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Happy Birthday, I’m Unfriending You

Feld Thoughts

In December I wrote a post titled It’s Not About Having The Most Friends, It’s About Having The Best Friends. Since then I’ve been systematically modifying my social networking behavior and cleaning up my various social graphs. I made two major changes to the way I use various social networks. For example, consider Facebook.

Mobile is What’s Next (for me)

Tony Wright dot com

Photo by John O’Nolan. In the nearly 1.5 years since leaving RescueTime (still growing and profitable– woot!), Not for me.

To Hire Well, Throw Away the Job Description

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The traditional way to hire is to decide what Mr. or Ms. Right is like and then go find the closest match. There's a better way. Good luck

Kenya 47

A Week in the Life of a Parent-Entrepreneur

Instigator Blog

(Powered by LaunchBit ). In 2007 I wrote a post about what it was like raising a family and starting a company at the same time. Back then my second son, Quinn, had just been born, and I was starting Standout Jobs. It was a crazy experience. On Twitter, Jeff then suggested I write an update to my original post. Too much detail? Early Morning. Laugh.

Make a Great First Impression: 9 New Rules

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It takes more than a firm handshake to make a great first impression these days. Use these tips to make sure you're getting it right.

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Happy Family, Successful Start-up. Impossible?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Yes, start-up life is hard on families. But do you have to be willing to give up a real bond with your kids to be an entrepreneur? It is failure.

IPO 34

AskBob: I feel like the tech world has moved on without me. What do I do?

47 Hats

(Got a startup question? Ask it at AskBob and I’ll take a stab at it. I guess I’m wondering what are your thoughts? What to do? MySql.

Ruby 28

7 Steps to Turbo-Charge Your Efficiency

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We all want more time. But how do you get it? The answer is to become a master of efficiency. Efficiency. Here’s how: 1. Set Daily Goals. Twenty?

DC 34

Busting the 4 Most Common Copywriting Myths

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Have an uncanny ability to spice any conversation with your storytelling skills or a sparkling power to bust out an A paper for a 400 level college course in 3 seconds flat? Well, copywriting may not necessarily be for you. Writing copy means the writer must follow directions – then ignore them as needed, all

How to Fix Your Presentations

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you want your audience to make a decision, you need to tell a good story. Here's how to avoid Death by PowerPoint. in slow motion. Nuff said.

Red Flags To Avoid When Talking About Competitors

Startup Professionals Musings

There is no perfect answer to this question, but there are many wrong answers which will immediately jeopardize your credibility. Marty Zwilling.

Why Women Want to be Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Like Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, women are driven to do business better and more flexibly, and make work better for everyone. What are the trade offs?

Twitter Link Roundup #119 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

crowdSPRING Blog

Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account , I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing. These posts and videos are about logo design , web design , startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more! More fun posters in the Other section below. – [link].

Business Partners: 3 Essential Ingredients

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

One individual may embody these characteristics, or four. In one way or another, you need these three traits to make your business thrive.

Unintended Consequences

Taffy Williams

One day someone will tell you to watch out for the law of “ UnintendedConsequences.” You willcertainly run into this law as you perform your entrepreneurialactivities. I mentioned a few examplesin the last article titled “ If It Ain’tBroke, Don’t Fix It.” Planning for your business is a time consumingactivity. It was a strangemeeting. This was sad.

Launch a Business on the Cheap: 3 Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Thinking of starting a business, but not sure where youll find the cash? Of course it is. But it's neither easy nor intuitive. Don't quit your day job.

Seeing Beyond the Numbers

Duct Tape Marketing

Seeing Beyond the Numbers This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. Crabtree’s book – Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!:

Mobile Technology And Travel Top Needs Of Small Business Owners: RapidBuyr


Conducted by RapidBuyr in November and December last year with over 2000 respondents, the survey revealed that: Technology.

Taking People With You - Book Review

Seeing Both Sides

"Leadership is the art of getting someone to do something you want done, because he wants to do it.". - Dwight D. Eisenhower. The fact that Yum!

Is it the jockey or the horse?


Early stage investors have been arguing over this for years. Do they bet on the entrepreneur (jockey) or the business idea and plan (the horse)? This is serious stuff. Other times, the entrepreneur went on to assemble a great team and execute the plan as it inevitably changed again and again. Email readers, continue here.]

FBI on Steve Jobs: Snore

deal architect

The FBI has made public notes from the background check on Steve Jobs when President Bush wanted to consider him for an appointment. Sure there is some unflattering personal detail, but this was during Bush Sr’s (yes!) tenure – over. Industry Commentary People Commentary


30 Under 30 | Confirmation

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Thank you! Applications will be reviewed by our panel of judges. During the selection process, you may be contacted by an reporter. The final list will be made public at the end of May


Rebtel Hits 15 M Users Worldwide, 2011 Revenue Jumped 55% To $60 M


It's easy to think that Skype is the only kid on the block, but its VOIP competitors are hitting significant numbers.

Big Revenues vs. little revenues

Scalable Startup

Big Revenues vs. little revenues – a strategy question that startups often struggle with. Should we focus on a business model that supports small payments, subscriptions, etc., or look for major large chunks of money from partnerships or strategic investors? And will get you more respect all around. little revenues. Many 2.0/3.0 Big Revenues.

Spotify Doubled Its Market Share In 2011


According to reports by IFPI and some other data available, it seems that Spotify doubled its market share in 2011 as compared to 2010. And by market share we mean the global streaming music market as followed by International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). This yields Spotify a market share of around 9,1% in 2010.

Ashoka U Exchange 2012 | “Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education” for a Few

Campus Entrepreneurship

A few of my colleagues from GMU, Phil Auerswald ( @auerswald ) and Greg Werkheiser ( @masonsocent ) are off to ASU this weekend for the AshokaU Exchange , to discuss “disruption in higher education” (topic so hot it could fry an egg). We generally love Michael Crow and his ideas for ASU. Maybe that’s just me.

How Important Are Industry Clusters To Startups?

Austin Startup

If I suggested a way for your clean energy startup to set-up shop near a bunch of companies involved in things like renewable technology and the smartgrid, what would you say? If I sweetened the deal and told you the list of companies included a few of the Fortune 500 and a slew of established mid-market companies, you’d probably say, “sign me up!”

Cabforce Partners Up With Estonian Air


The Finnish startup officially launched a few weeks ago, and gives travelers easy online booking for taxis, executive cars, and minibuses.

How We Saved 30% on Our Benefits Plan

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When your business is built around talent, you cant afford to skimp on healthcare and other employee benefits.

Thanks Junior Achievement and Chick-fil-A, for reminding me about the personal touches

Jeff Hilimire

Everyone is trying so hard to connect with their customers via digital, social and mobile. Personal letters from the kids I taught. Random

UT 1 Semester Startup | Video Story | Student Startup

Campus Entrepreneurship

Fox News Story on 1 Semester Startup at UT Austin. videoplayer.swf?dppversion=11212. dppversion=11212. American Exceptionalism Campus as Market Campus Eco-System Entrepreneurship Programs Students

Founders: stay part of the sales process when you hire a big hitting sales person

The Equity Kicker

Many startups come to the point when they need to hire a big hitting sales person to scale revenues to the next level. Deal sizes are getting bigger, contacts at customers are getting more senior, but sales are not growing as fast as they should. The first thing to say is be careful. I totally disagree. I am not going to be that guy.

Product Friday: Hierarchy!


Today: Hierarchy T-Shirt by UIStencils. Protest your passion for UX and get hierarchical with this anti-sloppy showpiece. What I love about it.

COVER FRIDAY: Holy Diver performed by Killswitch Engage -.

Mark Birch

COVER FRIDAY: Holy Diver performed by Killswitch Engage - Continuing from the Metal Monday pick Ronie James Dio is a cover of what I consider to be Dio’s best song. When I first heard this cover, I was blown away as I did not think anyone could touch the original, but Killswitch Engage do a killer job.