Fri.Jul 12, 2019

7 Wise Leadership Strategies When Smart is Not Enough

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Most of the entrepreneurs I have met are smart, but many are not always wise.

Is Artificial Intelligence Still Relevant for Startups?


If artificial intelligence confuses you, think about what happens when it’s not leveraged properly. For context, consider the London-based VC firm MMC who found that about 40% of European AI startups don’t use AI in any tangible way.

Friday Fun-isms: Handoffs

View from Seed

Given our high-conviction, hands-on strategy and NextView, we tend to take an approach where each one of our investments has a very clear lead partner within the firm. This is the person who ends up being the primary point of contact for a founder and is the one that drives the majority of the due diligence and day to day management of the investment. This is pretty typical for many institutional funds.

How To Start Your Own Small Business In 7 Easy Steps


More people than ever before are swapping their traditional forms of employment to go it alone and start up their own business. It has become a very popular employment move in the last few years, and now there are currently 28 million small businesses in the US today.

Role of Jewelry in Your Personal and Business Brand

The Startup Magazine

A big part of your startup’s success will depend on the power of your personal brand.

Swedish Start-Up to Fight China’s Polluted Air – But The Movement Is Nation-Wide


Sweden is popular for the recycling and sustainability measures taken throughout the years. And start-ups are no exception. On the opposite pole, we have China, one of the countries with the most polluted air.

China 141

3 Incredible Goals Small Businesses Should Aim For

Women Entrepreneurs Can

It’s important to start out too big for your boots. Because how are you to ever fill the larger boots you one day hope to occupy otherwise? This means that small businesses, those with a mind for growth, should understand what their long-term ambitions are.

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5 Ways To Advertise Your Business

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When it comes to running a business , it can be hard to know the best way to advertise to your customers. Although you may have a good idea who your target audience is, knowing how to advertise to them can be difficult.



I was catching up on MG’s newsletter/blog and came across this opening line , which got me thinking about a concept in investing, specifically in deal sourcing: To me, all information is about triangulation. Any single source, no matter how close to the situation?—?and and often times because they’re too close to the situation?—?lacks lacks full clarity. Triangulation is one way to describe this. Another term to describe this is stolen from nature: echolocation.

The rise of European SaaS: apply now to be included in the Accel Euroscape 2019

Cracking the Code

-This article was co-authored with my colleague Maxim Filippov and published initially on Nominations are now open for the 2019 Accel Euroscape, the annual list of the top 100 cloud companies originating from Europe & Israel.

5 Ways To Invest In Your Business

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When it comes to running your own company one of the hardest things to do is deciding when it is the right time to invest money back into the business. Although you may feel as though you don’t have the funds to be putting it back into the business, the more money you’re able to invest the more you’re going to grow. Whilst it may be daunting at first, you have to be sure you’re doing what is best for your business. With that in mind, here are 5 ways you can invest in your business… 1.

The New Order of Silicon Valley: Forget the Silicon Part

Diego Basch

I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area over twenty years ago. Back then I could think of no other place to be; it was the kitchen of the internet. Obviously in hindsight it was a good call. I was fortunate to live through several waves of crazy growth: first, internet infrastructure and basic applications that needed to exist. Then social networks, and finally mobile computing.

Startup a Business in Florida – Everything You Need to Know

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Fewer places are better to start a business than the ‘Sunshine State.’ For starters, there are no state income taxes in Florida, so your business expenses and financial obligations are going to be lower than others.