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10 Challenging Insights From New Venture Innovators

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Most people agree that entrepreneurs have to think differently and take risks to have much chance of building a successful business.

3 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019


One of the most unpredictable things about marketing in 2019 is trends. Irony-stuck? Be with me here. A tactic that used to work a month ago may become totally void by the end of today. And it won’t even be a surprise.

Millennials Are Using Everyday Skills to Benefit Businesses And The Workforce At Large

YFS Magazine

A growing number of millennials are discovering ways to make use of everyday skills through entrepreneurship and within the workforce at large. Grow Human Capital human capital human resources millennials workforce development

How Introverted Entrepreneurs Can Build A Strong Personal Brand


by Manish Dudharejia, President and Founder of E2M Solutions Inc. Introverts have an abundance of skills they can bring to any business table, but standing out in a crowd is something most would rather avoid.

Mistakes University Students and Graduates Make in Their Jobs


Finding the first job after the graduation is the most time consuming and stressful task. Despite of knowledge and skills, it becomes difficult to climb up the ladder of the career. Choosing the right career is important as it will impact you the whole life.

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Here’s How You Start A Successful Home Business


Making the decision to start a business can be tough. This is especially the case if you plan on running it from home. The main reason for this is because you won’t have a store-front, or a huge sign advertising what you offer.

Here’s Why Entrepreneurs Dread The Sales Follow-Up

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Following up is a significant part of the sales process. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can be persistent without being annoying. Grow Marketing & Sales direct selling personal selling sales sales leads selling tips

Sales 101

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Fund81 Podcast Interview on Mental Health in Venture Capital

Feld Thoughts

I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth Kraus, Sue Heilbronner, and the work they do through MergeLane. Recently Elizabeth started a platform for the next generation of venture capitalists called Fund81. It includes a podcast , which has both a public section for everyone and a private section for the Fund81 members.

Why Your Startup Needs a Seasoned Tradeline

The Startup Magazine

A strong credit score helps you secure a loan and maintain financial security over a long period of time. You can build a good credit score by making repayments on time, paying off negative accounts, and or getting a seasoned tradeline.

Monday Motivation: ROCK BOTTOM – Powerful Motivational Speech


This motivational video is to help CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners start the week off on the right foot. Success is measured on the dark, stormy, cloudy days. Sometimes it takes the most uncomfortable times to lead to the best times. Failure makes you stronger.

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Why Hiring a Staffing Agency is the Best Way to Staff Your Company in Houston

The Startup Magazine

Houston, with its population of over 2 million, is a large city and if you are an employer in Houston, you would want to be able to reach as much of the population as you could and go beyond too in order to find the ideal candidate for the job that you have on offer.

How NZ entrepreneurs can up their capital raising game

NZ Entrepreneur

In the first of a three part series on early stage business investment, we asked serial entrepreneur and investor Josh Comrie what three key things New Zealand entrepreneurs must get better at when it comes to seeking angel investment.

Toronto’s John Fielding Lends Guidance on Mentorship, Strategic Leadership


For Toronto executive John Fielding, the road to entrepreneurial success began with a small dream and a lot of determination. In 1981, he decided to trade in his professional hockey career for the opportunity to pursue a path in business, a move which would eventually pay off.

Social Media and Thought Leadership for Founders

This is going to be BIG.

Running a startup consumes a ton of time. Just the immediate priorities seem to take up more than one person’s potential working hours—so it’s no surprise that when it comes to something like social media, many founders have trouble making it a priority. The consequences of failing to position a founder’s profile aren’t always obvious—and it’s usually all about missed opportunities.

Applied Venture and the inexorable rise of value-add VC

The Equity Kicker

When I started in venture capital in the late 1990s VCs were regularly lambasted for taking long summer holidays and spending too much time on the golf course. I remember one enterprising journalist judging VCs on the basis of how much their handicaps had gone down. Low handicaps weren’t good! During this time, cash was scarce and VCs were firmly in control. Most investors thought of their job as picking good companies and making sure governance was strong.

What Does Innovation in Higher Education Mean for Boards?

Board Effect

Progress in any industry is an exciting thing. By virtue of our human nature, many of us are creatures of habit. That’s why we often see resistance to change even when it’s looming and necessary. The advancement of technology is laying a heavy imprint on every industry.

The Team Works

Women Entrepreneurs Can

How do you know you’re a great business woman? It’s not just about profit margins and entrepreneurship but because you recognize your greatest business asset: your team.

The 18 Most Iconic and Influential Logos Of All Time: Decade by Decade (2019)

crowdSPRING Blog

Logo design has come a long way since the start of the 20th century. It’s grown as an art and as a business science. Logo design has also grown more challenging as the marketplace expands and communication has amplified globally.

Ripples of Hope: brainstorming dinner

Jeff Hilimire

Terence Lester talking about Love Beyond Walls to the Ripples of Hope gang. On June 19th I put on the first Ripples of Hope event.

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Many Many Moments of Lift

Reid Hoffman

Photo credit: Prashant Panjiar / Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. More than 122 million lives saved. Hundreds of millions people lifted out of extreme poverty.

First Steps to Preparing Your Child to Run the Family Business

Up and Running

The wonderful thing about family businesses is that they are family businesses. There is no one loved more than your children. You love them, you nurture them, and you educate them all hoping that they will grow up to be self-sufficient, confident, and happy adults.