Sat.May 19, 2018

Why you should never have a data room — the most counter-intuitive fund-raising advice you’ll ever…

Both Sides of the Table

Why you should never have a data room?—?the the most counter-intuitive fund-raising advice you’ll ever get I’m about to offer you some fund-raising advice that flies directly in the face of what most conventional wisdom will tell you.

What unions should do to survive the future

Start Up Blog

In a largely information-based work society, it’s easy to forget the important role unions have played in creating a civilised society. Things we take for granted like reasonable work hours, fair wages, workplace health and safety and even low cost retirement superannuation programmes.

Cost 99

Starting a Business Dealing With Property

The Startup Magazine

It can be hard enough starting business where you’re only dealing with your own details, but if you choose to start a company where you’re dealing with property, especially for other people, then there are a lot more variables to deal with.

Hey entrepreneurs: Here’s how to fix your sucky product

The Next Web

Sales are a puzzle game and even top sale champions are daily facing challenges of reaching out to potential customers, developing business cases, convincing different stakeholders, and closing deals.

Advice for VCs from a serial founder

Austin Startup

I recently raised a seed round and was in the process of working on a Series A before my company was acquired. Through that process I spoke with or met in person hundreds of investors.

Weekend Favs May 19

Duct Tape Marketing

Weekend Favs May 19 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week. I don’t go into depth about the finds, but encourage you to check them out if they sound interesting.

Ramblings On Time Management


This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for many months. Ironically, I’ve haven’t had the time for *this specific* post until now, today. I’m writing while all my three toddlers are napping and my wife went to work to get organized. I’ll likely finish this tonight after putting the kids to sleep. This is a post about time — and various attempts at time management.