Tue.Nov 27, 2012

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Open Source Entrepreneurship

Steve Blank

One of the great things about being a retired entrepreneur is that I get to give back to the community that helped me. I assembled this collection of free and almost free tools, class syllabi, presentations, books, lectures, videos in the hope that it can make your path as an entrepreneur or educator easier. Free: Startup Tools. agile engineering.

The Difference Between Stealth Mode and Quiet Mode

Instigator Blog

A lot of companies still talk about being in stealth mode and aiming for a big hoorah type launch. It doesn’t usually work. Worse still, startups that are in stealth mode rarely talk to customers, prospects, users, partners or anyone else before their big reveal, which means they have little to no validation for what they’re doing.

The Enterprise Is Cool Again, and Box CEO Aaron Levie Is Loving It


After all, Zynga and Groupon, the darlings of the consumer wave, have tanked. Facebook's stock collapse robbed the company of some of its sparkle.

How To Help Startup Ecosystems: Be An Early Adopter


The following is a guest post by Sravish Sridhar. Read Scott Kirsner in the Boston Globe, BostInno , Xconomy and the Boston Business Journal.

A Great Leader's Year-end Checklist

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The year is almost over. Great leaders know how to tie up loose ends and make sure their employees are happy and ready to move forward. Restock.

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Meet the One-Size-Fits-All Website

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You could drive yourself crazy trying to build different versions of your website to fit every screen. Or you could try this strategy. Think again.

How To Choose A Market For Your Startup Or Small Business

crowdSPRING Blog

I’m rarely surprised when a young entrepreneur or small business owner hasn’t fully identified how their new business will make money.

Big Data: You Have No Idea How Much It Will Change Your Life

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Futurist Juan Enriquez on the mind-blowing changes that Big Data is about to unleash on your business, your health, and life in general.

How to Get More From Every Piece of Content You Produce

Duct Tape Marketing

This post is sponsored by Viewbix – Easily add apps and calls to action to your video. Content creation must involve strategy. New medium.

5 Smart Ways to Use Holiday Downtime

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

With these five tips you can make the most of the holidays to prepare you for the coming year. No need for a big party. Happy Holidays

Entrepreneurs Love the Learning and Ramen Noodles

Startup Professionals Musings

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Read entrepreneur stories.

Keep Your Team Together Through Tough Times

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Every business has setbacks. These three steps can help you create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration to navigate past the rough patches.

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UH Student Wins Beaker Prize, Needs Travel Budget

Startup Houston

A few months back, Chromemote founder and UH student Robert Dale Smith won the Startup Weekend Beaker Prize. Fundraising SLGT

Don't Delete Negative Comments. Say 'I'm Sorry'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, explains how to best handle customer complaints made public on social media

Entrepreneurs must be excel at selling

Taffy Williams

Entrepreneurs learn to sell and negotiate or they never get to YES ! Sales are essential to prepare for even before the product comes to market.

Make Your Business Meaningful

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Working hard is essential, but entrepreneurs also have a unique opportunity to make the world a better place in the process. Here's how.

[Infographic] [Singapore] Salary Expectations Increase 35% With That First Private Degree: JobsCentral


Sponsoring that employee for a private degree course in the hopes that they’ll return better equipped to deal with their work? 24.6%

Windows 8: The Next Frontier for App Developers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Pundits are skeptical about the future of Microsoft's operating system, but there are three reasons why it's a big deal for software entrepreneurs.

Silicon Valley Tops, Singapore 18th On Startup Genome Ecosystem Ranking


Many startup ecosystems in the world want to be like Silicon Valley. Tel Aviv. Los Angeles. Seattle. New York City. Boston. London. Toronto. Vancouver.

Ray Kurzweil: 'Users Should Be Passionately Involved in Every Stage of an Invention'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Inventor Ray Kurzweil talks about how he created the first print-to-speech reading machine so blind people would use it.


4 Crucial Presidential Leadership Lessons

Growthink Blog

A few good presidential examples can be used to guide a business toward success, as well. Small businesses need to work as a team. read more.

Why Price Isn't the Biggest Factor on Big Deals

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Most deals aren't won on price alone. Align your value proposition with your buyer's strategic needs and the deal will get bigger and possibly better.

What Exactly Is Skolkovo And How Did They End Up At Slush?


Editorial disclaimer: The interview below was done in Russian and due to the translation, some quotes may not be exact. So what exactly is Skolkovo?

5 Tips for Negotiating a Big Deal

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How do you decide the price of your first big deal without pricing yourself out of business? Here are simple steps to a better negotiating strategy.

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Are You In Control Of Your Business?


by Monica Shepherd, TradeGecko. Are you in control of your business? I don’t mean are you the person calling the shots. The need for stream.

How Social Media Shapes the Conversation Around Israel & Hamas

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

For years now, businesses have been using social media to build brand awarenes and a special bond with fans and followers.

Amazon’s Maps API now available to all developers, becomes part of Mobile App SDK

The Next Web

Amazon on Tuesday announced the release of its Maps API, now out of beta and integrated into the Amazon Mobile App SDK. Custom Overlays.

Do You Have an Expert-Backed Succession Plan?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A majority of business owners believe their business will be successful after they retire, but few have consulted experts on their succession plan.

Foreign Report: Startups Are The New Frenzy In The Middle East


Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Mikko Silventola, partner at Annia Capital. In Dubai you notice it in the public and private sector.

Greeting Card Etiquette: 4 Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Don't miss the opportunity to get noticed and make an impression with your seasons' greetings this year. So, why do so many businesses miss the mark?

Samsung Partners With Beta-Launched Instabridge To Simplify Wi-Fi Access


When you need to hop on your friend's Wi-Fi, it's a given that everyone's going to hate their life for a few minutes. through technology.

4 Tips to Help Veterans Succeed at Your Company

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Veterans can make for highly disciplined and skilled employees. Make sure you set them up for success with these tips. Thinking of hiring a veteran?

Interview With CEO Of Early Growth Financial Services, David Ehrenberg, On Starting Out With The Right Plan

Early Growth Financial Services

Naysayers and market collapse be damned! CEO David Ehrenberg founded Early Growth Financial Services at the end of 2008 when everything except inner belief must’ve told him that he was headed for doom. Continue reading → In the News

How to Run an Engaging Social Media Campaign

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Doug Ulman, CEO of Livestrong, says social media formed the basis for Livestrong to fight cancer on a global level