Fri.Dec 21, 2012

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Why Malls Are Getting Mauled

Jeff Jordan

Online is clearly taking share from brick and mortar…this is likely to continue. International Council of Shopping Centers, last week. Source: Yahoo!

Want to Win? Be Smart and Clever

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Millions of people are smart. To truly excel, you need to kick it up a notch. We've all seen smart people lose to clever people. I know I have. He won.

Cost 49

The City of Orlando and the Workday contract

deal architect

The Orlando Sentinel ran a story “Vendors complain after Orlando spends $ 8.7m I am a.

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Super Charge Your Energy at Work: 10 Ways

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Feeling tired at work? Forget the triple shot latte and try these 10 tips instead. You'll be raring to go! You may have read the stats. Check out Inc.

Angry, Hostile, and Bitter Is Not A Winning Strategy

Feld Thoughts

We are sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas in a country that is recovering emotionally from two disasters named Sandy – one natural (Hurricane Sandy) and one man-made (Sandy Hook). Our politicians in Washington are playing a zero-sum game around the Fiscal Cliff. ” I get 500 emails a day – sometimes more. Oy vey.

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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Boulder Startup Community

David Cohen

With the help of some friends, I threw together The Hitchhikers Guide to the Boulder Startup Community. Startups

2 Women Serial Entrepreneurs Tell All

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Keep your equity in your pocket. Help out your mentor. That advice and more emerged during an Inc. If they resonate with you, you get their number."

Ask Your Customers to Participate in Your Marketing

Startup Professionals Musings

Have you noticed that more companies beg you to participate in their business today? Welcome to the “Participation Age” of marketing. Marty Zwilling.

Is Making Money Online Possible When You’re Just Starting Out?

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

You’ve seen the ads. Make Easy Money Online! Fill Out Surveys For Quick Cash! Make Hundreds Of Dollars A Day By Clicking Your Mouse! But don’t despair.

[Infographic] Entrepreneurial Spirit And Education


You may wonder if you have the right spirit for entrepreneurship.

Dan Pink: To Sell is Human. The surprising truth about moving others

Business of Software Blog

While this was the last talk at Business of Software 2012, we are publishing it first as Dan Pink is just releasing the book - To Sell is Human - and despite not being published until December 31st it is already a number one bestseller. Nice work Dan. Like it or not, we’re all in sales now. As it happens I just finished writing a book.

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Start-ups Set Out to Solve Mobile Data Crunch

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Need a good start-up opportunity? The mobile space is primed for anyone who can figure out how to relieve cell networks of data overload.

Supercell Is Bigger Than Electronic Arts In Terms Of Monthly iOS Revenue


I am out of words. Supercell was the largest publisher on the Apple platform in November, measured by revenue. And with just two apps!”

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Your Business Is Not Your Baby

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It's an investment--yours and perhaps others'. When you start thinking that way, you'll have made a crucial shift. As it should be. No money. We did.

The Antifragile Startup


Nassim Nicholas Taleb is idiosyncratic, smug, and self indulgent; but you can’t deny he comes up with some gems. That’s a death sentence.

IP 9

Best Advice I Ever Got: Tina Wells

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The founder and CEO of Buzz Marketing Group has been an entrepreneur for more than half of her life. Now, at 32, I feel old! Use your time wisely.

How To Get More Business From Existing Clients

Mike Michalowicz

More Business From Existing Clients. Find out what is important to them. Find out what they read. Find out what events they attend.

Your Worst Enemy? You (& That's a Good Thing)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This entrepreneur talks about how being his own worst enemy actually worked to his benefit--and it still does. One of them actually made it. Who knew?

Are You Taking Advantage of Your Awesomeness

Duct Tape Marketing

As we come to the end of another year I wanted to send a very simple message of thanks. If You Liked This Post. :

Your 10 Favorite Sales Source Blog Posts

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The 10 Sales Source posts from the past year that you liked the most. If so, sign up for the free Sales Source newsletter. See you in 2013

The Mobile Enterprise in 2013: Getting Down to Business

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Over the last 12 months, there have been a handful of acquisitions of mobile start-ups like RapSphere * (by Appsense), Nukona (by Symantec) and most recently Zenprise (by Citirix) that help enterprises better manage mobile devices. Why does this matter? Well, these devices are controlled by the user, no longer by IT. A Lightspeed portfolio company.

4 Things Killing Your Business (& What You Can Do About It)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Before you can fix your business, you have to know what the real problems are. Her solution: Educate herself on what good information even looked like.

If this doesn’t inspire you…

Jeff Hilimire



Starting Over & Starting Up: Scott Harrison

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog


Will there be a Series A crunch in Europe?

The Equity Kicker

The coming Series A crunch is perhaps the hottest topic of conversation in US tech circles at the moment and the numbers in the charts above show why.

Editors' Picks: Our Top Videos of 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Before the year's out, catch our standout videos of the last 12 months. Richard Branson, Barbara Corcoran, Alexis Ohanian, Gary Vaynerchuk--and more.

“You Need to Sacrifice Almost Everything to Achieve Your Goal”

Scott Edward Walker

Welcome to our weekly series “ Motivational Clips for Entrepreneurs.” Each week, we share a favorite video clip to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs. I hope these videos are a little juice. Cheers, Scott. link]. Motivational Speeches business model entrepreneurs execute launching a venture motivational clips raising funds venture

3D Printing Has a Bright Future With Dark Problems

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

DIY gunsmithing is just one potential issue 3D printer companies must decide how to handle. But there are many more risks on the horizon.

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$4 Million Investment Into Norwegian Mobile Site Conversion Startup - bMobilized.


With the new $2.5 The last investment was disclosed at $1.5 million and took place in April this year. million.

Economic Uncertainty Will Continue to Stymie M&A Activity in 2013

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Steve Krouskos, who heads up global M&A advisory at Ernst & Young, expects it will continue to be tough to sell your business next year

Global 5

The three types of advice


So I occasionally read suspense novels to break up the relative monotony of constant business books. Remember that this was a book about politics.


Create a Coveted Internship Program

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

An internship program should be more than just free or low-cost labor. Here's how to make it beneficial for everyone involved. Follow these steps.

The Friday Wrap-up


Happy holidays, folks! Our festive holiday image is by Graphic Designer Pekka Kaukalo. I also want to point you guys to the #ArcticRumors hashtag.

Get Ready to Go Over the Cliff

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A slew of tax hikes and spending cuts are still scheduled to go into effect January 1. With no 'fiscal cliff' deal in sight, you'll need a plan.