Fri.Jan 25, 2013

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program

Feld Thoughts

I read the announcement today that Canada has just launched a Start-Up Visa Program. By doing so, they are saying to the world “welcome immigrant entrepreneurs – please come start your business in Canada.” ” It’s brilliant, well executed, and modeled after the Startup Visa movement that a number of us have been trying to get started in the US since 2009.

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I Am A Failure

Mike Michalowicz

So you are a failure, huh? Let me get one thing off of my virtual chest right now: You’re not. I realize you may be experiencing failure. You may have had a string of failures. You may have been told you are a failure. But it doesn’t mean that is who you are.

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selecting a Venture Partner (And Avoiding Killing Your Business)

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Prior to making an investment in a company, every venture capitalist (VC) completes a due diligence list––a catalog of the key business assumptions they need to validate prior to closing an investment.

Big Data: Overhyped And Overpaid?

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Note to Self: If I'm Not Getting Paid, I Really Don't Have a Business!

Small Business Force

So, Mr. Entrepreneur, when's the last time you took a paycheck? Working more hours than you ever have in your life; under more pressure, both from the business and what it is doing to your personal life�and you're not getting paid? Is this what you signed up for?Wasn't

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10 Cashflow Mistakes to Avoid

Early Growth Financial Services

On the road to “cashflow positive,” there are many obstacles. I see startups sabotaging themselves all the time. By not really understanding and monitoring your cashflow, you may be inadvertently creating serious cashflow problems. And a serious cashflow problem leads to a failed business… Work closely with a trusted financial partner and dig deep into your books to avoid these cashflow mistakes: 1. Not using a GAAP accounting system.

Great Leadership Is All About One Thing (Hint: Not You)

Inc Startups

You should strive to be your best, of course. There's just so much to learn from other people. I recently did a highly unscientific trawl across Harvard Business blogs. It felt like visiting a drop-in therapy center. Mindfulness. Meditation. Lead with your heart. Fears that block your creativity.

Xconomy Is Looking For A Writer In Boulder / Denver

Feld Thoughts

Xconomy is coming to Colorado – specifically Boulder and Denver. They are looking for a writer for the Colorado beat. See the request below. As Xconomy moves forward in Boulder, Denver, and beyond, we’re going to need someone in the Front Range with the right mix of enthusiasm, creativity, versatility, knowledge, and who also happens to be a top-notch writer. The job will probably be part-time at first, hopefully building quickly to full time as we build our business in Colorado.

Tony Hsieh's Rule for Success: Maximize Serendipity

Inc Startups

Create the opportunity for meaningful collisions, says the Zappos CEO. Then just watch as the best things unfold. Tony Hsieh is a serial entrepreneurco-founded Zappos, the online shoe and clothing retailer he now runs.

Entrepreneurs Can’t Win By Pushing Their Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

True leaders realize that, by definition, the word "leader" places the leader at the front, and not the rear. Yet many, many executives try to lead through fear and intimidation. This isn’t really leading at all. It’s pushing.

Use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to Find (and Vet) New Hires

Inc Startups

On social networks, you can learn what prospective candidates are like long before you meet them, says Dave Kerpen, co-founder of Likeable Media

Joining FreshBooks


When I entered the startup World in the late 90s I set a goal for myself to become a VC in ten years. It took me eleven, but in late 2010 I achieved that goal joining Real Ventures. I’ve had a great run at Real. We have been Canada’s most active seed venture fund with almost forty venture investments. We have invested in some great teams and already have breakout hyper-growth companies including Frank & Oak and Cinemagram. Finally, we have already had four positive exits. All good.

5 Reasons to Blow Up Your Current Website

Inc Startups

Be honest: Is that Web design as attractive as it was five years ago? Here are key signs it might be time to rebuild. I've received a decent number of compliments on my website over the years.

Startups and intellectual property: how much is a muse worth?

High Contrast

Startup founder agreements has been the top post on my blog for a long time. The post has become much more valuable due to the many interesting questions & situations described in the comments. Every now and then, a comment merits its own post: I have a question regarding IP rights. I came up with a concept for a new start-up and the main feature. That particular feature I came up with was during a chat to one of my start-up partners.

3 Rules to Work By: Elizabeth Grace Saunders

Inc Startups

This time-management whiz says the real reason entrepreneurs feel time-strapped is simple: They honor everyone else's priorities. Here's how to change the way you work.

Immediately this is my new favorite website: On Doers

Jeff Hilimire

Love this new site, On Doers. Mostly because its a great idea, but secondarily because the first post is connected to six of my favorite things: 1. Tavani. Cummings. Scoutmob. Atlanta. Dancing Goats. 100 million. What’s not to love? I’ll be following this religiously. Well done, MT. Start-ups Technology

3 Keys to Growth From Marissa Mayer

Inc Startups

From the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, the Yahoo CEO talks about the importance of design, culture, and innovation.

Twitter Link Roundup #163 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

crowdSPRING Blog

Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account , I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing. These posts and videos are about logo design , web design , startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more!

Get Inside Your Customers' Heads: 3 Ways

Inc Startups

Find new ways to mine the most important insights to improve the customer experience. Understanding your customers is the universal rule for entrepreneurs. Successful businesses understand their customers' characteristics, demographics, and buying habits.

Suitcase Startup: One man’s journey to London to launch a startup, armed with just a suitcase and dream

The Next Web

Starting today on The Next Web, we’re running a new video series, Suitcase Startup. We’ll be following Chris Bradley every fortnight as he relocates from his home in north Wales to London to launch a startup.

7 Reasons You Need a Mentor

Inc Startups

And as your venture grows, odds are good that you'll need help with different things in broad categories like strategy, finance, people and product. Do you know everything you need to turn your idea into a billion dollar company? If you’re being honest, you’ll admit the answer’s no.

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[Infographic] Transforming Big Data Into Actionable Insight


There’s been a lot of talk about big data recently, and with good reason. There’s a huge amount of data being thrown about – 2.7

3 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Inc Startups

Here are three tips on keeping your company competitive with innovation. There's no time to rest when you're building a business. As I've mentioned in previous articles, innovation is key to sustaining your company and insuring its growth.

VC's Meet 26 Finnish Companies At Enterprise Finland Venture Forum


Let’s face it, at most events the actual investors are usually a minority but most startups are looking for just that - money. No matter how you spin it, money is needed to start, run and grow a company. So it is always great to see an event that is specifically tailored towards this goal.

Why You Should (Probably) Hire Specialists

Inc Startups

Think you want a well-rounded rsum? New research suggests the more valuable hire might be someone who can do one thing--but do it really well. Specialists get a bum rap.

Apple’s innovation challenge

The Equity Kicker

This chart from Venturebeat shows how Apple’s first quarter revenues broke down (total $55bn). The amazing thing about it is that 76% of their business now comes from products that are less than six years old.

In Promotions, Beware the Dark Side

Inc Startups

Before you fast track an employee for promotion, take a moment to ponder the dark side of her positive personality traits. Beware of the dark side," Yoda warned young Luke Skywalker, and apparently the advice holds even in a galaxy far, far away from the Star Wars universe. Namely, ours.

The Five-Minute Guide to Creating Open Office Hours with Google Calendar

Kevin Dewalt

Summary : If you have a Google Apps Account, Google Calendar Appointments feature is the fastest way to manage your open office hours.

Drupal Founder: 3 Unusual Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Inc Startups

Drupal founder Dries Buytaert explains how he encourages his team to meet hugely-ambitious goals

To Inspire Your People – Purpose Must be A Priority


Washington D.C. Gets New (Possible) Tech Hub

Inc Startups

Once viewed as unfriendly to start-ups, the nation's capital looks to renew its reputation as a home for founders. In the years since the dotcom bubble’s epic burst, Washington, D.C. hasn't really been known to nurture its local start-ups.

15 minutes of fame … in Denmark

Venture Cyclist

A few months ago I was invited to be interviewed about big data by Anders Høeg Nissen of the Danish Broadcasting Corp when he was visiting Boston. Anders is the presenter of Harddisken , a weekly hour-long program about technology, which first started broadcasting in 1994. Earlier today, his program on big data was broadcast, and I already received one email from someone who heard the show (I am duly flattered).

Someone Is Taking Credit for Your Idea! Now What?

Inc Startups

Giving credit where credit's due is essential to business success. Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen. I have two really bad pet peeves that, unfortunately, I come across pretty often: 1. People who don't come clean and just tell you they don't know something. (I

Kickstarter adds hashtags, making it even easier to discover projects on the site

The Next Web

Kickstarter on Friday announced a small new feature that the company hopes will make it easier to discover projects to back: hashtags. The new way of breaking up submissions was added after the team noticed certain themes and trends running anywhere for a week to several years.