Mon.Nov 19, 2012

The Depressing Day After You Get TechCrunched

Vinicius Vacanti

Post loosely based on our experience years ago when TechCrunch covered Yipit’s launch. If you’re a first-time reader, you can get future posts by subscribing via email or following me on Twitter.

SQL 155

What makes you happy?

Life Beyond Code

Think about this for a brief moment. What makes you happy? This seems like a million dollar question. Some of you may know the answer instantly and some of you may have to struggle with it for a while before you get a solid answer.


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6 Clues That You May Be Cool as an Entrepreneur

Startup Professionals Musings

A while back, when a startup founder mentioned to me that he wasn’t sure he had the personality to be an entrepreneur, I realized how important that insight was.

Bringing Lean Startup to Life at GE

Startup Lessons Learned

Guest post by Sarah Milstein, co-host of The Lean Startup Conference. At a party in NYC recently, I was challenged by a VC to name the biggest company currently using Lean Startup practices. I think he expected me to describe a medium-sized startup or maybe some small, old-school media organization. So his eyebrows jumped when I said that GE is the largest company we know of. There are at least two companies in the world bigger than GE , so there’s room to expand.

7 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Website

Duct Tape Marketing

It can be a chore to drive traffic to your website. So, once you do gain a click through organic search, a referral or an ad, you need to you do what you can to keep them there long enough for them to dig in and see what you’ve got. photo credit: theunquietlibrary.

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Shark Tank Season 4 week 10 breakdown

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Season 4 of week 10 of Shark Tank was interesting because two of the pitches were for internet businesses that I could imagine seeing in my day job as a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalis t. I cover one of them, for Nearly Newlyweds, over at Tie Try.

Why Employees' Personal Growth Matters

Inc Startups

Your ability to grow a company is dependent upon your ability to help others grow. Why do some companies continue to grow, while others falter and die? I'd argue it's the result of flexibility.


Chris Dixon

VCs are experts at analyzing industries and identifying new opportunities, which is why it’s odd that the VC industry itself has so stubbornly resisted change. Two years ago I wrote a post where I argued that innovative new VC firms are finally starting to change this: Top tier entrepreneurs are frequently selecting their investors, not vice versa.

How to Cultivate Truly Loyal Customers

Inc Startups

Every business wants loyal customers--but loyalty comes in many different flavors. How do I create loyal customers?" a reader emailed recently. Good question: Customer loyalty is an issue every business owner cares about greatly.

The Future of Brick and Mortar

This is going to be BIG.

As we prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I think a lot about the future of the physical retail landscape. As I walk around my neighborhood in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, I count every storefront whose products or services could be better delivered over the internet. The count is unfortunately high.

Bounce Back From a Bad Hire: 10 Tips

Inc Startups

Once you realize you've made a bad hire, don't get mired in regret. Instead, focus on what to do next. You get burned by a couple of bad hires and you can become trigger shy.

[Infographic] A Look At The Wealthiest People On The Planet


Get ready to be jealous – green with envy, to be more precise. Did you know that the combined net worth of the 25 wealthiest Americans is more than US$500 billion? Or that 14 of the 25 most wealthy people in the world actually live in the United States?

5 Tips to Getting Your Voice Heard

Inc Startups

The following are a handful of tips for tapping into your employees' outgoing personalities and encouraging them to have a voice. Every organization's culture is different. How an employee melds his or her personality to that culture often correlates with his or her success.

[Infographic] How Apple Is Dominating The Classroom


Technology is changing the face of education. The classroom that once consisted only of traditional teaching aids today is inundated with technology such as e-books and reading devices , and even employs cloud technology. Hell, you can even use QR codes for classroom purposes !

Cloud 14

Using Social Media to Reach a Niche Market

Inc Startups

Instead of reaching the masses with your social media campaign, hone in on your target customers with the content they need. Here's how one sole proprietor did it.

Tim Ferriss Talks About His Latest Book “The 4-Hour Chef”, How To Learn Anything In Half The Time And Why He Went To Sniper School by Yaro Starak

Download the Text Transcript in PDF. Subscribe to this Podcast in iTunes. This is a good interview. Trust me. You’re not going to want to miss this. Just hit play now. Then grab a copy of Tim’s latest book – The 4-Hour Chef. Timothy Ferriss needs no introduction. I interviewed him previously about his 4-Hour Workweek book, a runaway … Read the rest of this entry » Download the Text Transcript in PDF Subscribe to this Podcast in iTunes. This is a good interview.

Beware the Achievement Trap

Inc Startups

Just because you believe you should achieve something doesn't mean you will. Here are four ways to avoid this common trap. The foundation of great success rests on a) a belief in yourself and b) your capacity to do what others deem unthinkable.

Lean 21

Why You Should Play Games In Inefficient Markets

Numerate Choir

Team Rankings, a business I started in 2000, takes a quantitative approach to understanding and predicting sports events. Over the years, we’ve built products targeted at a number of different groups within the world of sports enthusiasts. Two products we’ve … Continue reading → Data

Risk-Takers? Not Most Entrepreneurs

Inc Startups

Contrary to most stereotypes, entrepreneurs characterize themselves as more cautious than crazy, adventurous types. It might be time to shelve one of the most common stereotypes about entrepreneurs and how they operate: namely, that start-up founders are crazy risk takers.

The Medvedev Effect On Finnish Startups - NordicHug In Particular


Meeting the Prime Minister of Russia is great, but can it have a profound effect on your business? Is this the type of publicity everybody dreams of? Apparently - yes.

Mark Suster Writes About Entrepreneurshit, But Still Wants to Be an Entrepreneur

Inc Startups

Like thousands of serial founders, Mark Suster would like to chug some Gatorade, and head back to the starting line. The reality checkers were out in force yesterday.

Chris Dixon

Marc Andreessen

I’m excited to welcome Chris Dixon to Andreessen Horowitz as our seventh General Partner! Chris has an extensive and distinguished track record in Internet entrepreneurship and angel investing, including all of the following: Cofounder of two prominent startups of the last decade, SiteAdvisor and Hunch, both of which had successful exits to McAfee and eBay respectively.

Playing the Paid Membership Game to Win

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

There are a number of ways to monetize your online efforts. Sometimes, seeking a method of monetization is secondary to creating something “cool” and then sorting out the fallen chips from there.

CheckedTwice – 2 months, 2x growth

Startup Houston

For the last two months, Houston startup CheckedTwice has been on a wild ride. The brother/sister startup targets the gift-giving market, providing a site that makes it easy to manage a family-size wishlist. This is the busy season for gift-giving, and CheckedTwice has already doubled in size. Here’s my Q&A with founder Andrew Swick : What is CheckedTwice? What is your value proposition? CheckedTwice keeps your family’s wishlists all in the same place.

Mark Cuban Strikes Again at Facebook

Inc Startups

The investor and Mavericks owner takes more shots at Facebook, suggesting it's increasingly less valuable for entrepreneurs. Mark Cuban has a message for entrepreneurs: Facebook is increasingly not worth your time.

“It’s a Feature, Not a Company” – Build a Company

Scalable Startup

This is a line that was pretty common in Silicon Valley until recently. Steve Jobs even (ab)used that line on Dropbox when trying to buy them out of the market (They turned him down.). Now that’s all changed, for the moment. The threshold for “company” status is very low, including the following list of minimum pieces at their lowest cost.

Glyder – A Mobile App For Small Business Marketing


Online marketing can be daunting for many small businesses, especially since many of them lack the right expertise and background in both marketing and technology.

Brian Sharples Wins National Entrepreneur of the Year

Austin Startup

Brian Sharples, Co-founder and CEO of HomeAway, has been named the Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2012 Services Award winner. The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award is the country’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. The award encourages entrepreneurial activity and recognizes leaders and visionaries who demonstrate innovation, financial [.]. Events EOY

Manufacturing Cells by the Billions

Inc Startups

Cellular Dynamics eliminates two big problems with stem cell research: the difficulty of producing enough cells, and the thorny ethical dilemma.

Two New Startup Books You Need to Read

David Cohen

One thing that makes TechStars really work, and a reason people come from all over the country to participate, is that here in Boulder we’re part of a vibrant entrepreneurial community.

Secrets to Great Customer Research

Inc Startups

Are founders incapable of doing great UX? A pair of Silicon Valley veterans debate whether start-ups should outsource user-experience research. What's the most important thing your start-up needs to do? You already know the answer: Make a product or service customers will buy, use, and love.

Lean Planning Drives Growth For Small Business

Up and Running

These days more than ever, as a business owner and entrepreneur, you need to innovate or die. This mantra is most true for any business in the technology sector. We constantly need to move forward, create new things, better and faster.

Are You A Good Fit For A Seasonal Pop Up Store?

Mike Michalowicz

I don’t know about you, but it’s not Halloween for me until the Halloween costume guys move into the empty retail space at the mall, hang a couple of spiders the size of Volkswagens off the building, and set up shop for a month.

Living and Working in South Africa

Inc Startups

What challenges does a businessperson face living in South Africa? Avondale's Bill Stewart shares his story of a year abroad in Johannesburg. In a recent article I (Bill) shared my experiences living and working in London on a consulting assignment.