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It’s a torturous chaos until it isn’t

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

When you talk about explosive, profitable startup growth, a few darlings come to mind. DropBox is one. Hubspot is another. I mean, just look at their growth ( published on SEOMoz ): Was it always so powerful a growth engine? Was it always so clear that this was a company with a bright future?

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How to Create an Enchanting Financial Forecast #OfficeandGuyK

How to Change the World

This is the third post in my Microsoft partnership, and it’s all about numbers. The topic is crafting your financial forecast to include in your pitch. Bill Reichert, my partner at Garage Technology Ventures, created an Excel model and wrote this blog post.

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The Day The LOLcats Died

Feld Thoughts

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Your Office Space is the Face of Your Startup

Genuine VC

Your office space is the face of your startup. Not only does it communicate an outward message, but like a face, a startup office provides insight into what’s going on underneath the surface. A startup’s space tells a story to everyone who is involved with a company spending time there: founders, employees, investors, and (potential)

A Seed Fund Grows in Brooklyn: Announcing Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

This is going to be BIG.

Tweet. I am ecstatic to announce the creation of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures --my new seed investment fund. It is the first venture capital fund based in Brooklyn--the city’s most exciting and creative borough.

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Pre-Order The Start-Up of You

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Today, I’m finally ready to talk about a project I’ve been working on for a very long time! I’m coauthor, with Reid Hoffman, of a new book titled The Start-Up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career , which comes out February 14, 2012.

4 Inspiring Ideas And The Entrepreneurs Behind Them

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

In my last article I wrote a few of my realizations and how I plan to adapt myself in 2012. In this sequel article I will share some of my personal inspirations , which have shaped me to become who I am, and how I think. I will also share with you one of my latest projects and my… Read the rest of this entry » Marketing, Business & Entrepreneurship ali brown andrew mason andrew warner derek silvers groupon open source reed hoffman

29+ ways to stay creative

crowdSPRING Blog

As I was taking my daily dose of online inspiration, I found a simple and inspiring video made by to-fu.tv listing 29 ways to stay creative.

Why You’re Not Happy

Inc Startups

Starting a business can be rewarding but it's hardly the road to happiness. Seven reasons why you're still unhappy. Sixty-two percent of Bulgarians say they are “not very” happy or “not at all” happy. If John F. Kennedy could be a Berliner, then we’re all Bulgarians.

Kids and Computers

Instigator Blog

(Powered by LaunchBit ). I got into computers fairly early because of my father. He went back to university in 1986 in his early 40s and did a BSc. in Computer Science. I was 11 years old. Our first computer was a PC of some kind; I don’t remember what it was, but I remember it was expensive, $7,000+ or so. My father then went on to work “in computers” for 15 years.

5 Ways to Build a Resilient Company

Inc Startups

The best companies are those that can bounce back from failure. Here's what it takes to do it well. The other morning I heard a seasoned , well-known political pundit discuss who he thought might win the Republican presidential nomination.


Feld Thoughts

One of the magic special things I remember about MIT is what happens during January. It’s called IAP – Independent Activities Period. Rather than classes, students can do whatever they want, including go home and sleep for the month (which I did a few times). There are lots of events, seminars, and short courses (day, week, month) on campus covering a wide variety of topics. I decided to spend two weeks of IAP at MIT this year.

How Much Time Should You Spend Getting Organized? None

Inc Startups

An MIT technologist argues that for many of us our old-fashioned approach to organization (i.e. our impulse to sort and file everything) is a giant waste of time. When looking to clear your mind , it's often suggested you might want to start by clearing your desk. Or your inbox.

Dave Gardner on Using Social Media to Connect With Big Companies

Life Beyond Code

Recently, my friend Dave Gardner (president of Gardner & Associates Consulting ) shared his story of how he used social media to reach (and start a working relationship with) a big company (Dell.) The story was fascinating and it was very different from the stories that are common out there.

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Make the Sale Without Cutting Your Price

Inc Startups

This simple, 3-step approach helps you sell against a cheaper competitor--without having to discount. This is an important column, maybe the most important ever I've published. It contains the key to keeping your company profitable and free from debilitating price wars.

The open API secret

Start Up Blog

The biggest flip the technology age has done on the industrial era is the open API. For the uninitiated, an open API (Application Program Interface) is a word used to describe sets of technologies that enable websites to interact with each other. It is also a system where web companies ‘open up’ their platform for external non affiliated software developers to create applications on.

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Information Arbitrage - Evolving the technical organization

Information Arbitrage


How to Tell a Mentor He's Wrong

Inc Startups

He's got the experience and the know-how, but his advice is off the mark. How to handle a mentor you don't agree with. Rule No. 1 about start-up mentors: They are not omniscient. In fact, sometimes they’re just plain wrong.

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What Now? Hiring

Peter Levine

Last month , as CEO of SpiderNet, you were faced with the issue of firing your VP of Engineering, who initially seemed like a rock star but proved to lack motivation, didn’t gain his team’s respect, and was ultimately ineffective. You talked with your board and everyone unanimously agreed that you should terminate the VP immediately and ask your co-founder to manage the Engineering team in the interim.

My Worst and Best Board Meetings

Inc Startups

Conflict can be helpful at an advisor meeting. What's more important? Disciplined use of time. The last article of a four-part series on boards. Working on a series of recent articles about advisory and company boards brought back memories of my worst and best board meetings.

First lot of book reviews

deal architect

Books go through waves of reviews – executives, media, US readers, international readers. You appreciate them all because people take the time from their busy schedules to read, then provide feedback. Over the last couple of weeks I have received


Grasshopper Herder

This site will go dark tomorrow in solidarity with Wikipedia, Reddit, and others. Uncategorized censorship PIPA SOPA


Internet Set for Wednesday Shutdown

Inc Startups

Wikipedia, Reddit, and a host of other popular sites are gearing up for a total blackout on January 18 in protest of the controversial anti-piracy legislation. In the battle between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, the tech world seems to be gaining ground.

Advisers That Only Manage VC Funds Will Be Exempt From Dodd-Frank Registration Requirements

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

Investment advisers that manage only venture capital funds will be exempt from the new registration requirements imposed upon private fund advisers under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (the Advisers Act), as it was recently amended by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the " Dodd-Frank Act

[Infographic] The Silicon Valleys Of The World


Small Business Marketing Workshops, Seminars and Keynotes

Duct Tape Marketing

Small Business Marketing Workshops, Seminars and Keynotes This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. This is a video compilation of a few of the speaking events I’ve done over the past couple of years. In 2010 and into 2011 it seemed like all anyone wanted to talk about social media.

Zappos' Security Breach: Are You Next?

Inc Startups

The hackers didn't get credit card information but what they did get is potentially more dangerous. Don't let it happen to your business.

Help Us, Help You


Before becoming Chairman of the Direct Marketing Association , one of the things I’d noticed over the years was that the association didn’t have a ton of primary market research on itself, sort of a classic case of the cobbler’s children having shoddy shoes. Today we are launching a new survey to help us establish a baseline for awareness and perceptions of all aspects of the DMA on behalf of all members of the marketing community. .

A Short Update On Prezi, The Zooming Presentation Software


One startup we last covered in 2009 but deserves and update is Prezi , the cloud based presentation software that differentiates itself from the standard office presentation software by zooming in and out of of concepts, rather than the standard forward transitions of square slides.


Dave Gardner on Using Social Media to Connect With Big Companies

Life Beyond Code

Recently, my friend Dave Gardner (president of Gardner & Associates Consulting ) shared his story of how he used social media to reach (and start a working relationship with) a big company (Dell.) The story was fascinating and it was very different from the stories that are common out there.

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Sources of Capital: Part 1


Shooting for brevity today. This is Part 1 because it's a long topic, only because people tend not to believe that they really shouldn't be trying to raise capital. Few startups I coach or come across are ready for institutional capital.

Get Ready for Chinese New Year

Inc Startups

Do business in China? Here's what you need to know to plan ahead, avoid delays, and prevent other unanticipated holiday hiccups. It is almost Chinese New Year. For any company that manufactures or purchases items made overseas, that’s a big deal—though not necessarily a celebratory one.

How to Start Your First Blog (in just 4 days) | Startup Remarkable

Startup Remarkable

Goodbye Industrial Robotics; Hello Rock Stars

Inc Startups

How one man went from chasing start-up and technology jobs in Silicon Valley to creating a thriving craftsman shop making custom ukeleles for the likes of Eddie Vedder. Gordon Mayer's first job out of college was working for a start-up company creating industrial robots.