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The Importance Of A Monthly Cadence With Close Friends

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Aaron Swartz the past few days. I didn’t know him, but knew of him and have a lot of friends who knew him. I’m still processing it, especially the dynamics around his suicide, and expect I’ll have plenty to say in the coming weeks about depression and entrepreneurship. In the mean time, I thought the USA Today article, Activist Aaron Swartz’s suicide sparks talk about depression , by Laurie Segal, is particularly good.

Austin in San Francisco

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

When people can devise their own lifestyle, career, and mobility more than at any other time in history, it’s interesting to ask how a startup can support and encourage its employees beyond a paycheck.

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Cubelets at CES 2013

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A bunch of the companies we’ve invested in were at CES 2013. Modular Robotics , the makers of Cubelets , were at the Eureka Village (where Startup America was).

One Leadership Skill That Will Set You Apart

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This skill probably isn't one you've ever thought about developing--and that's a big mistake. I recently wrote about control freaks , and was surprised by the feedback I received regarding one suggestion--to be more vulnerable. For many, vulnerability signifies weakness and incompetence.

Entrepreneurs experience piling on

Taffy Williams

Piling on in football implies that the opposing team members have jumped on the pile of bodies of a tackled runner after the end of a play. Great energy and enthusiasm causes the team to over react and incur the penalty.

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Israeli Tech Funding & Exits in 2012: Lots of Chutzpah but Show Me Your Instagram?

VC Cafe

Groucho Marx could have been talking about the Israeli hi-tech sector when he said “I made a killing on Wall Street a few years ago…I shot my broker”. In 2012, as Israeli exits topped $5.5 billion, [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Email Marketing: 6 Things You Should Know

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A new survey reveals how you should be using emails to get more business. Email old-fashioned? Not according to a new report.

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Change Your Context, Change Your Results

Duct Tape Marketing

The context in which an idea, thought, sales pitch or even piece of music is received has a great deal to do with the value or importance we place on it. photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ via photopin cc.

6 Steps to a Supercharged Mentorship

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What does it take to make a mentor/mentee relationship work? Check out these six principles. A great coaching relationship is a blessing.

Startup Map & Trends Analysis – December 2012


December update and insights about new startups: India became second last month as the country with the highest count of new Startups, right below the United States. India’s average position for the year has been fourth, it came up to third in February and between June to August, but only reached second for the first time this past month. Top 5 Us states remained steady this month and were consistent with their yearly averages.

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Best Way to Motivate Your Team for Free

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New research out of Wharton suggests a stunningly effective and totally free way to boost employee motivation (and revenue).

Find Local Service Providers With Aladom.com


Frenchman Guillaume Thomas, a father of five young children, had a problem. He was finding it incredibly difficult looking for babysitters to care for his kids while living in France and wasted much time doing so.

Free Online Course for Growth-Seeking Entrepreneurs

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Want to successfully grow your company? A Darden business school professor will teach you how. More than 60,000 people have already signed up for his free online course. If you've been wanting an excuse to try out a MOOC (that's a massive open online course), "Grow to Greatness" may be your answer.

The Power of the Crowd When Planning Your Startup

Startup Noodle

A few weeks ago I started a new project. I decided to write a plan for building a startup and distribute it as an e-book (Now I have to do this project, and be accountable for it…it’s publicly announced) Over the time I’m entrepreneur, for the last 9-10 years, I’ve learned a lot [.]. General

10 Business Lessons From the NFL

Inc Startups

In order to keep minds focused on work and productivity during the exciting NFL playoffs, here are 10 business tips we can all take away from football.

The Biggest Excuse We Tell Ourselves

Mike Michalowicz

If Only. It hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. A prospect for my business growth consulting group decided to go with a competitor. Egads! I mean how could they pick someone else? This is when I started analyzing the situation, and came up with all the possible ways I could have prevented this.

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The Importance of Humility in Sales

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Expressing humility makes you more believable when you speak with confidence. Humility is probably the business world's least appreciated emotion.

Avoid These Common Writing Mistakes

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Writing isn’t easy. It’s a skill that requires equal parts creativity and education. It’s a craft and an art. And it’s very easy to make mistakes. Yes, you can start a sentence with and. Luckily, as a blogger you have more leeway than a novelist, or even a magazine writer.

Disaster: You Better Love It

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Show me a great entrepreneur or business leader and I'll show you someone who's experienced disaster. It comes with the territory. Very few people lead charmed lives. Careers, even great ones, almost never shoot straight up and to the right.

Get A Domain Name Without Bankrupting Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

I’m sure you have all been frustrated at least once by not being able to get the Internet domain name you want for your company. Who owns all of these names, and should you ever buy one for a premium?

Surviving the 3 Stages of Founder Growth

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Founders tend to go through three stages as their companies grow. To get through the second, you'll need a Founder Whisperer. My marketing associate’s mouth hung agape as her eyes darted from side to side, desperately seeking an escape route.

Arcticstartup's ex-CEO Antti Vilpponen joins Upcloud


For those of you following ArcticStartup’s development , you may be wondering what happened to our CEO, Antti Vilpponen. Today Antti is announcing that he has taken a job at UpCloud , a Helsinki-based hosting service in a General Manager position.

3 Ways to Manage Your Impatience

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Are you frustrated with your own impatience and the pace of others? Here are three ways to cope and make time your friend. So many people consider time an enemy. Entrepreneurs feel the pressures of technology changing, competitors gaining advantage, or limited funds running out.

Is the Startups Buzz Dimming?


Is the bloom off of the startups rose? Two days ago the New York Times published this story about investors getting pickier. I think the NYTimes’ headline is slightly off from the story’s content.

100 Companies Growing Super Fast

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Never mind the economic downturn. There are companies finding double and triple-digit growth. What can you learn from them? While some entrepreneurs have languished during the economic downturn, others have searched for growth and found it--with a vengeance.

Announcing our latest investment, Flatiron Health

Redeye VC

It's always exciting to get the chance to publicly share a new investment - but today is even more exciting given this is the second time we've partnered with serial entrepreneurs Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg. Nat was one of First Round Capital's first interns ever and built our very first website.

3 Mistakes You're Making Trying to Grow Your Company

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Don't fall prey to these common misconceptions about what makes a start-up work. Hint: Forget about apps.) Building a business that will last is not an easy task. You need to be ready to run a marathon instead of a quick sprint. Your company’s growth should be your number one focus.

13 Tips for Starting Up in a New Industry

Early Growth Financial Services

Originally published in Inc. Don’t be afraid to explore foreign territory. We asked successful young entrepreneurs for their most poignant pieces of advice for founders starting up in an unfamiliar industry. The Young Entrepreneur Council asked 13 successful young entrepreneurs for their best tips for starting a new business in an unfamiliar industry. Here are their best answers.

Sure, They 'Like' You. But Do They Like You?

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Are you making this surprisingly common--and devastating--social media blunder? Confused about the value of Facebook “likes”? Consider the following: You spend a ton of money with a social media firm. After 60 days, you see that you have 1,500 Facebook likes. You’re thrilled!

Why governments support venture capital

The Equity Kicker

Rami Korhonen From PlayMySong On Optimizing Your Startup's Burn Rate


Editor's note: This is a sponsored post by Tekes Tempo , where we interview their customers on practical information on running a startup. Your startup's cashflow is obviously crucial to keep your eye on so we spoke to Rami Korhonen, the CEO of PlayMySong, about how he optimizes their burn rate. For those of you who haven't seen our past coverage of the Helsinki-based startup, PlayMySong allows anyone to create public jukebox out of a playlist on a computer and a mobile app.

Camping out and closing deals


I am sure you can see a common thread in many of my recent posts - Sales, Sales, Sales!

The Intersect Fund – Small (Business) Is The New Big


Rohan Mathew and Joe Shure, founders of The Intersect Fund. When Rohan Mathew and Joe Shure were editors at The Daily Targum — Rutgers University ’s student-run newspaper — they were privy to two totally different sides of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Polygraph: Solving & more importantly Explaining Big Social Data, Facebook

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Howdy everyone -- it's been awhile since I've posted here. Lots of work on Polygraph and a new addition to my family in the form of a baby. Margot Ellen Treadaway was born on December 14th and is our first child. Lots of life changes -- all good. But the blog has taken a bit of a back seat recently. That's a-changin'. Regular blogging is back for us as we bring Polygraph v2 to market. I'll tell you more about that later.