an investor in and the entrepreneur and I got tangled up in the definition of pre and post money in the context of existing convertible debt. Related articles.

7 Traits of Extraordinary Bosses

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Great bosses understand what employees truly need and then provide it to them. The answer lies in the basic traits that each boss brings to the job.

10 Proven Methods to Optimize Your Videos for Search

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

If you’re looking for effective ways to advertise your new website or startup, don’t forget the power of video. Add Links to Your Website. Hardly.

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8 Things Wrong with Your Google AdWords Campaign

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You may think you're getting good value from your paid Google AdWords campaign, but chances are you could be doing better. Here's why.

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The Perfectly Optimized Press Release

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you want your press release to pop on search engines, hence increasing brand exposure and referral traffic, use these five easy tips.

3 Tips for Starting a Small Business Blog

Duct Tape Marketing

Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is from Collis Ta’eed – Enjoy! Image credit: Shane Pope. Target Social Media.

6 Signs You're Not Fit To Lead

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Leadership isn't forever. Here are six signs it's time to step down. Here are six patterns that signal it is time to move on. He said no. So act

Are You Using Organic SEO?

Rembrandt Communications

Search Engine Optimization Offers a Competitive Advantage Many people often ask me to set up their SEO pay-per-click advertising strategies and campaigns. But one of the first things I ask is… What about organic SEO? Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is when you get a lot of people to visit your site without paying for [.].

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How CEOs Can Personally Recruit Top Talent

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Take a cue or two from Justin Yoshimura, a 23-year-old Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur who is his company's lead headhunter. He's humble.

Should Your Small Business Engage In Newsjacking?


Newsjacking is a sensitive topic, and can get your brand into more trouble than it’s worth. The result? Major Twitter backlash. Tread carefully!

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Think Like Your Customers (& Keep Them for Life)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

At certain predictable points, customers start thinking about leaving you for someone else. How to find those points and intervene.


Information Arbitrage

Life is a series of interactions. How we manage these interactions plays a meaningful role in our future. This is particularly relevant for entrepreneurs and investors, between which exists a delicate symbiosis that teeters between cooperation and competition. Relationships matter. None of this is easy, mind you. Few karma points for this.

The Next Big Thing in Ads

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

With the help of NFC-enabled smartphones, ads are getting even more interactive. But are they right for your company? Now you can add physically.

The Value of Paying Down Technical Debt


The Value of Paying Down Technical Debt. Our Engineering team has a great term called Technical Debt, which is the accumulation of coding shortcuts and operational inefficiencies over the years in the name of getting product out the door faster that weighs on the company’s code base like debt weighs on a balance sheet. Wow. .

Simon Sinek: 'What's Your Company's Purpose?'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Simon Sinek, who writes about leadership and "the why," explains how you can identify yours

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deal architect

Innovative Business Uses of Technology

'I Knew I Had a Great Idea When.'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How do you know when you're finally on your way to building a successful business? Seven entrepreneurs share their stories. And they all loved it.

This Christmas Will End The Debate Around Free-To-Play


The rise to prominence of the freemium business model is indisputable: freemium apps now comprise 77% of the App Store, up from just 4% in 2010.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Shrink

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The start-up life is lonely and stressful. Without solid emotional support, your new venture might be dead in the water. Here's why. Strategy is easy.

Memoto Camera Logs Your Life Two Times A Minute


The Swedish company has thrown their pitch up on Kickstarter , and have raised over $525,000, more than 10 times their original goal.

Kickstarter: We Won't Sell Out

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Now, Kickstarter is working hard to stay true to its roots. After all, all venture-backed start-ups want to grow as fast as possible, right? Wrong. "As

We Have An Early Christmas Present For You: The Next Web / ArcticStartup Helsinki Meetup - 13.12.2012


With the last few articles we could already feel the Christmas atmosphere all around us and it only keeps getting better. powered by Eventbrite

Retiring Grocer Gives Business to Employees

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The owner of Lueken's Village Foods plans to hand over the business to his employees through the ESOP qualified retirement program. in 2010.

Reinforcing decisions – Wikipedia feedback

Start Up Blog

My post yesterday was about the simple yet great fundraising effort by Wikipedia. Well today I got a lovely follow up letter, which although I’m sure much of it is ‘form, it didn’t feel like it. —-. Dear Stephen, Thank you for donating to the Wikimedia Foundation. You are wonderful! Exactly as it should be. Thank you.

Cyber Monday Soon to Be 'Mobile Monday'?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Close to 13% of purchases on Cyber Monday were mobile. That translated to increases in mobile sales for e-commerce start-ups from Etsy to Gilt Groupe.

Mass Relevance Brings Social to Life with SocialPhoto

Austin Startup

In the world of social media, the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has taken on new meaning for brands looking to involve their customers in their marketing efforts. Brands are encouraging consumers and fans to take photos that support advertising campaigns, live events, products and cause-related initiatives. Enterprise mass relevance

Naveen Jain Talks Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Inc's Scott Gerber and the futurist and founder of InfoSpace and inome go deep on innovation, passion and the hardest lessons entrepreneurs can learn

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Is Your Business Broker a Stud or a Dud?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Working with a broker can take a lot off your plate. Here's how to choose the one that's the best fit for your small business sale. Probably.

Going to the mHealth Summit in D.C. Next Week?

Entrepreneur Success Blog

I wanted to personally invite my readers to an awesome event we are hosting with Kony Solutions during the mHealth Summit in D.C. News Articles

Outsource Your Coding: 10 Steps

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We may idolize coders, but that doesn't mean you have to hire them. Poor communications. Misaligned interests. 10 Steps to Success 1. Visit.

Thinking about new market opportunities case study: 3D printed figurines

The Equity Kicker

Regular readers will know that I’m excited about the emerging opportunities that 3D printing technologies are enabling. Here’s why.

What's the Real Value of Social Media?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Social media's value extends beyond raising money with the ability to connect individuals with support and information, says Livestrong CEO Doug Ulma