Sun.Apr 10, 2011

Rethinking My Social Graph

Feld Thoughts

I’ve had a number of interesting conversions about the intersection of the virtual and the physical world since I wrote the post Did Someone Ruin Foursquare For Me Yesterday?

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Google’s social strategy

Chris Dixon

It is widely believed that Facebook presents a significant competitive threat to Google. Google itself seems to believe this – Larry Page recently said that all employees would have their bonuses tied to the success of Google’s social strategy. Why does Facebook present a threat to Google? A few reasons: - The utility of Google’s core product – web search – depends on the web remaining fragmented and crawlable.

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Killing Products, Finding Product People & May Visions!

The Product Guy

Thank you to everyone who made it to our latest roundtable meet-up of The Product Group at Dogpatch Labs, as well as to our sponsors, Balsamiq Studios , Sunshine Suites , and Ryma Technology Solutions.

What if it’s 1996, not 1999?

Seeing Both Sides

In May 1996, Open Market completed a successful IPO and more than doubled on the first day of trading, ending with a $1.2 billion market capitalization. We had recorded $1.8 million in revenue the year before. .

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Many Startups Stumble on International Cultures

Startup Professionals Musings

By Ernst Gemassme r Most of us have travelled abroad and experienced the challenges and frustrations of getting what we want without being laughed at or insulting our hosts. Similar issues prevail when doing business in other countries, cultures and languages.

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Creating a social object – ZooZoo Characters!

Life Beyond Code

If you are following Indian Premier League (IPL) you might have heard about ZooZoo characters. In fact, you might be looking forward to the commercials that are featuring them. People young and old are fascinated by these cute little characters. Merchandise (Mugs, T-Shirts and Keychains to start with) are hot – showing the power of the brand. Here is a collection of 25 ZooZoo ads. Click here to view the embedded video.

Culture is Vocabulary

Brad Hargreaves

It is common knowledge among startup founders and CEOs that there is a distinct need to build a company culture. But most people in early stage companies have no idea what this means. We figure it means things like asking your co-workers how their weekend went, going out to dinners as a team and supporting your co-workers during rough times. And certainly all of that is important. But I’ve come to realize one thing in particular over the past several months. Culture is vocabulary.

Work and rest in a startup

I’m writing this from Javea, Spain. I arrived here a couple of days ago and I’ve been pondering the relationship between work and rest in a startup. One reason I’m building a startup is to gain control over many aspects of my life.

The Perfect Combo to Boost Site Buzz Fast

Rembrandt Communications

You spent hours researching, writing and optimizing your site for the search engines, and it’s finally up and running. That’s finished, and you can sit back and relax. Not so fast… As many of you know, this is just one piece of your overall marketing strategy, and your work has just begun. Now, you [.]. PR SEO media relations public relations SEO Copywriting Small Business Public Relations

Week In Review: Apr 3 – Apr 9, 2011

Active Garage

10 Lessons in Leadership from a WORLD CHAMPION! by Himanshu Jhamb , Apr 4, 2011. The Indian team won the Cricket World Cup 2011 in a grand finale in Mumbai by defeating a very strong Sri Lankan team. It was a high stakes game with the hopes of 1.2 billion Indians hanging in a balance. The Indian team captain MS Dhoni , took matters into his own hands and led the team to victory. His amazing leadership qualities were in display and are instructional to everybody. Hats off Captain Cool!