Sun.Nov 18, 2012

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Both Sides of the Table

It’s 4.50am. Sunday morning. And I couldn’t sleep. I have much on my mind since I just returned from a week on the road. 5 days. 3 cities. Late night Mexican food. Beers. Airports. Delays. I left on a Sunday. I had to miss a full day with my family, camping in the mountains.

10 Rules of Thumb for Startup Investment Valuation


Image via Once you have a potential investor excited about your team, your product, and your company, the investor will inevitably ask “What is your company’s valuation?”

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6 Right Times to Be a Ready-Fire-Aim Entrepreneur

Startup Professionals Musings

I know entrepreneurs who have suffered from the dreaded premature execution syndrome often associated with the ready-fire-aim approach. Yet I believe that many more have benefited from this approach, especially in early startup stages.

Marrying Digital And Analogue With Evernote Smart Notebook By Moleskine


In a day and age where digital is heralded as bringing an end to good old print , perhaps its somewhat surprising that a technology company is looking to buck that trend.

Networking is not a one sided activity

Taffy Williams

What do you mean you want my help, knowing me should be enough Some new and established networkers may have missed the office memo: “ Networking is far more than asking for help.” Networking is meeting others followed by establishing a relationship. This requires more than a 5-minute intro in a bar.

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Facebook shares upon IPO March 2012

Scalable Startup

Here’s the stock ownership of principals at Facebook at IPO time earlier this year, interesting to see Mark Zukerberg’s amount vs. others. Angel Investor Business Development CEO Succession early stage founder Revenue Growth Scalability startup CEO Tom Nora venture

Stock 11

Why Most Entrepreneurs Behave Like Drug Addicts

Growthink Blog

What is the goal of New York Giants or any football team? The answer should be easy. This team's goal each and every year is to win the Super Bowl. There's no question about this. Every player shows up for pre-season training with that goal in mind.

The maker/manager transition phase

Paul Graham has a fantastic article on the topic of scheduling work as a maker and as a manager , which I’ve drawn insights from and I know many others have too.

Success Brings More. Success

Inc Startups

Lindsay Avner's organization, Bright Pink, has great momentum, but there's always pressure to improve as the stakes rise


Social Enterprise: Competing With Non-Profits and For Profits

Business Plan Blog

Part of the process of differentiating from a non-profit organization and a for profit business requires a social enterprise to understand how it competes with the business entities on each end of the business spectrum.

Colin Marshall and Ben In Conversation

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Colin Marshall , esteemed radio host and man of arts & letters, sat down with me for an hour do an interview for his new podcast Notebook on Cities and Culture. It was fun to catch up with him and cover a range of topics. Colin’s description of the show is below.

A message for misfits

Start Up Blog

This is a really interesting piece from the late George Carlin – who, despite all his success took the best part of 35 years before he thought he found his place.

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deal architect

on the innovation blog Hotels for the “tech savvy, design forward” The explosion of social analytics The Big Data of Oracle Team USA Google’s $ 249 laptop for everyone Newsweek’s 2012 Green Ratings The iPad Mini Spray Painted Battery Nice. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

WORSHIP SUNDAY: Feed the Machine by Red - Often times bands will.

Mark Birch

WORSHIP SUNDAY: Feed the Machine by Red - Often times bands will go into contortions to avoid being called a “Christian band”, particularly on the harder end of the rock spectrum thinking it harms marketability to non-Christian audiences. I think if you make great music, audiences will come anyway, which is certainly true for Red, which has had plenty of success reaching #2 on the Billboard charts while calling themselves a Christian band.

So I’m Thinking About Attending ASW 2013… An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

I don’t attend conferences for a number of reasons, the top two being cost and the fact that I hate the actual "travelling" part (it’s a bit of a pain traveling from an island in Canada to the US).

Lincoln and Dealing with Change


I saw the movie Lincoln last night. It was a very well done and the actors were well cast. I left this comment on Fred Wilson’s post called Lincoln : “ I saw the movie last night and was deeply impressed with how it was done and the actors rendition of all of their parts.