Sun.Feb 10, 2013

Trust Can Scale

Feld Thoughts

Following is a guest post from Chris Moody. Chris is president and COO of Gnip , one of the silent killers in our portfolio. Once the main stream tech press starts noticing Gnip, they will be blown away at how big they got in such a short period of time by just executing.

The computing deployment phase

Chris Dixon

Technological revolutions happen in two main phases: the installation phase and the deployment phase.

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Even Virtual Startup Teams Must Work Closely

Startup Professionals Musings

Almost every startup is a virtual team these days, since most don’t start out with dedicated office space, and some or all members of the team work part-time or out of their own home. It’s a small world, so these team members may not even be in the same town, or the same country.

Don’t Let Early Adopters Distract Your Market Focus


Image via Stock.xcng. For most new high-tech products, the first customers are always “early adopters.” The conventional wisdom is that early adopters are the ideal target for new products, to get business rolling.

Balance and StartUp Life

Seeing Both Sides

Living the startup life is a hard roller coaster. One day you think you're on the verge of building a billion-dollar company, the next you wake up in a cold sweat, paranoid that you are about to run out of cash and have to shut the whole thing down.

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In Business, Your Destination Is Your Reality

Growthink Blog

The last time you needed to drive to a place you had never been before, what did you do? Did you the load the specific address of your destination into your GPS, determine the best route, and then follow the directions? Or, did you print out and follow your directions?

Lean vs. Mean – Small Business and Responsibility

crowdSPRING Blog

I have written often about strategies small business can use to operate modestly, spend wisely, and reduce cost by taking a lean approach to operations, marketing, and production. At crowdSPRING we try hard to manage our business and our team using tactics and strategy that have allowed us to construct a sustainable business, provide value to our users, and build a wonderful team.

[Review] Enchantment


Keen to change the world? Want to transform your “caterpillars” into “butterflies”? Well, former Apple chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki’s “ Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions ” may show you a trick or two.

Why would I join an executive peer group?

John Morris

The post Why would I join an executive peer group? appeared first on Tapping the power of your peers. How would a peer group help you? Why would I join a peer group? The concept goes back to Napoleon Hill’s iconic book on personal development, Think and Grow Rich.

The Secret of Life

Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

This great video was shared on my wall over the weekend. It definitely encapsulates the drive behind most entrepreneurs, which is to make a dent in the universe. Inspiration

WORSHIP SUNDAY: This Is Our God by Hillsong - It has been some.

Mark Birch

WORSHIP SUNDAY: This Is Our God by Hillsong - It has been some time since I played with the praise team to lead worship service. It felt good to be there again after such a long absence. In a sense, it was as if I was filled with a sense of purpose, that I was exactly where God wanted me to be all this time. Everyone has their own way they connect with God, for me it is and has always been through music. This Is Our God is one of the songs we played in our set today.

The Perfect Pitch

Jason Ball's TechBytes

Last week I posted on how you can meet VCs- this week it’s how to get the most out of that meeting. What format should you use for the first presentation? This is the template that I developed over several years, and recommend whenever an entrepreneur asks what format to use. It’s a time tested format I’ve used for multiple pitch events that I’ve run- it works. The most important part of this pitch is your demo. Make sure that it’s flawless.

Motivation & Administration

Start Up Blog

A part of life ‘on-line’ is that it requires a certain amount of administration. Stuff needs to be set up, logged in and authorised. It’s also a big part of getting people into a start up. So we most often ensure that the barriers to entry are reduced… we let our new users do the admin later. Maybe, on their next visit.

Startup Smarts: Tradesy Talks Tactics

Wired Wired West

Tradesy founder and CEO Tracy DiNunzio touts the tactics she used to connect with investors and earn street cred. Build your own financial model. Don’t outsource it. Investors know when a founder presents her financial model because she can recount details and answer questions in a way that isn’t mere recitation. She knows the ins-and-outs of [.].