Tue.May 21, 2019

CSbyAll: An Interactive, Crowdsourced Timeline of the CS Education and Diversity in Tech Movement

Feld Thoughts

The modern computer science education movement, commonly referred to as Computer Science for All or #CSforALL , has been gaining momentum nationwide since 2004 and is poised to be the most significant upgrade to the US education system in history. History is recorded and codified through the journalism, social media, and public policy, and tends to emphasize the voices of those already in the public eye.

How Asking Works: A Crash Course in Customer Discovery Questions

Grasshopper Herder

Interviewing strangers is a science as much as an art. Learning how questions actually work can give you fresh insight into the customer discovery process. The post How Asking Works: A Crash Course in Customer Discovery Questions appeared first on GrasshopperHerder.com.

Managing Your Startup Board?—?A Short Presentation

Both Sides of the Table

Managing Your Startup Board?—?A A Short Presentation I was invited to do a keynote presentation at the Khosla Ventures CEO Summit this week in Sausalito.

Want To Do Business With Baby Boomers? You’ll Find Them On Social Media


by Jonathan Musgrave, owner and chief digital marketer of Steep Digital Marketing. Forget those jokes about Baby Boomers and their supposed struggles grasping today’s technology.

Stop Apologizing: Widen Your Focus to Grow in Business and in Life

Up and Running

Life can be crazy and hectic sometimes. The thing is, finding the right ways to learn while developing your expertise (and yes, adulting and doing life and family) can feel mind-boggling. I’m beginning to realize that information and industry knowledge can feel so siloed.

3 Workplace Gadgets Which Can Increase Your Productivity


Reduced productivity can have a significant negative impact on your business. However, thankfully there are ways to give it a boost. You’ll find lots of tools and gadgets out there designed to maximise productivity.

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The Change Checklist – How To Boost Employee Productivity Through Software


Employee productivity should always be a top priority for business owners. Short of standing over your employees and demanding that they remain on-task, it can be difficult to get employees to get excited about their work.

Why Blockchain and Remanufacturing are a Perfect Match


In its purest form, remanufacturing is taking previously used products or their previously used parts, putting them all back together again. You then reselling them — generally at a cheaper price.

Love In The Workplace: Your Role In The Next Evolution Of Work Culture


The Austin Technology Incubator Celebrates its 30th Anniversary


When the Austin Technology Incubator launched in 1989, Austin was a much different city. Austin had one of the highest commercial vacancy rates in the country. Its economy struggled to recover after the Savings and Loan Crisis. The technology industry was in its infancy.

5 Unique Ways to Engage With Your Fans on Social Media

Duct Tape Marketing

5 Unique Ways to Engage With Your Fans on Social Media written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Social media provides you with a unique opportunity to engage with your fans and followers.

Marketplace Feedback and Pricing Systems

A Crowded Space

A number of people have asked to see the presentation I gave a couple months ago at the Marketplace Conference in San Francisco. Here are the slides: Marketplace pricing and feedback Enjoy. And let me know any feedback. PS – The Marketplace Conference is truly fantastic. Anybody in the startup marketplace world should attend. It’s the single best event for like-minded marketplace geeks.

The Secrets to Impactful Speaking

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The Secrets to Impactful Speaking written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Podcast with Allison Shapira. Podcast Transcript. On today’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I speak with founder and CEO of Global Public Speaking, Allison Shapira.

Aberrant Geniuses (aka jerks)

Eric Friedman

In the book Trillion Dollar Coach about Bill Campbell, there is an important section on Aberrant Geniuses. I like this term because he is using it in place of divas (or a s). I have a low tolerance for this kind, but this shows them in a new light which I can appreciate. The book describes them as sometimes being enormously valuable when they are directed in the right way. However their egos and “me first” attitudes can be detrimental to a team.

Transcript of The Secrets to Impactful Speaking

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Transcript of The Secrets to Impactful Speaking written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Back to Podcast. Transcript. John Jantsch: Choosing the right domain name is critical to ensuring the success of your small business, but it’s gotten a little harder. Now you can choose a.us