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So you just raised your B round, now what?

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In case you missed our posts from the previous weeks, we have been summarizing what founders should focus on at each stage of their startup’s journey. Priorities and strategies change as a company grows – starting with finding product-market fit after a seed round to figuring out distribution between Series A and Series B. And that brings us to the B Round. After raising your B Round, it’s all about building the organization. We have found that this is usually the toughest phase for founders.

Choosing the Right Startup Team

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The startup team serves as the foundation of any new business. Therefore, it’s crucial for all entrepreneurs to understand how to build one with skill and discernment. Here are some helpful tips for anyone seeking insight into this vital aspect of the enterprise-building process. Source: Pexels.

Why Succession Planning Is Key to the Survival of Your Business

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So, you’ve successfully created your own startup and things are going well. The business is profitable and growing, you’re hiring more employees, and everything is looking up. But, what does the future of your business look like?

The Moment Your Realize You Aren’t Comfortable With What Your Wrote

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I just spent the last 30 minutes writing a blog post around a simple phrase that I like. I built out my thought process around it, used a handful of examples, and then filled in some additional ideas. I was proofreading it when I decided to go try to find the original source of the phrase. The first page of Google’s results surprised me. There was nothing on the phrase I liked, but there was a wall of vitriol and controversy around a phrase that is close but had a few different words in it.


Smart Hiring Practices For Any Startup


Getting a startup off the ground is no small feat. To make a fledgling business thrive, entrepreneurs need a combination of smarts, ingenuity and risk-assessment abilities.

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How to Create a Marketing Campaign that Stands Out


Plenty of us have witnessed a marketing campaign gone wrong. Remember that recent Pepsi commercial featuring Kendall Jenner trying to settle a Black Lives Matter protest with a can of Pepsi? I just remember thinking (as I gagged), “How did that actually make it to market?!”.

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Easy Ways To Cut Costs On Your Small Business

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In order to make your small business a success and have it last a long time, you need to manage your finances effectively. In the beginning, you will need to pay for a lot of things and this can add up to quite a lot of money.

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Best Practices When Video And Email Cross Paths


by Sean Gordon, founder of vidREACH.io. Every business today, no matter the industry, has someone working with video. Whether marketing, or a startup, video is always an integral part of how you conduct business. That said, in many ways digital video production and distribution remain in its?

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The Mindful Entrepreneur: Three Strategies for Success

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To start a company is to believe in yourself. It takes a great deal of self-confidence to swallow the risk and forego a job with a salary. We entrepreneurs all believe in our own potential to create a company that will last.

[Infographic] The State Of Small Businesses In Illinois


Illinois occupies a strategic location in the Midwest and is the location of multiple large metro areas that have plenty of resources for small-business startups.

10 Wellness Warrior Gifts For The Entrepreneur On Your List

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If you're ready to put your well-being first, check out 10 of our favorite wellness gift ideas. And hey, feel free to add a few to your own wishlist, too. Lifestyle gift ideas health and wellness holiday gift guide lifestyle

Accessing Sufficient Capital For Business Efficiency


Business is not easy when it comes to cash flow. If you are a business owner, you indeed know that there are certain times when businesses need extra cash to secure the stability of company resources. The line of credit could be a perfect solution for every cash flow problem that business can face.

4 Tips for Driving the Customer Journey with CRM

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4 Tips for Driving the Customer Journey with CRM written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. As I’ve written about in the past , in today’s digital world, the customer journey is no longer a straight line. While you can’t exert complete control over the way in which customers and prospects interact with your business, it is possible to get strategic about guiding people differently depending on where they are in their individual journey.

5 Reasons Why Your Business’ Instagram Posts Fail


Instagram’s engagement is higher than Facebook and Twitter, and a major reason for this is that images and video perform much better than text. People prefer these media formats, and they have been a key growth driver for many businesses on Instagram. But some posts work well, while others fail.

The origin story of 48in48

Jeff Hilimire

I don’t believe I’ve ever shared the origin story of 48in48 , at least not in writing. For those that have supported us over the years, I thought you might want to hear how this whole thing started!

Choosing The Right Career Path


Whether you are fresh out of high school or simply looking for a change of pace, there are a few different options available to you when it comes to a career. Which path you choose will depend on your personality and interests. Some people are not cut out for college while others love to study.

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