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Be Careful Not to Lose Twice

Both Sides of the Table

There are times to fight. No great startup has been built without getting one’s knuckles bloody at times. This is especially true because incumbents now know how much is at stake when they let a startup get a huge head start in a market.

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I’m Honored That I Get To Work With Ayah Bdeir At littleBits

Feld Thoughts

I’ve been consistently public, for almost a decade, about my belief that we should significantly change our approach to immigration in the US, especially for entrepreneurs. As one of the original advocates of the Startup Visa , I continue to be bummed out that our government can’t seem to figure out why this is important or doing anything productive around it.

Underminer Studios is Hosting ATXRHACK, an Immersive Technology Hackathon in Austin


Underminer Studios, an Austin-based startup focused on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality applications, is hosting ATXRHACK, an immersive technology hackathon at WalMart’s Technology center downtown.

How You Define Competition Determines Your Level Of Success

The Startup Magazine

Being aware of your competition is smart. You need to know if someone is grabbing your customers by offering a better deal. Source: Pixabay. For instance, if you’re Comcast/XFinity, you’d want to know when a new cable company pops up and promises faster speeds for half your prices.

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The Value of Product Win/Loss Analysis

The Product Guy

Performing your own Win/Loss analysis can help you more objectively learn why your product sells, and even more important why it doesn’t sell. I’ll discuss the tactics of having there interviews, what questions to ask, and how to use the results.

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Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator to be Based at Capital Factory


In February, Oracle announced it planned to launch its Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program in Austin. On Friday, J.D. Weinstein, the new head of the Oracle Startup Ecosystem in Austin, provided details on the program including that it will be based at Capital Factory downtown.

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Voice Search: What Small Business Owner’s and Marketers Need to Know

Duct Tape Marketing

Voice Search: What Small Business Owner’s and Marketers Need to Know written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch About Voice Search. An increasing number of people are turning to search devices, but not necessarily search engines per se.

[ADV] Top 5 Handy Workplace Cleaning Products


There aren’t many things worse than a dirty and unhygienic workplace.

Duke Energy rate increase request denied, company ordered to refund $60M in deferred taxes to customers

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH — North Carolina regulators denied on Friday a request from Duke Energy to raise electric rates, ordered the utility to refund $60 million in deferred taxes to customers and fined it $70 million for the way it handled coal

How Comparison Sites Can Maximise Profits

The Startup Magazine

No one can deny that there is a huge demand for price comparison sites in the country, with an estimated 11 million people in the UK using these services in order to both save time and money, meaning that the industry is now estimated to be worth an astonishing £1 billion. Source: Pixabay.

Science Finds Exactly the Right Amount of Coffee You Should Drink a Day

Inc Startups

A team of German researchers studied the effects of caffeine in heart health. The Inc.


How Behavioral Underwriting Effects Your Credit

The Startup Magazine

The process of underwriting refers to when lenders decide whether an applicant is eligible for a loan, a credit card or a mortgage. Eligibility is measured in a variety of ways.

According to This Yale University Study, Upgrading Your Wardrobe Can Make You More Successful

Inc Startups

Think hoodies and suits are interchangeable? According to a Yale University study, dressing well can have tangible impacts on your business. The Inc.


A kitten was pulled from the wreckage of a deadly crash in Caldwell County. It was the second time Flipper has been rescued.

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

CALDWELL COUNTY – The kitten pulled from the wreckage of a deadly runaway tractor-trailer wreck Thursday is undergoing surgery to repair a broken back right leg and amputate two toes, Caldwell County Animal Shelter Director Jenna Mullinax said


Want Your Employees to Work Harder? Let Them Take Long Summer Vacations

Inc Startups

Need to convince your boss to let you take a proper vacation? Here's the scientific case. Best-Kept Travel Secrets

Chief N.C. judge urges judiciary to resist politics

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

Chief Justice Mark Martin delivered the 2018 State of the Judiciary address Friday at the North Carolina Bar Association’s annual meeting at the Wilmington Convention Center

Self-Made Billionaires Jeff Bezos and Ray Dalio Attribute Their Success to This 1 Surprising Trait

Inc Startups

Principles matter more than you think.


Effective Ways To Use Coupons For Your Business


The use of coupons is among the most rewarding ways for businesses to attract more customers and increase sales. However, it can also be a simple way to lose money. It all depends on how profitable the coupon design is and how smart you are when using the coupons.

Why Your Kid Going Into the Trades is a Really Good Idea

Inc Startups

There's a huge shortage of young people entering the well-paid hourly workforce. The Future


Why Did I Not Get The Rate Advertised For A Loan?


You will commonly see loan companies and finance providers advertising different rates of interest on their store signs, bank windows and websites. Many people who apply for money are sometimes left confused as to why they might not have received the rate which was advertised by the lender.

6 Things You Will Never Find Micromanagers Doing, Ever

Inc Startups

How to instantly transform your micro-managers into leaders people want to follow.

How Effective And Organized Is Your Employee Gift Giving Program?


Since even a small change can have a large impact on the atmosphere at work, consider the value of giving thoughtful employee gifts when appropriate. This simple gesture is a real, effective, and authentic way to make your business a wonderful place to work. It will increase employee morale.

Having a Rough Day? Here Are 5 Ways to Reset and Stay Productive

Inc Startups

We've all had bad days that seem to never end. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get out of a bad mood funk and into a positive groove. Productivity

[ADV] Top 3 Reasons Shopify T-shirt Fulfillment Is An Excellent Store Strategy


Do you intend to set up an online t-shirt business? Do you have some great designs you aren’t sure of how you can create and sell custom t-shirts online? After the boom that this type of business has created, many people are trying to earn extra income by selling t-shirts and other artwork online.

3 Telltale Signs Your Goals Should Be More Unreasonable

Inc Startups

You are not destined to be mediocre unless that is what you expect from yourself. The Inc.


How Great Leaders Build And Maintain Trust

YFS Magazine

Bottom line, are you seen as trustworthy? And how do you talk about trust without everyone getting bent out of shape? Here are a few ideas. Lead company culture leadership workplace development

Yes, Iceland's Coach is a Dentist: 1 Reason 99.6% of Icelanders Just Saw Their Team Play in the World Cup

Inc Startups

Iceland's world cup soccer team coach is also a dentist--and he's damn good at both professions. Strategy

Four Skills You Need To Be Effective In Today’s Gig Economy


The days of outsourcing your professional development and financial stability to an employer are quickly coming to a close. With constant downsizing, mergers, and business pivots, today’s workers must be able to create a stable income.

How To Know When It's Time For A Website Redesign

Inc Startups

Despite the importance of a brand's website, many put updating it on the back burner. Is it time to refresh your site? Marketing

When The Profile Gets Ahead Of The Proof


I heard this line this past week, and it’s been like a catchy lyric playing over and over again inside my head: “ Their profile is ahead of their proof.” ” Written another way, when Profile > Proof. It could apply to a company, a startup, a venture fund, and of course, an individual. And it reminded me the profile of any of these entities can be built up, pumped up, and broadcast widely for not much money or effort.

Amazon's Strategy Makes D.C. a Likely Choice for Its HQ. Here's How Entrepreneurs Can Get in on the Opportunity

Inc Startups

Tech founders should watch and learn from the JEDI deal. Strategy

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Hey Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle

deal architect

… a nice opportunity to show off your machine learning capabilities – specifically with transcription help for my next book. I tend to interview lots of executives for my books. For each of my last 6 books I have tried. Industry Commentary


12 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Company's Culture

Inc Startups

This list of quick-strike team boosters will put you on the path to culture-building success. Company Culture


It’s time be be better Understood #jobs

The Product Guy

If you are a great product person looking for a great product job, or vice versa, check out our job board. Thousands of employers across all areas of product, from management to design, from digital to physical, are looking to fill positions from our community. . Each week we highlight some of the recently posted openings. Check out this week’s newest, below…. Product Manager @ (NYC). Keywords: A/B Testing, Have impact, Make a difference, Product management, Wireframes. link].