Fri.Dec 28, 2012

Why Menus Suck + Other Deep Thoughts on the Food Tech Revolution, by Captain Obvious McClure

500 Hats

abstract: menus suck. we need less items, more pictures, and [just] a few recommendations. menus should be online, so they can integrate user data & purchase history to customize selection, offer discounts, and to connect with friends for favorites and referrals / group offers.

How To Set Up A Stand Up Desk And Why It Could Save Your Life by Yaro Starak

Tweet. Sitting Down Is Killing You. Recently in the news you may have heard some rather alarming data was released about the impact sitting down for long periods of time can have on your health.

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Business Tips For Women Business Leaders

Mike Michalowicz

Business Tips For Women Business Leaders. The business environment has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. When I started my first company in 1996, it was still very much a guys only world. But the pendulum is shifting and I don’t see any signs of it stopping.

17-Point Program to Have the Best Year of Your Life

Life Beyond Code

Happy New Year. 2013 is days away. Here is a 17-point program to make it your best year. Get paid to move the needle: Quit thinking that you need to get paid for the hours you put into anything. If you get paid to move the needle, it will turn out to be a no-brainer value exchange.

Will 2013 Be Harder For Startups Than 2012?

Feld Thoughts

tl;dr: F**k, I don’t know. I’m not in the prediction business. But plan for it. And behave accordingly. A lot of people have been talking about how 2013 will be harder for startups and fast growing companies. Tiresome things like the endless discussion about the Series A crunch, more conservative behavior from VCs due to the performance of Facebook, Groupon, and Zynga in the public market, and overall concerns about the economy dominate.

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Test Every Entrepreneur Must Take

Inc Startups

Why you decide to start a business of your own matters almost as much as what kind of business you start.

I regret not learning some new tools sooner

The Startup Toolkit

I just made a new portfolio site with cactus , a python static site generator. Oh man — the joy!

5 Things Not to Do in the New Year

Inc Startups

Getting rid of old habits and old ways of thinking is just as important as committing to new ones. The beginning of a new year means a fresh list of things you resolve to do in 2013, whether they're personal, professional, or--most likely--a combo of both.

Book Notes: What Technology Wants

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Someone I respect once told me, “I have never heard an uninteresting thought come out of Kevin Kelly’s mouth.” ” Shortly thereafter, I dove into Kevin’s latest book What Technology Wants with heightened attention and expectation. I was not disappointed.

How Not to Be Crazy Busy in 2013

Inc Startups

Think there's no way you can limit yourself to a standard 40-hour workweek? The author of a new book says she can show you how. Entrepreneurs are inevitably crazy busy, right? That's the archetype anyway.

The highs and lows of startup life

I was recently back in the UK for two weeks and had the chance to speak at an event in London about the incredible journey with my startup in the last two years. When I speak, I try my best to share useful information and this generally consists of mistakes I’ve made along the way and some of the greatest lessons I’ve come away with from the experience.

Where Social Media Will Go in 2013

Inc Startups

These four trends show just has fast technology and social media are evolving -- and how you need to respond. As the year ends, I’m amazed at the major changes we’ve seen, especially in the social media space.

Wiki 20

LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements

Scalable Startup

Yesterday I was checking my LinkedIn and ran across an old colleague/friends bio – Teo Yatman. It made me decide to spontaneously write an unsolicited recommendation for him (see below). I’ve only written recommendations on request in the past so this felt really fun, and a little strange to do.

Setting Stretch Goals: All In, All the Time

Inc Startups

Whatever your ambition, you have a backup plan, right? Well, throw it out. If you want to accomplish something remarkable in 2013, you have to be fully committed.

Skolkovo Under Fire; Government Innovation Policies May Be Reshaped


Skolkovo, the state-sponsored giant tech hub nearing completion on the outskirts of Moscow, has come under sharp criticism over the last several months, suggesting that government policies in support of innovation in the country could be reviewed.

Are You Ready For the Fiscal Cliff? 8 Must-Reads

Inc Startups

The fiscal cliff is looming, but there are things you can do to prepare. Here are a few noteworthy articles to peruse while Congress bickers.

Checking it Twice

Busy day, crammed full of action. Make that list, set delivery times and dates, knock it out. Map it out--from intended goal back to this moment. Set the path, make that list, get it done. Say it again, this time with feeling. Have a great day


How to Know If a New Strategy Will Work

Inc Startups

No matter how good your team is, a flawed strategy is hard to implement. The hard, cold reality is that many strategic projects fail. A previous column discussed key issues about team composition, talent, and leadership.


I have a bunch of favorite West Wing episodes, but this one comes to mind--Season 3, Episode 16: Dead Irish Poets. Sam's former professor is dying and comes to DC to advocate for the superconducting supercollider. A key Senator is blocking the funding of the super-conducting super-collider. Just before the dialog below, Sam and the Senator have a rough conversation and the Senator walks out, but Sam calls him back, apologizing and appealing to him.

DC 1

Danny Meyer: The One Innovation Your Competitors Can't Steal

Inc Startups

The founder of Shake Shack divulges how he's built a moat around his hospitality business, and prevents copy cats

Motivational Clips for Entrepreneurs: “Owens 4, Hitler 0”

Scott Edward Walker

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar. Welcome to our weekly series “ Motivational Clips for Entrepreneurs.” Each week, we share a favorite video clip to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs.

Forget Resolutions: Review Your Biggest Mistakes Instead

Inc Startups

Every year I make mistakes. But since mistakes are learning, it's worth reviewing them to find out what you learned this year. Some people make new year's resolutions. I review old year's mistakes.

One Retailer per Category

Constantly Learning

Alex Muir wrote an article about having only one brand left in each retail category. Although Alex lives in the United Kingdom, it's a pretty interesting idea and one which has a chance of becoming true. Online retailers are preferred by consumers over the brick-and-mortar store. But as humans we still appreciate tactile sensations. I enjoy playing board games, even though there are digital versions, because of the tactile experience. Video games simulating the game, don't give me the same joy.

Groovy: New Communes Cater to Entrepreneurs

Inc Startups

Forget peace and love. These communes aim to see what happens when smart entrepreneurs spend every minute together. People of a certain age may remember how hippies got together during the Summer of Love to establish communes based on peace, love, and harmony. But the idea wasn't unique to the 1960s.

"The real problem with the interface is that it is an interface. Interfaces get in the way. I don’t."

Mark Birch

“The real problem with the interface is that it is an interface. Interfaces get in the way. I don’t want to focus my energies on an interface. I want to focus on the job…I don’t want to think of myself as using a computer, I want to think of myself as doing my job.” - Donald Norman in The Art of Human-Computer Design. design user interface UI product design UX computers tech

"Amazon has released a large amount of data about online sales in 2012, with lots of factoids and."

Mark Birch

“Amazon has released a large amount of data about online sales in 2012, with lots of factoids and vague figures for digital downloads, purchases, and product shipments. And the biggest piece of data revealed by the company was the number of packages it sold on the peak day of 2012. On Nov. 26, Amazon sold 26.5 million items worldwide across all product categories.

"Green Street Advisor, an analysis firm that tracks REITs, has forecast that 10 percent of the."

Mark Birch

“Green Street Advisor, an analysis firm that tracks REITs, has forecast that 10 percent of the roughly 1,000 large malls in the U.S. will fail within the next 10 years and be converted into something with far less retail. That’s a conservative estimate; many mall CEOs predict the attrition rate will be higher.” - “ The Death of the American Shopping Mall ” via The Atlantic.