Thu.Nov 08, 2012

How A 17-Year-Old In India Bootstrapped To $7M In Revenue


The following is a guest post written by Sanket Nadhani. He previously headed Marketing and Sales at FusionCharts and just launched an eBook on the complete journey of the company on its tenth birthday. FusionCharts was founded in 2002 by my brother, Pallav Nadhani , in a quest for more pocket money.

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What is an effective “pre-incorporation-agreement” between possible founders of a startup?


The bottom line is that the very question you are asking is one of the trickiest things of all when it comes to startup founding.

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Working hard is not enough

Taffy Williams

This swan worked hard but never moved forward! It is easy to work hard and accomplish little. The objective is to work hard and accomplish great things. Employees or founders are easily distracted and engage in activities that cause them to spend time and energy achieving their objectives.

Here’s What Facebook Gave Me For $49

Nick O'Neill

The other day Facebook turned on promoted posts so I tested it out for my last blog post? However unlike most people who are charged $7 for a promoted post, I was charged $49, potentially due to my high subscriber count.

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7 Co-Founder Strategies That Can Be Very Painful

Startup Professionals Musings

Most entrepreneurs who start a company alone soon come to the conclusion that two heads are better than one – someone to share the workload, the hard decisions, and the costs. In a moment of crisis, you may be tempted to take on the first person expressing interest as a co-founder.

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3D printing expanding through the industrial world vertical by vertical – now dental crowns

The Equity Kicker

If software is eating the world then 3D printing is atomising its factories and production centres. The 3D printing trend is less advanced than the software trend, but it’s coming.

Tell Stories & You'll Boost Sales

Inc Startups

Storytelling appeals to how the brain processes information. Here's five ways to make that work for your business. When you're selling your product, do you simply go into the nuts-and-bolts of how it works, or do you tell a story?

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Analysis of People’s Running Habits Using #nikeplus Tweets

Diego Basch

If you use Twitter or Facebook, you may occasionally see status updates that look like: “I crushed a 7.2 mi run with a pace of 7’24″ with Nike+ Running App. # nikeplus.”

How Online Reviews Make (or Break) Your Business

Inc Startups

Reviews matter more--much more--than you might think. Here's how to use the feedback to your advantage. Do online reviews really make a difference? Let’s skip right to the punch line here, with an emphatic yes.

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4 Ways To Boost Your Resume And Get The Job


by Lorie Knighton. With the workforce as competitive as it is, you need to do something to stand out. There are many ways to raise the bar and prevent your resume from ending up in the trash bin.

How "Mocial" Selling Will Transform Your Business

Inc Startups

How Can I Use Social Media to Help My Real Estate Business?

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

A lot of realtors work either in small businesses or on their own, which can be quite daunting when you have a lot of homes to sell and no one to help you with your workload.

4 Rules to Build a Company You Can Sell

Inc Startups

A seasoned entrepreneur offers his best tips to get to an exit. A good first step: Give up the idea that you're building the next Facebook. Around this time last year, ShareFile founder Jesse Lipson was in the middle of a big transition.

How Foreigners Can Get Involved in a Tech Start-up in China

Startup Noodle

I’m proud to announce a partnership with a local Start up in Beijing; Koombah. Their tag line says it all: “Helping you find your ideal home rental in Beijing” For the benefit of the foreigners coming to Beijing, we decided to partner, and help you have a soft landing. This is a guest post [.]. General Entrepreneurs Start ups

People Who Search Convert

Duct Tape Marketing

Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is from Terry Costa – Enjoy! People who conduct searches on a website convert at a higher rate than people who don’t. So it makes sense to find ways to improve the search on your e-commerce site.

'Break' Is the Most Important Part of Breakthrough

Inc Startups

Patterns and rules can be good. But sometimes you need to break them to create a breakthrough business. Many innovative companies create something new. Others stand out by subtracting--and in the process create more effective and engaging consumer experiences.

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The Importance of Revenue is Back - DShen's Blogs


Back in 2009, shortly after the 2008 crash, I wrote The Importance of Revenue at Early Stage, Now More Than Ever. Up to that time, we had been on a roll - startup investing was growing well and we had bought into building

The Power of Determination

Inc Startups

A life lesson can come from anybody, even an almost drowned mouse. Hurricane Sandy has devasted much of the eastern seaboard and now more rain and snow threatens to cause even more damage.


Google introduces six-month trial for Cloud SQL, ups storage 10x to 100GB, adds EU datacenter

The Next Web

Google today announced a major update to its Cloud SQL, which, as its name implies, is a MySQL database that lives in Google’s cloud.

When Gangsters Tried To Extort Brooklyn Brewery

Inc Startups

Steve Hindy wanted to avoid corrupt business dealings. But he was tested as construction wrapped up on his Brooklyn Brewery


the big job

Start Up Blog

I was having a discussion with a colleague about staffing at the most senior level of an organization. Non technical, Director and CEO level jobs. In fact the discussion I was having was with a CEO himself. What he said actually surprised me, especially given the level he is at in his personal career. First let me give a brief summary of what transpired. We discussed a potential candidate for a role in a large corporation at 2 levels below the CEO.

WikiHow's Recipe for Success

Inc Startups

The so-called 'hybrid' company looks like a nonprofit, makes money like a business, and serves the community like a government. WikiHow is like Wikipedia, except it's for-profit and focused on offering instructions.

The 7 Easiest Ways To Boost Sales & Profits

Growthink Blog

Are you looking to boost your sales and profits? I hope you are, because any business owner or entrepreneur who isn't looking to grow, will surely start to decline. So, since you ARE ready to grow, here are seven easy ways to do so: 1.

Fred Wilson: 5 Essential Start-up Insights

Inc Startups

The Union Square Ventures VC revealed areas where digital media start-ups can improve and why you shouldn't have to be a millionaire to invest in a start-up. Fred Wilson likes to call his first venture firm, Flatiron Partners, his “Web 1.0

Community is Family

Feld Thoughts

This week’s The Founders is awesome. It reminds us that there are real people and real families behind every startup.

After Obama Win, Owner Sacks Workers

Inc Startups

Murray Energy, the country's largest private coal company, laid off workers today--and linked the dismisals to Obama's regulatory policies. Murray Energy, of Cleveland, Ohio, appears to be the first company to lay off employees in the wake of President Obama's reelection.

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deal architect

on the innovation blog China’s architectural boom Not your parents’ cruise The human face of Big Data Paperless ProcessWorld Software AG innovation awards Pinterest Power You’ve got a Twitter, Pinterest and Gmail mashup The Robo-restaurant. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

Is Bootstrapping Right For You? How to Decide

Inc Startups

A serial entrepreneur helps you decide if you should bootstrap or if you should seek venture capital. Is a big chunk of change worth an arm and a leg? In other words: Should you try to bootstrap your growth or go out in search of investment capital?

Table Host – Chicago’s New Premium Dining Concierge Service


Scoring a premium table in a vaunted restaurant in Chicago’s dining scene – one of the most vibrant in the United States – can be a daunting task. One usually needs to score a reservation, often months in advance, for any chance at a leading restaurant.

Changing the World One Punch at a Time

Inc Startups

He was an investment banker with a boxing hobby. Now he's the co-founder of Haymakers for Hope, which gets ordinary people in the boxing ring for a good cause. There's a sense in Washington that if you want to change the world, you have to do so through politics. Of course, that's not really true.

5 Tips To Making The Most Out Of Your Small Business Saturday


By Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation. Are you ready to shop small? On Saturday November 24 th , Small Business Saturday (SBS) will be making its yearly (since 2010) return in an effort to help drive shoppers to local storefronts and merchants across the United States.


Inbound Marketing Is Simple. Show Your Customer Some Love

Inc Startups

Brian Halligan, founder of HubSpot, gives a 101 on inbound marketing and its benefits

Illegitimi non carborundum

This is going to be BIG.

(Mock Latin for "Don't let the bastards get you.") When you dare to try something big, and put yourself out there, the amount of support you get from others will undoubtedly be matched by the amount of people who secretly, or not so secretly want to take you down. They're either jealous, or they like to be right--so they play the odds that you'll fail. Sometimes, they're too cool to admit you've done great work.

The World Doesn't Need Another 'Me Too' Anything

Inc Startups

People pay for originality, fresh thinking, and differentiation, says venture capitalist Josh Linkner