Sat.Aug 08, 2020

5 Keys To Reducing Startup Risk By Building On Trends

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It may not be as sexy, but starting a new business which builds on an existing technology or business model is usually less risky than introducing that ultimate new disruptive technology. There are many levels of innovation that go beyond copying someone else’s idea, but stop short of pushing the leading edge (bleeding edge). Many of the major business successes started this way. McDonalds didn’t invent the fast food model – they simply improved on the cookie-cutter White Castle process.

Austin Inno’s Brent Wistrom Covers the City’s Most Exciting Entrepreneurs

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Brent Wistrom edits the daily Austin Inno Beat email newsletter , which has emerged over the last five years as a must-read source of information for the city’s startup, entrepreneurial and investment communities The Forrest Files: August 6, 2020 Brent Wistrom is a senior editor at American Inno , overseeing half of Inno’s 14 markets. He covers Austin’s tech and startup scene through daily news stories and the Beat newsletter.