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8 Ways To Learn From Your Team And Succeed Together

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Starting and running a company is a team effort. Yes, it takes a leader (entrepreneur), but you can’t do it alone, without a team. Maybe only you and a co-founder comprise the team at first, to provide key skills, back you up, and test your ideas.

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Less Multi-Tasking, More Meditation: A New Model For Start-up Leadership


by Michael Heinrich, Founder and CEO of Oh My Green. More often than not, the words “start up culture” conjure up a very specific image in people’s minds: late nights at the office, lots of coffee and Red Bull, pizza boxes under the desks.

For Startups, a SaaS Solution is an HR Killer App


For today’s startups, there are several things required to succeed. The first and the most important thing is a great idea. The second and only marginally less important thing is an ability to operate efficiently and at speed.

How to Use Google Data Studio for Client Reporting


“Getting great results” and “creating great reports” are very different skill sets. If you’re like most marketers, you’d rather sharpen your subject-matter expertise than spend time in PowerPoint.

I Traded In My Corporate Ambitions To Become A Freelancer – Here’s What I Learned

YFS Magazine

Now, I have no intention to tell you how to live your life. Instead, I want to show you that a different path is possible. Plan business lessons freelancing solopreneur starting a business


SaaS Content Marketing: 5 Proven Strategies to Earn Links


Links to blog posts or long-form resources increase their search visibility and build awareness. They also help sites rank for bottom-of-funnel terms—a rising tide lifts all boats. Some content marketers have it “easy,” working in highly visual industries (e.g. food, fashion) with wide appeal.

How To Reach Millennial Clients With Digital Currency


by Stan Stalnaker, Founding Director of Hub Culture. Digital currency is a popular topic in today’s financial landscape. And for good reason. The market value for digital currency is rising, and so is public interest. After all, digital currencies have been adopted by major brands around the world.

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Pledge 1% Today

Feld Thoughts

Over the years, I’ve written about my belief in the importance of giving back to your communities and #givefirst. In this spirit, one of the key organizations my partners at Foundry Group have helped create and nurture is Pledge 1%. In 2007, we were a founding member in the predecessor organization to Pledge 1%, called Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (or EFCO). EFCO started as an experiment here in Boulder, not unlike Techstars and Startup Week / Weekend that got their start in our backyard.

Today’s Inspired Leader – Authors Define Leadership

The Startup Magazine

The word leader brings to many people’s minds characteristics of intellectual strength, decisiveness and focused commitment. The authors of the new book Today’s Inspired Leader published by Fig Factor Media , demonstrate their own personal stories and statements about defining leadership.

How to Grow a Successful Boutique Fitness Business

Up and Running

The boutique fitness studio movement is now seen as the most viable way of entering the fitness industry.

Recruitment: Top mistakes made by hiring managers

The Startup Magazine

As we all know, recruitment is a hugely expensive game. A common misconception made by those who are new to the practice is that it’s just the starting salary that needs to be taken into account.

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Austin’s Capital Factory and Plexal, a London Accelerator, Join Forces to Foster International Ties for Tech Startups


The London and Austin technology ecosystems have developed a strong relationship during the last decade. And on Wednesday, Capital Factory, a technology accelerator in downtown Austin, officially announced it has joined forces with Plexal, an innovation center that sits within London’s Here East technology campus. The deal came together following meetings last March at South […].

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Everything You Need to Know About Creating Strategic Content

Duct Tape Marketing

Everything You Need to Know About Creating Strategic Content written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Podcast with Rachel Parker. Podcast Transcript. Content, content, content—are you sick of it yet?

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Businesswoman Exclusively Franchising Her Business to Women


Melissa Rulli is the CEO and Owner of Eye On Your Home.

Transcript of Everything You Need to Know About Creating Strategic Content

Duct Tape Marketing

Transcript of Everything You Need to Know About Creating Strategic Content written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Back to Podcast. Transcript. John Jantsch: This episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast is brought to you by SEMrush.

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The Most Common Myths About Starting A New Business

Women Entrepreneurs Can

A startup is only as successful as its entrepreneur is driven – or is it? Generalizations such as these can end up turning into myths that can lead to discouragement or harmful misinformation.

An Innovation Minute with Gregg Fraley

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Edition #2 of An Innovation Minute. Qualitative Research in B2B. With Host, Gregg Fraley. The message of this edition of An Innovation Minute is simple: Use of qualitative research techniques in business to business companies (B2B) is woefully under-utilized. Click here to view.

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What Does It Take To Become An Effective Healthcare Administrator?

Women Entrepreneurs Can

The healthcare industry is expected to grow at a rapid clip over the coming decade, thanks to an aging population and increases in medical care needs because of epidemics, like obesity. For women interested in entering a dynamic and “in-demand” industry, healthcare administration is a good idea.

Seeking CEO+team for VC-backed startup: Make America Functional Again

David Teten

Looking 4 entrepreneurial product mgr/biz-dev killer 4 a network-based service. pre-launch, BIG equity, big peeps involved–ANY TIPS?? Do you want to make America functional again ? Are you thinking of applying to Y Combinator without an idea? Do you have a great team at your seed startup, but your product just isn’t working? Would you like to have a salary from day one that you work full-time on your startup?