Thu.Feb 16, 2012

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Duck Duck Go Passed 1mm Searches Per Day

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I'm a bit late with this news about our portfolio company Duck Duck Go but I am super excited about it so I'm posting it anyway.

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You Can’t Motivate People

Feld Thoughts

I’m sitting on my balcony on the ninth floor of a hotel overlooking Miami Beach thinking about motivation. Specifically, mine. I’m deep into writing the first draft of Startup Communities and – with Amy – decided to plant myself in a warm place for two weeks as I finished up this draft. We got here late Monday night.

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Who Dares Wins – The 2nd Annual International Business Model Competition

Steve Blank

The Business Plan ?- a roadmap for execution. In an existing corporation, the business plan is the execution document for sustaining innovation.

10 People Who Will Drain Energy From Your Company

Startup Professionals Musings

Sometimes they are also intellectually brilliant, or closely related to the boss, so there is no easy way out. In fact, they may even be the boss.

Useful value proposition examples (and how to create a good one)


Value proposition is the #1 thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the back button. Attention grabber.

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10 Quick Tips to Become a Better Writer

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It's not about being a highly skilled artist; you just just need to become a better technician with words. Here's how. Results are all that matters.

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How Do I Get A Job In A Venture Capital Firm?

Ask The VC

In 2008 my partner Seth Levine wrote what I think is the definitive post about how to get a job in venture capital. His post followed an insightful earlier post of his that he wrote in 2005 titled how to become a venture capitalist. Each post is required reading for anyone interested in a job at a venture capital firm.

7 Networking Tips for Women Owners

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Want to grow your business? Do what men do. Have big networks filled with people who can connect you to money, markets and talent. Pick your venue.

An example of how I’m currently validating a project idea

The Startup Toolkit

This is a follow-up to Give it away in response to the question: “How do you validate interest before the product is built?” ” I’m going to walk through my thought process and strategy around a new project I’ve been playing with to [hopefully] show what’s happening under the hood. Do it. Measure it. And so on.

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10 Meaningless Sales Terms

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

At one time, these phrases made a real impact on potential customers. Not anymore. Words—spoken or written—can make sales happen. Or not.

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AskBob: How do we grow our user base and following?

47 Hats

(Got a startup question? Ask it at AskBob and I’ll take a stab at it. We are using all the social media sites: [link] [link] [link] , etc.

Brand vs. Branding: When Less is More

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When it comes to branding, the larger danger is spending too much, rather than spending too little. You'll see why in a minute. Say what?

What Corporations Can Learn from Coworking Spaces


By Liz Elam, founder/curator of Link Coworking. I don’t have anything bad to say about my time in Corporate America. Foster collaboration.

What Social Media Actually Costs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A Procter & Gamble chief defends marketing cutbacks by referring to the less expensive benefits of digital marketing. Um, really? I would add, ".

There Can Be No Real Commitment Until You Surrender All Doubt

Duct Tape Marketing

There Can Be No Real Commitment Until You Surrender All Doubt This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. It’s just too hard otherwise.

2012: The Year of the Health Tech Start-up?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Healthcare in America is in shambles. Can tech start-ups come to the rescue? It’s shaping up to be the year of the health tech start-up.

Innovation Infarction #2 – Leaders Must Balance Perfection and Risk

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I posted not to long ago about organizations that don’t stay fit with regards to innovation. This, I said, would lead to an innovation infarction when an emergency crops up. Consider this post a “Yes+AND” as I’ve spotted a great piece by Scott Anthony that looks at that problem through a slightly different lens. Do [.].

Top 6 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When filling a top leadership slot, these are the blunders you don't want to make. Here's a look at the six top pitfalls to recognize and avoid.

What’s your mantra?

Escape From Cubicle Nation

The Salt River which runs through Saguaro Lake Ranch. It is hard to describe the feeling of anticipation that comes before Lift Off. Positive Attitude.

A Better Way to Treat Your Employees

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These aren't worker bees. They are whole individuals with human needs and desires. Appreciate those and you can make your company stronger.

Social Media Gurus

Grasshopper Herder

This is my socially incorrect feeling whenever I get cornered at a networking event by someone proclaiming themselves to be a social media guru. Managing Entrepreneurship guru social media

What Motivates Tomorrow's Great Entrepreneurs?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A new study reveals that young entrepreneurs are driven by rule-breaking, thinking outside the box, and friendship. “This is so important.

Unlearn While You Learn

Babbling VC

As you may or may not have heard , I've once again transitioned in my career. I note "once again" as I believe this is technically my sixth grown-up job. I'll admit I have done a lot of learning along the way. Not just learning how to do my job but learning how to transition between roles. Technically, you can't "unlearn" anything.


How Twitter Can Improve Your Management

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Communication has been streamlined to short messages. Your management should be too. I’m a big fan of short, concise, summarized communication.

Are You Committing the Seven Deadly Sins of Business Transformation?


Since the recession hit (or perhaps before), they’ve been overloaded, overstressed, and overwhelmed. It’s that they have nothing to believe in.

The Fullback Strategy: Getting Ahead By Helping Others Succeed

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Throwing a few block can help you shine more than carrying the ball. Sure, it's inspiring and romantic, but not always the case. Wrong.

Connecting a World Changer / George Page


Every now and then, my team stumbles upon an amazing individual who is destined to change the world. George Page is an extraordinary inventor.

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Want to Be More Inventive? Think Like a Fifth Grader

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A cognitive psychologist has developed a toolkit to help anyone be more inventive by shedding their preconceived ideas and thinking like a kid.

Work. Life. Balance.

Up and Running

Christiane Erwin is owner and CEO of Crestview Doors, Inc. Using more than a decade of experience spent designing and launching web-based e-commerce applications for businesses in a variety of industries, Christiane and her husband David started Crestview Doors in 2007. Christiane is the mother of four children ages 12, 9, 5 and 2.

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Looking for Venture Funding? Math is Your Friend

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These few metrics will give you some added insight into just how much progress your company is making. is surprisingly consistent at just above $100K.


The Equity Kicker

My latest column for The Kernel. It was published on Monday. Can, and should, advisers play a greater role in start-ups looking to raise funds, asks Nic Brisbourne? What role do advisors play for start-ups? Advisors are typically small partnerships, or individuals, who help startups raise money from venture capitalists. per cent of the business.

The Hard Truth: 6 Reasons Entrepreneurs Fail

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How do you know if your company will fail? While no one has a crystal ball, there are traps that snare entrepreneurs again and again. Know the market."

What happened to us?

deal architect

In the hundreds of interviews in the upcoming book were a couple of especially fascinating ones with Don Graham, CEO and Vijay Rajandran, Chief Digital Officer of The Washington Post Co. Not about political coverage but how the Post has. Industry Commentary

My Board Wants a New CEO

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You've built your company from the ground up, but now are being pushed out. Step One: Get a lawyer. Then what? They want you to step down.