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7 Keys to Positioning Your Competitors to Investors

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Every entrepreneur should spend plenty of time thinking about competitors, and how they relate to your business, but you need to be very careful what you say out loud about them to your team, your investors, and your customers.

How Do I Expand When I Can’t Get Money From the Bank?

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It is all too common in 2012 that entrepreneurs and business owners have a great company that is making a profit in difficult economic times, and yet the traditional financial institutions reject an application for a loan.

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David Lee

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. Henry Ford. Disruption happens when companies use technology to help customers “achieve what they already had been trying to do.” ” -Clayton Christensen.

How To Discover Your Perfect Value Proposition

Duct Tape Marketing

This is part two of a three-part series on Finding Strategy. Each post includes a free template. So, I’ve been preaching this one pretty hard for a bunch of years and see no end in sight, because it’s just that important.

7 Unusual Things Great Bosses Do

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Great bosses do these things. The rest don't--because these simple gestures would never occur to them. Where employees are concerned, great leaders don't take. Great leaders give--especially these seven things: They give a glimpse of vulnerability. To employees, you're often not a person.

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6 Things Extraordinarily Successful People Do

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You have great ideas and you're passionate about them. So where's your path to great success? Let these golden rules of successful entrepreneurs guide you. A successful entrepreneur can be defined and measured by a number of different standards.

[Infographic] 2012 Q3: Software Engineering Salaries in Silicon Valley


Software engineers are extremely high in demand, and over the past few years the growth in their salaries has shown exactly how much in demand they are.

4 Tips for Pitching Your Business in 2 Minutes

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Doing a two-minute investor pitch can be incredibly daunting. Here are tips to hone your pitch and get the next meeting. Two minutes. You probably wait longer for your coffee at your local shop.

How To Be Successful By Turning Away Customers


by Fred Perrotta , freelance marketer and co-founder of Tortuga Backpacks. Being just be another widget maker won’t get you anywhere. Most market segments can only support one, maybe two, companies. Just being a better version of a competitor isn’t enough.

8 Tips to Improve Your SEO Now

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Stop languishing in a dark corner of the World Wide Web. Grab your developer and go through this checklist to start getting more traffic. Is your website living in a dark corner of the Web?

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Shark Tank Season 4 week 9 breakdown

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Season 4 week 9 of Sharktank was another fun episode, showing the importance of failing fast, being prepared for your pitch and how selecting an investor is about more than just optimizing valuation. Drive Suits.

The 3 Real Reasons for Business Success

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Success does not come from innovative products, strong finances and long work hours. If you're like most people, you probably think business success is the result of innovative products, strong financial backing and long work hours. But you'd think wrong.

Beginner’s luck is real, sort of

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A huge percentage of the gamblers you talk to will swear by beginner’s luck. Their first time at the tables, they’ll have gone on dominating runs and wake up with $100k stashed in the fridge[1]. Beginner’s luck looks real because the only people who stick around in the gambling game are the ones who had a lucky first experience. The folks who get beat up (or just break even) the first time they play tend to walk away. We get the same thing in startups.

Journey From Start-up to IPO

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Software-maker ExactTarget went public earlier this year and now boasts a market cap of over $1.3 billion. Founder Scott Dorsey explains the journey. The public aspects of a start-up's path to IPO are often well documented. But what about the mental journey the company's founders take?

Don't Remove ArcticStartup From Your Bookmarks Just Yet


Dear ArcticStartup community, After a week away from the writing desk, Greg and Dmitri are back in the office, throwing coals on the fire to get this train rolling again.

Are You Running Business:Impossible? 7 Things To Outsource Now

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If your business needs an extreme makeover, it's time to start outsourcing. My family loves watching Restaurant: Impossible. The show provides an extreme makeover for restaurant owners who have little or no prior experience. Most of them are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

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The Three P’s of Venture Capital

Jason Ball's TechBytes

I’ve written many times about what VCs are looking for and what I’m looking for in particular. I sent out a tweet recently about my 3 P’s of investing and thought I’d elaborate briefly. 1) People. I have to like you. I have to think we can work together. That you’re smart. Opinionated. Informed. That you listen, ask questions, ask for help. That you have a vision and you’re passionate about what you’re doing and that you can execute. 2) Product.

When to Lead & When to Back Off

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If I'm willing to learn from my staffers, they're more willing to learn from me. Here's how. I know my business better than anyone, as both the founder and the person who has, at one time or another, performed most of the jobs in the company. For that reason, I have valuable lessons to impart.

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deal architect

On the New Florence blog Do you see the irony in this? K-Pop The awesome slate at Cognizant Community The journey of an email message The Arctic gold, oil, tourist, shipping, fishing rush Aviation Jet Biofuel The glorious desert Thwarting. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

Do You Give Good "Push"?

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Here's how to use push notifications to engage your mobile customers and build brand loyalty. Another amazing, seemingly simple, yet truly complicated digital communication channel has emerged--the Push Notification.

What you can learn from a symphony conductor

Jeff Hilimire

Nice article passed to me by the insufferable @gumboshowjoe (insufferable today because the Saints beat the Falcons yesterday and he’s tragically a Saints fan). Love the comparison of a symphony conductor to a leader. And there are several references to things I’ve talked about before, such as not hiding in an office and the importance of passion. 8 Leadership Lessons from a Symphony Conductor. Leadership

The Zombie Guide to Human Resources

Inc Startups

If your team was the last surviving band of humans in a city overrun by zombies, you wouldn't let just anybody through the door would you? The most important staffing advice any business owner can receive -- "Hire slow and fire fast" -- is simple in theory but surprisingly difficult in practice.

Run to the Innovation Jungle

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Wally Amos started with a simple idea, great cookies. Guerilla Innovation. Chapter Fourteen. Run to the Jungle. I’ve written what amounts to a short book on innovation for small business these last couple months.

My Secret Source of Creativity

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All those publications that I thought were making me smart? They were actually making me dumber. Like many new parents, I am often surprised by the lessons my children teach. Kindness makes friends; anger is way too revealing; and yes, you do look fat in those jeans. (I

We Need Your Help To Build Online Startup/Investor Matchmaking At Garage48


The past week was pretty crazy and as mentioned in our "resurrection" post , we really need your help on the 19th to 21st of November at Garage48. In short, as a non-profit organization we need to derive income from somewhere, but we only want to do so while helping the community to come together.

Going Global: It's Not If, But When

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For many companies the complex and daunting task of operating globally is inevitable. Today, the question isn't whether or not to go global, it's when to do it, where to start and how to do it right. If you don't want to do it and you have a good brand or product, someone else will do it for you.

49 Days and Counting

Growthink Blog

If you haven’t yet registered for my Wednesday webinar, this is your last chance. Webinar: “How to Make 2013 Your Best Business Year Ever!” Date: Wednesday, November 14th Time: 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST Registration Link: The fact is this: successful people figure out what they need to do BEFORE they do it. For example, a winning football coach always comes up with a game plan BEFORE the game.

How to Get the Perfect Marketing Hire

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Brian Halligan, founder of HubSpot, talks about his simple guide for hiring the next generation of marketing employees

The smart way to expand software companies to the US

The Equity Kicker

Investing in a European company and successfully expanding to the US is a great way to grow shareholder value at a startup, but getting it wrong is also one of the easiest ways to lose your shirt. A number of our portfolio companies at DFJ Esprit have had great success launching in the US, including at KVS, Zeus Technology and – three of our most profitable exits in recent years, and we’re starting to get a good idea of best practice.

Division of Labor: What to Do When Owners & Employees Disagree

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If employees and managers have different perspectives, who's right, and how do you know? I spent some time last week talking to employees and separately the leadership at a small family-owned business.

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Shift in Opinions on Working-While-Parenting

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A Wharton professor finds that over the past 20 years the opinions of men and women on working parenthood and the division of responsibilities are converging. The question of whether high-powered women can "have it all" is like some nasty viral condition.

Weapons of mass creativity

deal architect

Dennis Howlett has a nice quote from Vishal Sikka of SAP in this blog post. During a recent conversation with Vishal Sikka, exec board member SAP on what might happen as a result of being able to cost effectively mashup. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

Want to Launch a Travel Start-up? Good Timing

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Concur announced its $150 million "Perfect Trip Fund" today, and has already invested $2 million in one travel start-up. Looking to create a travel service start-up?