Wed.Apr 19, 2017

Introducing Our New Partner – Chris Moody

Feld Thoughts

We are excited to announce that Chris Moody is joining Foundry Group as a partner. When we started Foundry Group in 2006, we were very clear that we were not going to build a legacy venture capital firm; one meant to outlive its founders. There would be no generational planning, no transitions to younger partners, and no senior partner hold-outs who would hang onto economics well after they had stopped working. Simply put, when we are done investing, we will drop the mic and shut off the lights.

5 Key Ingredients Make A Happy Content Entrepreneur

Startup Professionals Musings

Building a startup is hard work for low pay, it’s risky, and it requires total responsibility to make it work. Yet, many entrepreneurs are the happiest people I know. On the other hand, I know many unhappy individuals who are always partying, have minimal commitments, and little responsibility.

Optimizing the SaaS Funnel from Top to Bottom

For Entrepreneurs

In my talk at the 2017 SaaStr Annual conference, the goal was to offer a simple model of a SaaS business and highlight key areas for optimization within the SaaS funnel. Watch the video presentation to learn the key levers a CEO can pull to make the greatest impact to their business.

Video 38

The Science Behind What Really Drives Employee Happiness (It May Surprise You)

Inc Startups

What is the most ideal and positive employee experience in today'sworkplace? Globoforce's WorkHuman Research Institute study reveals the answer.

5 Things To Consider Before Applying For A Bank Loan


by Meredith Wood, Editor-in-Chief at Fundera. When most of us imagine applying for a business loan, we probably think of driving down to the local bank where we’ve done business for years, speaking with a loan officer, and going through the loan application process with that known and trusted lender.

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Optimizely Buys Austin-based Experiment Engine


Optimizely, based in San Francisco, announced Wednesday it has purchased Austin-based Experiment Engine. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Experiment Engine, a graduate of the Austin Techstars program, creates tools and services that help companies test products online. Claire Vo, Experiment Engine’s CEO and Founder, will join Optimizely and continue to manage […] The post Optimizely Buys Austin-based Experiment Engine appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

40 Years of Research Proves Women Are Better Managers Than Men Because They Tend to Have This Crucial Skill

Inc Startups

To create highly engaged workforces you'll have to focus on these four keys areas.

Startup Xpenditure turned down 20 VCs, but for what?

The Next Web

In the startup world, venture capitalists can find themselves treated as demigods. Feted by startup founders, by the media and by government, VC’s wield power, influence and, most importantly, money. Alternatives to VC rounds are rarely considered.

Tony Robbins: The 3 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring Someone

Inc Startups

The life coach and author of Unshakeable shares his foolproof strategy for evaluating potential employees

Splitting vs. Expanding the Pie: Thoughts on the New Early-Stage VCs in Boston

Rob Go

Recently, I’ve been spending a fair bit of time with a number of the new early-stage investors in Boston. There are a lot of new folks in the space.

7 Powerful Habits of the Most Successful People

Inc Startups

These seven powerful habits define some of the most successful people in the world.


It’s Time For You To Learn How To Market Yourself


If you are the proud owner of a brand new business, you’ll need to market it. However, one thing that many new business owners completely fail to pick up on is the need to market not only their business but also themselves.

Facebook Is Developing the Power to Literally Read Minds

Inc Startups

As augmented-reality glasses replace smartphones, we'll need to be able to type words just by thinking them, says Mark Zuckerberg. Technology

Building Product in a Saturated Niche [Traction Podcast #39: Ellen Chisa, Lola]

View from Seed

Ellen Chisa is VP of product at Lola , a travel company combining the human element of travel agents with smart technology. While some entrepreneurs build their products in markets that feel wide open for the taking, travel is one of those industries with tons of noise and competition. So how does one gain a foothold? How do you break through, build something BIG and DIFFERENTIATED? All that, and much more, in this episode. Channel Links: iTunes , SoundCloud , Stitcher , Google Play.

Are You Exceptionally Likable? 9 Reasons People Decide They Like You

Inc Startups

More good news: possessing each of these qualities will also make you happier.


Four Habits To Help You Make Better Decisions Now


by Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, author of “ Problem Solved: A Powerful System for Making Complex Decisions with Confidence and Conviction “ We all grow up to be decision makers. Yet somehow there’s no well-established way to make high-stakes decisions well.

3 Ways IoT is Going to Change in 2017

Inc Startups

IoT gains steam with advancements in software and hardware solutions. Innovate

Congressional Insight: Georgia's District Six


Here Are All the Documents You Need to Hire Like Google (for Free)

Inc Startups

Thanks, Google. How to Hire the Best

3 Things Online Retailers Can Learn From Brick And Mortars

YFS Magazine

Online retail is the future — we all know that. But don’t count traditional brick and mortar stores out just yet. Here's why. Grow Marketing & Sales company website online business website design website development

Sales 10

The Competition McDonald's and Fast Food Never Saw Coming

Inc Startups

It seems crazy until you think about it and suddenly it makes sense. Innovate


Sales Forecasting: A Curated List of Our Best Resources

Up and Running

When it comes to starting and managing a business, forecasting your sales is essential. Having a sales forecast can help you budget and manage your business’s funds, create a plan for expansion, and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Want to Deliver an Unforgettable Presentation? Use These 4 Proven Strategies From TED Talks

Inc Startups

Too many business presentations are mind-numbingly dull. Here's a solution to that problem. Public Speaking


Small Business Tech Trends That Will Define 2017

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

2016 was a year of unprecedented upheaval, and many of us will be keen to see it go. But in spite of (or perhaps because of) all this, businesses are looking confident about their prospects in 2017.

7 Things Mentally Strong Leaders Know

Inc Startups

There's a big difference between acting tough and being strong.


The Fall of American Retail: Don’t Let This Happen to Your Business

Growthink Blog

The retail industry's woes have crossed the tipping point.

Want to Break into Real Estate? Here Are 4 Tips From a Rockstar Developer

Inc Startups

Currently working on real estate projects worth billions of dollars, international developer, Joo Kim Tiah is more focused than ever on creating memories and communities, not just buildings. Creativity

The Impressionist Art of Conversation

Mike Michalowicz

I still don’t have a Kindle, and don’t think I want one. I love the feel of physical books. I love the subtle cracking sound of the spin when I first open a new one. And most importantly I love writing my thoughts on the pages as they come to me.

How a Multiplatinum Heavy Metal Drummer Quietly Became a Comic Book Magnate

Inc Startups

John Dolmayan of System of a Down also owns what is arguably the best comic book store on the West Coast -- a business he started long before joining the Grammy-winning metal band. Startup

What Personality and Poker Have to Do with Innovation

Duct Tape Marketing

What Personality and Poker Have to Do with Innovation written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Podcast with Stephen Shapiro. Podcast Transcript. Getting sales and marketing on the same page is an age-old problem for many organizations.

5 Surprising Things I Learned Doing 150 Cold Calls Per Hour

Inc Startups

5 Surprising Things I Learned Doing 150 Cold Calls Per DayIt's conversation lead to conversions. Sales

Sales 31

6 Tips For The New Lawyer


Are you a new lawyer? Then there’s a good chance that you still need some advice on how to become the best lawyer that you can be. Not all lawyers can be as cool, calm, and collected as Jeremy Diamond.

McDonald's New Ad Campaign Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen--and It's Absolutely Brilliant

Inc Startups

The new ad is closing in on 4 million YouTube views in one week. Guess who's lovin it? Marketing

5 Things Every Property Business Startup Needs To Know Before Starting


A successful property business requires a lot of active work and strategic decision making. And maybe you already prepared for this. But you still have a lot of consideration and planning to do before you put a large chunk of your hard earned cash into a property business startup!