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Here are 10 Tips from BuzzFeed to Make Your Content Go Viral

Both Sides of the Table

His words, “we find things on Sunday morning that will be on the Today show on Tuesday morning.&# That’s why people turn up to Buzzfeed.

Viral 99

Attacking your sucky excuses for not blogging

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

You already know that nowadays you’re invisible without some sort of social media presence. Years? Fooey. You need a sale today. solve a problem.

Amazing Deal – Entrepreneurship Courses

Feld Thoughts

I’ve got an entrepreneur focused deal on Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals today. The deal is for , a website that has online courses on a variety of interesting topics. When Udemy came to me, they were interested in offering a deal on one of their $99 courses that was pertinent to startups. Deals deals

Follow Seven Rules for a Creative Startup Culture

Startup Professionals Musings

Within the startup realm, there is a big difference between having an innovative product versus an innovative business. Celebrate ideas. Fail forward.

Introducing BigDoor’s New Cost Per Quest Ad Format

Feld Thoughts

I love watching our portfolio companies iterate on their products, especially when they are in the early days. Initial efforts often provide nothing more than learnings, but turning those learnings into an improved product offering is a huge part of what being an early stage company is all about. My Investments bigdoor virtual goods

Cost 40

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Bringing Values into Vision

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Many entrepreneurs talk about integrating their values into the vision for a new business. But some take it one step further and actually build a business model based on their values. Green Truck Moving Co. We feel our values will help us grow our business, because it is not just a selling point.

Guide to Creativity & Innovation Conferences (2011)

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Spring, Summer and Fall are the seasons for creativity AND innovation conferences. The guide I’m posting here isn’t meant to be comprehensive — but a quick glance at what’s on and why or why not you might want to go. Everybody has different criteria, so, take my thoughts with a grain of salt. And if [.].

Boston 12

Information Arbitrage - Some thoughts on rational market regulation

Information Arbitrage

Venture Cyclist: Walking through closed doors

Venture Cyclist

Now this would be a neat trick, if anyone could really do it: 2011-03-11_08-54-25_177.

3 Keys to Successful Integration Projects

Active Garage

Integration Projects. All of these tasks, that create the new company, are integration projects within the larger program. Understanding.

Not a Fan of Angel Investment Tax Credits

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Milt Capps who published Venture Nashville Connections contacted me the other day to see what I thought of a bill here in Tennessee that would create tax credits for angel investors. This is a well intentioned bill, but not one that will have much of an impact on economic growth in Tennessee. Others disagree with my view.

The Marketing Experiment

Growthink Blog

This experiment has been done many times at events. At one end of the table, they place a box of donuts. What do you think the table looks like?

Tyler Durden’s take on mobile marketing #FightClub

Jeff Hilimire

Ok, so maybe its not directly Tyler Durden’s (one of the greatest characters in movie history!) Think about it. You can read the piece here.

Meet Waldo, Head of Corp Dev

This is going to be BIG.

Back in 2005, when I was with Union Square Ventures, we changed our brochureware homepage into a blog. A few other VCs had been blogging before, but no one had gone as far as to make the whole front facing effort of their firm into something so interactive. It changed the way we worked with entrepreneurs. They swing by to get portfolio updates.

Do You Have Your Elevator Pitch Ready?

Up and Running

Tweet Could you describe your company in 60 seconds? They call it the elevator speech, or elevator pitch, and it’s a good exercise. I was there last Thursday to hear these two pitches , two of the best from 16 one-minute pitches at the University of Oregon’s New Venture Championship. It’s a good exercise. About the Author. Twitter.

Swedish Pixamid Beats Color In Photo Sharing


Color is essentially a photo sharing app that apparently got its launch all wrong. Pixamid is available for free in the App Store.

Sweden 5

Selling My Personalized Rate Card and Amazon’s New Kindle Pricing

Venture Chronicles

Amazon announced a version of the Kindle that can be had for $25 less , providing you are willing to subject yourself to screensavers that are ads and banner ads at the bottom of the home screen. I don’t have a problem with ads but my reaction is still negative. Amazon is saying I am only worth $25.

Wordy Professional Editing Gets Wordier: Multiple File Uploads And New pricing


Many bloggers out there would readily agree to this when they switch from writing for their personal blog to someone else’s. Quite simple.

hot or not?

Jason Ball's TechBytes

Facebook is going to be irrelevant in 10 years time. Google has lost the search war. Microsoft has lost the desktop war. We live in exciting times.

Shopximity wants to give you $10,000

High Contrast

I was prompted by a comment on a recent blog post about recruiting top engineers to formalize a simple suggestion I’ve made to startups over the years: if you have the money to use recruiters, offer a $10K referral bonus to anyone who helps you make a hire. That’s what we are doing at Shopximity. The reason is simple. That’s cool.

Marketing And Selling: GameBook


In this series, we study companies on how they market and sell their products or services. The GameBook device is delivered in 12-device charging tray.

Blogger Training

Business startup, taxes, and technology

Are you a rookie blogger and not sure where to begin? Are you wondering if it makes sense to start a blog or add one to your web site? Are you a veteran blogger who's struggling to get readers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I highly recommend [.]. Blogging

Web 1
Web 1

Intoloop Kids: Your Child’s Most Memorable Events Come Online


There is one thing that parents love the most when it comes to kids and that's sharing the most memorable moments with everyone they know. How exactly?

Don’t call it AdTech. It’s “Adhesive”

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

For about the past year my partners have been pushing me to write up some thoughts on AdTech investing. “We’re not AdTech investors,” I’d push back, “we just have a bunch of companies in the portfolio that are working in and around online advertising.” ” And for a while that worked pretty well. Inertia.

Massachusetts Sales Tax “Fairness”

Andrew Payne

In case you missed it, H.1731 and S.1554 are winding their way through the Massachusetts legislature. These bills attempt to make large vendors like Amazon subject to state tax, by arguing that MA-based affiliates create an in-state presence. There are 49 other states where that retailer can sell tax free! Ramblings

Coming Soon: Better Ads

Cloud Marketing Lab Blog

Outside of marketers who use Adwords, does the thought of Google serving up better ads really excite anyone? From the makers of revolutionary services like Page Rank, Gmail, and Maps, comes “Better Ads in Gmail

What Renée Zellweger and Elephants Have in Common

Growthink Blog

Perhaps the biggest challenge for 21st century companies is how fast and well they respond and change in the face of incredibly fast-evolving market and competitive conditions. Note well that b) is particularly hard to maintain when the tasks and activities that ARE working become repetitive and lack in excitement and drama. And you know what?

Who are we? And where do we come from? (2011 edition)

crowdSPRING Blog

It is almost 3 years since we opened the doors to crowdSPRING and in that time we have grown dramatically. million. million visitors! 2010 edition).

Interview Questions, Part II


This week is the Entrepreneurship@Cornell Celebration (April 14th and 15th). See [link] for more information. I am one of the primary planners for this event so my blogging time this week is running on empty. Remember that I asked for your favorite interview questions on the April 6th Interview Questions post. Here they are (verbatim): 1.

Small Business Spotlight of the Week: Watchdog Breathalyzers

crowdSPRING Blog

As children, we’re often told to learn from our mistakes. Some of us take this to heart more than others. After a humbling DUI conviction over ten years ago, G.R. Rush wanted to be proactive and help others help themselves. This is why he started Watchdog Breathalyzers. took some time to answer a few questions I had: 1.

Digby Lands AT&T Deal

Austin Startup

AT&T today announced a new service, Digby Mobile Commerce from AT&T, created specifically for retailers to help them design, deploy and manage mobile commerce web sites and rich applications optimized for smartphones. It’s a big deal, and we’ve already seen coverage today on The Statesman , and TechCrunch.

Forecast your cash position and sleep more soundly.


In the past insight, we created an example to demonstrate that it truly takes money to make money; that growth calls for increases in working capital. The example we crafted proved that companies can easily find themselves strapped for cash during periods of rapid growth as well as in downturns. Growth! Protecting the business