Wed.Feb 21, 2018

CoinOut Gets Coin In

Steve Blank

It’s always fun to see what happens to my students after they leave class. Jeff Witten started CoinOut four years ago in my Columbia University 5-day Lean LaunchPad class.

7 Keys To Leading Your Team And Business To Success

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the realities of being an entrepreneur is that you have to keep learning and changing to survive. Everyone on the startup team knows there is no buffer, and no personal isolation from impact based on your job description that can save you.

3 Unorthodox Methods To Enhance Matured Optimization Programs


The endgame of optimization begins when the local maximum has been found for the most relevant pages on your website. At this point, uncovering more gains can become a greater challenge. How can you deal with such a scenario?

[Interview] Dwayne Rettinger, Executive Financial Consultant at Rettinger & Associates Private Wealth Management


From Dwayne Rettinger’s perspective, millennial entrepreneurs are more saddled with stereotypes than they should be. For all the suggested negatives about this generation, Rettinger points out that they are still young enough to be stunningly creative and open to new ideas.

What Facebook’s News Feed Overhaul Means For Your Business

YFS Magazine

How can you increase Facebook content engagement in lieu of the recent News Feed changes? I’ve outlined some steps you can take to put your best foot forward on Facebook. Grow Marketing & Sales digital marketing facebook Facebook advertising marketing social media social media marketing

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No One Will Ever Thank You for Keeping Prices Low


I was in a Board meeting last week (not Return Path ’s), when one of my fellow directors came out with this gem: “No one will ever thank us for keeping our prices low.”. When I first heard this, as is the case with most great quotes, I was drawn to its wit and simplicity.

B2B 69

Three Startup Networking Strategies To Help You Grow Your Business


Developing unique products and services, investing in brilliant branding and enhancing your online presence are all valuable strategies for a successful new business. But networking is vital to entrepreneurial success for 78 per cent of startups.

18 Entrepreneurs Reveal How Much They Work


The number of hours entrepreneurs work varies due to many factors. Some of those determinants are such as nature of work where some businesses such as online business may require more of your online presence. How much we work can determine our productivity to a huge extent.

Getting Small Business Loans Right – The Future Needs To Resemble The Past


by Rob Frohwein, CEO of Kabbage. Let’s be honest, most small businesses’ capital needs aren’t being met by today’s lenders. In fact, the bulk of commercial lenders don’t serve small businesses at all.

OpenAI and AI Futures

Reid Hoffman

OpenAI has the ability to help AI move forward in ways that ultimately benefit all humanity. Read the full post on LinkedIn. Entrepreneurship Links artificial intelligence technology

Avoiding Downtime With Reliable Equipment And Employees


If you operate a business that makes regular shipments across the country, you need to have a proper fleet of vehicles at your disposal. Big rig trucks and similar large vehicles need to be kept in the best shape possible and manned by the best people possible.

When the Rev. Billy Graham came to Greensboro and changed lives

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

GREENSBORO — He would become pastor to presidents but in 1951 the Rev. Billy Graham wasn't quite sure of what to make of the 10,000-seat building constructed in the grassy lot just for him to fill


Three Creative Ways To Market Your New Upstart


As a brand new upstart, there are many challenges that you will need to face head on. One of the biggest ones is finding ways to effectively market your brand new business so that you start to draw in customers and clients.

How to Get E-commerce Customers to Spend a Lot of Money at Once (And Then Do It Again)

Inc Startups

From responsive customer service to financing, there's a tried-and-true recipe for convincing people who've never touched your product to splash out for it. E-commerce

Economics In Asia In The Trump Era


by Marek Danyluk, managing partner at Space Executive. This week, Trump slapped tariffs on imported solar panels and washing machines on Monday in his first major move to level a global playing field.

Asia 56

6 Words You Should Never Use on Your LinkedIn Profile

Inc Startups

LinkedIn is a great way to showcase your professional skills to recruiters and potential partners. Here's how to strengthen your profile.

How Important Is A Website For A New Small Startup Business?


When it comes to starting your own business it’s usually a series of baby steps, at least at the start. Most ventures start out small and grow steadily from there.

Boost Your Brand With These 7 Creative Marketing Strategies for 2018

Inc Startups

Say goodbye to marketer's block; these creative marketing strategies can boost your brand and make an impact in 2018. Marketing

Billy Graham, charismatic evangelist with worldwide following, dies at 99

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

Spokesman Mark DeMoss said Graham died Wednesday morning at his home in Montreat, North Carolina

Artificial Intelligence Might Soon Invade Your HR Department, Thanks to These 3 Ex-Googlers

Inc Startups

Spoke wants to cut down on the amount of time your employees spend looking for answers to common questions. Design

Suit challenging North Carolina special session goes to trial

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH — A legal challenge of a special session called by Republicans at the North Carolina General Assembly to pass laws that eroded Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's powers just before he took office is going to trial

Cryptocurrency Scams Are Getting Harder to Spot. Here's What to Look For

Inc Startups

Hackers are getting better at mimicking a website's address, making it especially difficult to tell it's fake. Security

Electrical Businesses: Starting Up In A Market With 14% Growth


The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the electrician market to grow as a rate of 14% between 2014 and 2024. More homes and businesses are good for electricians that need to install and maintain the electricity flowing through buildings.

The 5 Types of Bullies Adults Face (and How to Stop Them)

Inc Startups

Don't let the bullies take over your business. HR/Benefits


Strategy for Angels and Stages of Investing

Tim Keane

There is a national trend in angel investing as angel investors continue to retreat from seed and startup stage deals and seek ventures with more established track records. Contrary to the public musings we’ve seen in Milwaukee, it’s not a

In 1 Sentence Elon Musk Shares His Single Best Piece of Business and Personal Advice

Inc Startups

In contrast to the usual blustery/brash statements and advice Musk gives, this one is so powerful for its simplicity and applicability. The Inc.


5 Wrong Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

Mike Michalowicz

More people are starting businesses than ever before. The fact is many of these entrepreneurial start ups are guaranteed to fail, since they were started for one of these 5 WRONG reasons: Desperation. Desperate people do desperate things. With the unemployment rate being so low, former great employees are trying to become (marginal) entrepreneurs. Unfortunately this does not work. Entrepreneurship is about fortitude and that is definitely not the same as being desperate. Jobs Suck.

5 Things That Can Really Influence How Others Perceive You

Inc Startups

It can be as simple as being curious about the other person.


Salvation Army: Carolinas employee embezzled nearly $230,000

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

CHARLOTTE — A worker at the Salvation Army's headquarters for the Carolinas is accused of embezzling nearly $230,000

5 Remarkably Powerful Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Inc Startups

Confidence gives you the power to conquer the world. Here's how you can learn to be confident in all you do. The Inc.


How to be an Olympian in Your Business

Growthink Blog

Isn’t it awesome to see the amazing grace, endurance, skill, and competitiveness of our Olympic athletes? And wouldn’t it be great to perform as executives and entrepreneurs at that kind of “ultra-peak” level? Well, it isn’t as hard as it seems.

3 Unmistakable Signs That You Have Real Emotional Intelligence

Inc Startups

Famous psychologist and best-selling author Daniel Goleman weighs in on the features of a person with emotional intelligence.


Allen scores 28, No. 5 Duke routs Louisville 82-56

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) AP) — Grayson Allen scored 28 points and No. 5 Duke routed Louisville 82-56 on Wednesday night

A 40-Year-Study Found That Rich People Exhibited This Undesirable Trait as Kids

Inc Startups

Even researchers were surprised to learn which kids grew up to earn the most money. Money