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The Nature Of The Firm and Work Markets

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Those who watched the video I posted on Sunday saw me talking about this. But I didn't do it justice so I'm going to do a full post on this. The brilliant Nobel prize winning economist Ronald Coase (who is still alive!) wrote a seminal essay called The Nature Of The Firm in 1937. This is an important work and something everyone should read. It is short, only 20 pages. The entire essay. The wikipedia page on the essay.

Stanford 2012 Lean LaunchPad Presentations – part 1 of 2

Steve Blank

Today, the first half of the Stanford Engineering Lean LaunchPad Class gave their final presentations. Here are the first five. It Feels Like 20 Years Ago Today. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since we taught the first 10 teams in the Stanford Lean LaunchPad class.

Lean 93

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Life Gets In The Way – Punting on SXSW

Feld Thoughts

This morning I was taking a break between meetings in San Antonio at TechStars Cloud to check my email when I saw a note from my wife Amy with the header “ I just broke my wrist.” ” The email said “ Fell on stairs. At urgent care. Got x ray. Have “dinner fork” type fracture. Pam and Ryan will get me home. Not hurting too bad. Right wrist so also lucky.” ” I called Amy immediately and got her voice mail.

You Knew it was Coming: It’s Time to Talk about Google+ for Business

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Many small businesses feel overwhelmed by the multitude of social networking sites that are becoming more and more “must have”. Google+ is a relative newcomer to the social networking game but has quickly become one of the absolute necessities for any small business.

Design Staff ? Get better data from user studies: 16 interviewing tips

Design Staff

One of my favorite parts of my job is interviewing a huge variety of people about their habits, needs, attitudes, and reactions to designs. I like the challenge of quickly getting strangers to talk freely and frankly about themselves

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How To Make Money Online Without Having Your Own Website by Yaro Starak

Most internet marketing websites and blogs you come across these days preach the idea of being able to generate income online through websites and blogs. While owning your own web property is certainly a favorable situation, it doesn’t have to be for you to profit from the resources already available on the internet. Unfortunately, not many internet marketing bloggers or… Read the rest of this entry » Make Money Online create an ebook ebook marketing online book

Really Show Your Customers You Care

Inc Startups

It's not all about you; it's all about them. Tara Hunt of Buyosphere and Lauren Thom of Fleurty Girl show how to really make an impression on your clients. All businesses claim to be customer-centric.

MVP vs. Minimal Product


To continue on the series of articles describing the critically important concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), in this article I wanted to contrast this concept with what I call "Minimal Product.". So often I meet teams that tell me that they have identified their MVP, and I ask them how they have validated this, and I'm told that they've tested their prototype on customers and the results are excellent.

Before You Launch Your Business Idea

Inc Startups

How do you get a company started? Take these tips from Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, founder of Gilt Groupe

On Women: Leading, Mentoring and Changing the Face of Business

Duct Tape Marketing

On Women: Leading, Mentoring and Changing the Face of Business This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. March is Women’s History Month. Some 10.1 million firms are owned or co-owned by women, 40 percent of all businesses in the U.S., says the Center for Women’s Business Research. Between 2002 and 2007, women created almost twice as many businesses as men, according to data from the Census Bureau.

4 Rules For an Effective "Thank You"

Inc Startups

They are the two most powerful words a leader can use. Don't waste them. A university professor began reflecting on the people who had a positive impact on his life. In particular he remembered a schoolteacher who had gone out of her way to instill in him a love of poetry.

Collaborating and Investing in the Indian Life Sciences Industry

Taffy Williams

inventor Startup Mergerentrepreneur IPO Merger

6 Outstanding 'Unofficial' Business Partners

Inc Startups

Are you using informal contacts to drive your business? Here are six relationships that are worth nurturing. No, I am not referring to formal partnerships from a legal perspective, but to connections that are made informally or from a marketing perspective.

The solution to my iMessage problem

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

It turned out that the solution to my iMessage problem was relatively straightforward. That said, it only worked because I still had my old phone (it hadn’t been stolen; I hadn’t traded it in; etc.).

SMS 13

Build Chemistry in Your Leadership Team

Inc Startups

Sometimes, being a CEO is a lot like being a major-league coach. That means you need the right mix of playmakers in your locker room. Here's how I do it.

Miami 25

People Should Come with an Instruction Manual


People Should Come with an Instruction Manual. Almost any time we humans buy or rent a big-ticket item, the item comes with an instruction manual. Why are people any different? No one is perfect. We all have faults and issues. We all have personal and professional development plans. And most of those things are LONG-TERM and surface in one form or another in every single performance review or 360 we receive over the years.

The Beauty of Epic Failures

Inc Startups

They're painful. They're humiliating. And sometimes they're exactly what you need. Several years ago my husband and I were both self employed and I was sick to death of the irregular income, the costly health insurance we had to buy, and our grueling schedules.

50 Terrific Twitter Chats For Journalism Students


The web has become the place where a large number of people go to get their news, and with good reason. It’s always on, numerous viewpoints are represented, and anyone can contribute.

4-Step Entrepreneur Screening Test

Inc Startups

Do you think like an entrepreneur? Test yourself against these four simple points. Over the years I have figured out that I am just wired a little differently from many of my friends, classmates, and fellow attorneys.

DC 23

Shout Out to Seth Levine, or the In-N-Out burger startup

Scalable Startup

Shout Out to Seth Levine – Seth Levine’s VC Adventure – “I’m getting sick of the bull$%!^” ” [link]. Seth Levine, a successful VC with the Foundry Group , wrote a great blog entry about all the hype going on currently in the startup world. Worth the read.

The Antidote to Insecurity

Inc Startups

Give in to your insecurity and the problem will only get worse. Here's how to confront it head on. In junior high gym class we played a game called, appropriately, War Ball. War Ball was a brutal version of dodge ball.

The Alien Entrepreneur: My Takeaways from MobileX Cincy

Alien Entrepreneur

I'm addicted to entrepreneurship, currently participating in multiple startups. I love public speaking, flying, electronic music, restoring a '71 MGB, and all things related to technology. CTO at ProspectStream, ScopiaRx, and

Working With Your Spouse: 5 Rules

Inc Startups

Going into business with your spouse isn't for the faint of heart. Here are five rules that will increase your chances of success. Business partners talk all the time about being “in the trenches” together. Right.

Inspection Of Corporate Books: A Powerful Tool For Discovery

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

A decision, Cain v. Merck & Co., Inc. , has focused attention on N.J.S. 14A:5-28 (the "Statute"), as a tool for discovery available to shareholders and directors in both public and closely held corporations. A pending action, through which litigation discovery rights and the subpoena power may be exercised, is not a prerequisite to the ability of directors and shareholders to inspect corporate books and records and gain access to information that the corporation may prefer not to disclose


Grow Your Company In a Recession

Inc Startups

Three CEOs of Inc. 5000 companies weigh in on what it takes to scale up and expand in a down economy. There's no denying it: Companies get beaten up in a down economy. But sometimes, with the right leadership, a recession just might be good for business.

Capture Audience Contact Info with PresentNow.Me, Launching for SXSW

Austin Startup

We've all been on stage somewhere giving a talk on something. Your last slide typically is your contact information, right? Some people email you, other people follow you on Twitter, and others want to connect with you on LinkedIn. With PresentNow, you will have a structured way of getting audience contact information when you present at conferences. Consumer crm presentnow SXSW

Become a Household Name: 5 Tips

Inc Startups

You're no celebrity entrepreneur--but that doesn't mean you can't grab a little bit of the spotlight. Some people get lucky. They wind up on shows like "Shark Tank" and even if they lose, their half hour of fame is enough to launch them into the spotlight and off they go.

What Can City Hall Do For Your Business

Up and Running

This video from CBS contradicts much of my thinking on this subject: how federal, state, and local governments can boost small business and entrepreneurship. Watch it and see what you think: What I like about it is the quick rotation through real people, real business owners, making specific and concrete suggestions. It’s also nice that it has some snippets about what local governments are already doing right. It’s a nice touch to include some positive to offset the negative.

Method's 4 Rules for Staying Innovative

Inc Startups

Eric Ryan, co-founder of method home products, reveals the four things his company does to keep the creativity flowing. At 36,000 feet, on a Virgin America flight, I was pondering soap.

Subscription business models are getting their day in the sun


Today’s NY Times notes that subscriptions are all the rage in ecommerce. It features three of our portfolio companies. Alex Zhardanovsky, cofounder of Petflow *, and Azoogle before that, is one of the people interviewed: But he had an idea to build the business by taking a different approach to sales. While selling online ads, he had seen other companies, like Netflix, persuade consumers to lock in monthly fees for repeat orders.

How Warby Parker Grew So Fast

Inc Startups

Neil Blumenthal, founder of Warby Parker, explains how his company grew 500 percent in one year and beat its yearly sales projections in three weeks. Warby Parker, a fashionable eyeglass company based in New York City, has seen some explosive growth in the last year. The company launched in 2010.

Subscription business models are getting their day in the sun


Today’s NY Times notes that subscriptions are all the rage in ecommerce. It features three of our portfolio companies. Alex Zhardanovsky, cofounder of Petflow *, and Azoogle before that, is one of the people interviewed: But he had an idea to build the business by taking a different approach to sales. While selling online ads, he had seen other companies, like Netflix, persuade consumers to lock in monthly fees for repeat orders.

Apple's New iPad: Now in HD

Inc Startups

Apple officially unveiled its new iPad, coming to stores March 16. Tablet screens don't get any better than this. Twitter starts to flutter. The servers in Cupertino whine like a 13-year-old. Google search starts to bow under the pressure. And, the entire Internet sags with the weight of the news.

28 Million More Ways To Help Startups

David Cohen

When I founded TechStars in 2006, the goal was to help discover amazing entrepreneurs and invest in them with not just dollars but also with a new style of super-engaged mentorship. Looking back after six years, we’ve expanded to five locations and TechStars has become something very special. The network of mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors around TechStars provide a tremendous number of unfair advantages to the startups that we fund, and helps them do more faster.