Sun.Jul 07, 2019

6 Keys To Growing Your Career Through The Gig Economy

Startup Professionals Musings

While everyone agrees that the “ gig economy ” is really here, the practical realities, other than not counting on long-term employment, are not so obvious. In my role as a mentor to many business professionals, I still see some who have no idea how to adapt to the new realities.

Spotlight on Novos, the training platform for gamers

VC Cafe

We sat with Or Briga and Shai Arnon, co-founders of Novos, for a chat on the world of E-Sports, best practices in coaching and what it takes to find product market fit in this market. Continue. This is a content summary only.

How to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates


If you run an ecommerce shop, you’re always trying to boost your sales. Here’s how to increase the conversion rate of your ecommerce site. What’s a good ecommerce conversion rate? Don’t worry about “average” ecommerce conversion rates.

22 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on The Future of Entrepreneurship


Every waking day, we are having tremendous changes in regulations and technology which greatly affects the way businesses operate. Some entrepreneurs will say the future is definitely bright but to others, some of these changes work against their expansion and business operations.

Funding early-stage resources?—?how to help underrepresented founders

Austin Startup

Funding early-stage resources?—?how how to help underrepresented founders As a female founder of color in my late 20s, walking into a room of investors is a different experience from the majority of founders out there.