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How To Choose A VPN Provider: 6 Factors To Consider


Choosing a VPN can sometimes seem like playing a lottery. There are so many options to pick from, and all of them have slick marketing operations. The more you look, the more confusing things become, as you compare huge lists of features.

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Managing a Co-op as a Business – All Area Realty Services

The Startup Magazine

Managing a co-op building is a task with many moving parts. A property manager must balance the needs of the building owner and the tenants living there. They must also interface with the co-op board comprised of building residents.

A Few Quick Tips For Creating A Marketing Plan For Your Cleaning Services Company


Starting a cleaning business is potentially one of the most lucrative businesses you can operate. People and companies in all sectors need cleaning services on a regular basis. By getting started on the right foot with your cleaning company, you’ll be able to take the right steps.

Top 5 Startups Emerging in 2018

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Three every second; 11,000 every hour; 100 million every year. That, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report , is how many new startups are launched. Source: Pixabay.

Struggling To Find Great Talent? Consider Candidates Without A Degree


by Danny Iny, author of “ Leveraged Learning: How the Disruption of Education Helps Lifelong Learners, and Experts with Something to Teach “ The U.S. Department of Labor has just released its latest numbers and unemployment rates are holding firm at 3.7 percent.

Hold-Out Groups: Gold Standard for Testing—or False Idol?


You regularly run A/B tests on the design of a pop-up. You have a process, implement it correctly, find statistically significant winners, and roll out winning versions sitewide. Your tests answer every question except one: Is the winning version still better than never having shown a pop-up?

2018 Private SAAS Company Survey- Part 2

For Entrepreneurs

We recently released Part 1 results of our private SaaS company survey in partnership with KBCM Technology Group (formerly Pacific Crest Securities). This is the sixth annual survey we’ve produced together, which provides data to help SaaS companies benchmark their performance against their competition. In Part 1, we covered growth rates, go-to-market trends, and CAC Rations and CAC Payback. We’re excited to share Part.

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The most satisfying life journey is never about the money.


Allow me to reminisce. This is the final post of this cycle. Next week we return to the start of the journey, focusing upon the “what and how” to ignite a successful enterprise from start-up to exit. But, for this short moment…. Looking back over an entrepreneur’s journey.

The Technology Wildfire

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Fire – one of the first technologies we mastered around 230,000 years ago – isn’t much different from our modern day torch light, the smart phone. They both became vital work tools.

A new way to think about giving

Jeff Hilimire

From A Selfish Plan to Change the World : Today: I am rich. You are poor. I give to you. You are saved. I remain rich. Change: I am poor. You are poor. I have means. You have a scarcity of means. I have scarcity of meaning. I help reduce your scarcity of means. I now have meaning. You are not poor. I am not poor. The post A new way to think about giving appeared first on Begin the Begin. Random