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Five Valuable Tools to Facilitate Your Social Media Strategies

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Utilizing social media in your online endeavors should be an essential component of your overall strategy. Search engines are being modified to reflect the popularity of powerful sites like Facebook, Twitter and other big-name players.

On historical returns and venture capital flavours

Fred Destin

Story of of the last few years in Venture Fund Land : large institutional investors concentrate money with fewer managers and flagship brands AND / OR find emerging managers.

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Create a Better To-Do List

Inc Startups

The standard to-do list might not be as innocuous as it seems. Here's how to fix yours--and actually get the important stuff done. What could be wrong with the humble to-do list?

Entrepreneur Success is Not Enough for Fulfillment

Startup Professionals Musings

Is it possible to be successful in business and not fulfilled?

How to Achieve Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals

Inc Startups

Leadership expert Jim Collins explains what drives some entrepreneurs to relentlessly pursue bold ideas--and succeed where others have failed.

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Essential Trait of Every Great Entrepreneur

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Success is possible without capital, business plans, marketing plans, or even a great idea--but not without this key ingredient. Think about the keys to business success: Plenty of capital. A comprehensive business plan. A thorough market analysis. Remarkable employees. Each is definitely important.

Assessing Customer Impact


In my last article I wrote about the trends of continuous discovery and continuous delivery. At the end of the article I pointed out that while I love these techniques because overall they are much better for our customers, and for our ability to rapidly improve our products, there were a few important consequences that had to be dealt with. In this article I want to take about the impact of continuous delivery on product marketing and our marketing, sales, and service organizations.

How to Manage People Older Than You

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More and more people are working past age 65. Here's five ways to get the best out of workers--even those who have more experience than you do. When I first moved to Boston, I remember occasionally visiting a fast food joint with my infant son.

Pete Williams Shares How He Started A Phone Company, Bought A Finger Foods Business, Became Incredibly Good At Getting Customers Online And Came Up With A Truly Effective Outsourcing System by Yaro Starak

Subscribe to this Podcast in iTunes. Pete Williams is a long time Aussie friend, who lives in Melbourne, and is co-founder of three bricks and mortar businesses, all of which use online marketing to get customers. Pete’s first big business success was a telecommunications company that sells things like phone systems, which Pete and his partners grew initially without having … Read the rest of this entry » Subscribe to this Podcast in iTunes.

What is 'Made In America' Worth?

Inc Startups

Probably more than you think. As more manufacturing returns to U.S. shores, early signs show that a "Made in America" label is a serious competitive advantage. Think of the label "Made in America." What brand images come to mind? Odds are, you've conjured up a picture of one of two scenes.

FindersCodes – Recover Lost Items Through QR Codes


We’ve never been really been big fans of QR codes. The cases where technology’s been put to good use have been few and far between (only TESCO Homeplus’ use of QR codes to create an entire virtual subway supermarket store targeted at busy professionals comes to mind).

What Employees Really Do on Your Technology

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Infographic: What's the real cost of issuing company smartphones and laptops to your employees? You might be surprised

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Invest in Israel Newsletter – October 2012 Edition

VC Cafe

As every month, VC Cafe is re-posting the “Invest in Israel” Newsletter, published by the investment promotion center of Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, which offers many helpful. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Invest in Israel Israel startup nation Israel venture capital

Richard Branson: 'Your First Venture Can Be Absolutely Extraordinary'

Inc Startups

Sir Richard Branson talks about entrepreneurial audacity--his own and that of his "great friends," Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page

StartUp Communities, Ecosystems

Seeing Both Sides

I participated in a WBZ radio breakfast panel yesterday on the Boston start-up community and recently delivered the presentation below at the Harvard Innovation Lab as part of an HBS Entrepreneurship Club Event.

McClure Finds Innovative Start-ups Outside the U.S.

Inc Startups

The Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups opens its arms to 33 new early-stage Internet companies, more than half from outside the U.S. Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups has a fresh batch of start-up teams for its accelerator program.

Gmail new Compose and why I like it!

Guy Nirpaz

Google has changed the way composing new messages works in Gmail. Now when clicking compose, Gmail opens a new window layered on top of the inbox instead of switching to another widow as it used to be. I like it a lot.

Online Inventory Management Tools

Inc Startups

Not interested in spending thousands of dollars on an inventory management system? Here's a look at two Web-based offerings that make the job easy for a low monthly fee. Desktop inventory-management programs can cost thousands of dollars.

Good to see the email scams are getting more sophisticated

Jeff Hilimire

This is a new favorite of mine. ”Did someone from another country try to scam you by offering you an obscene amount of money via email? If so, we’ll give you $950,000, all you have to do is give us your bank account number and we’ll send you the money over in a jiffy.” ” Brilliant. Call it a cool million and I’m in. =. Economics And Financial Crime Commission. 15a Awolowo Road Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria. Website: fraud victims/$950,000.

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Why Job Creators Don't Like Creating Jobs

Inc Startups

The bottom line is, well, the bottom line. Job creation will always be secondary to profit and the overall health of a business. I've held my tongue as the debate has raged over the impact government policies have on entrepreneurs and job creation.

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A Dream Job for an Intern: The Google Five

VC Cafe

Remember the ad for the "Best job in the world" campaign in 2009? That was for an environmental job in Hamilton Island. now comes the tech equivalent for an Intern if you ask me. The team is called. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. The Google Five

It's A Magical World Out There Hobbes Ol' Buddy - Let's Go Exploring!


It's been more than five years since the first post on ArcticStartup. We've published thousands of blog posts promoting news important to the Nordic and Baltic European startup ecosystem. We set about in 2007 as a blog to promote this region as the best and most interesting place to run a startup.

Austin Chamber Announces 2012 “A List” Winners

Austin Startup

The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce yesterday recognized 28 innovative technology start-ups as members of The Chamber’s 2012 A-List at a ceremony at Capital Factory. Startup 101

Innovation in Education is Here. We're Ignoring It.

Inc Startups

For profit-colleges are taking a beating. Don't let that distract you from the real innovation taking place. For-profit education has been taking a beating lately. Enrollments are down.

Use Product Tiers To Make Money Faster & Easier

Mike Michalowicz

When you make a lot of money, or you did then lost it all and are now rebuilding yourself , they want to know how you do it. I guess that’s why one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is, “Mike, how do I make more money?”.

How to Sell Out in Style

Inc Startups

Method co-founder Eric Ryan and his team celebrated the sale of the company in their own unique way. For 12 years, Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, the co-founders of Method, have nurtured their soap company's quirky culture.

Welcoming Bill Trenchard

Redeye VC

I’m super excited to announce that Bill Trenchard has joined First Round Capital as a partner in our San Francisco office. I’ve known Bill for almost 20 years – first meeting him when he was a student at Cornell and his web development company did work for my first company.

Review: 3 Website Monitoring Services

Inc Startups

A look at services that alert you to website slowdowns and crashes. A website slowdown or outage could be disastrous for your business. Site-monitoring tools can't prevent problems, but they can let you know when something goes wrong.

Cloud Traffic to Grow Sixfold by 2016: Cisco Global Cloud Index


Global data center traffic is expected to grow four times and reach a total of 6.6 zettabytes annually by 2016, according to networking giant Cisco in its second annual Global Cloud Index (2011-2016).

California to App Makers: Show Us Your Privacy Policy

Inc Startups

The California Attorney General's Office will begin issuing letters this week to 100 app makers in violation of privacy laws. As many as 100 mobile application developers may be getting bad news this week in their mailboxes: According to California online privacy policies, their apps violate the law.

[Infographic] Daily Deal Horror Stories


For merchants, running daily deals can be mighty scary.

How to Sell Investors Your Dream

Inc Startups

NYC TechStars managing director David Tisch on how to make an effective case for getting funded

What are the downsides of communicating a key differentiation in your name?


One reason is that because of rapidly changing nature of business, today’s competitive advantage can easily become tomorrow’s disadvantage…or at least irrelevancy. Think about how useful the name would be for a shopping site developing a social-sharing universal shopping bag/cart. Pretty cool, huh? But what happens when that doesn’t work particularly well so they pivot to socially-sharing images?

Small Business Lending Drops to 14-Month Low in September

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A new report puts a damper on small business borrowing for the near future. Bank lending to small businesses hit the lowest level in 14 months in September, according to a report by Thomas Reuters and PayNet. “It’s not a positive report,” PayNet founder Bill Phelan told Reuters.