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7 Excuses For Giving Up Instead Of Persevering To Win

Startup Professionals Musings

When I heard a friend and business mentor say, “Your startup won’t fail if you don’t quit,” I realized that every entrepreneur should adopt “never give up” as their mantra. Rather than quitting, there are always alternatives, like pivoting the business model or merging with new partners for support.

RSS: The Persistent Protocol

Feld Thoughts

One of our themes is Protocol. We’ve been investing in companies built around technology protocols since 1994. One of my first investments, when I moved to Boulder in 1995, was in a company called Email Publishing, which was the very first email service provider. SMTP has been very good to me. We made some of the early investments in companies built around RSS, including FeedBurner and NewsGator. RSS is a brilliant, and very durable, protocol.

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4 Ways To Design A Website That Attracts Your Ideal Customers

YFS Magazine

No matter the aim of your small business, a crucial component to attracting your ideal customer is to help them find your brand via your company website. Uncategorized company website marketing website design website development

4 Ways to Urge Your Startup Toward Rapid Growth

Up and Running

The startup stage of a business is grueling. Chances are, you are overworked, understaffed, and functioning on a shoestring budget. Taking into account the statistic that only half of businesses survive the first five years, even the downtime can get stressful.

Next-gen software executives

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I was pleased to see Salesforce has appointed Parker Harris to its Board and promoted Keith Block to co-CEO. I have long been a fan of Parker – just brilliant and a nice guy to boot. I think the enterprise. Industry Commentary

The Pros And Cons Of Office Politics

YFS Magazine

Ask most people about office politics and they'll say they'd prefer to avoid it. Yet, most also know that like most things there are pros and cons. Company Culture Grow company culture corporate politics organizational politics workforce development

What’s a Fair 409A Discount?

VC Adventure

Quick note: I’m not your lawyer. I’m not giving legal advice in this post. Back in the olden days of venture capital, company boards had wide discretion in pricing company options.

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Brand Identity – 5 Basic Steps You Need To Cover


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Ask These 5 Questions to Save Yourself From Joining a Toxic Company

Inc Startups

If you're switching jobs, make sure your new employer doesn't have a broken culture. Here's how.


6 Help Desk Mistakes You Should Avoid

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

If you work at a help desk or in customer support, you have probably received a fair amount of training that is designed to help you do the best job possible. That being said, you might end up making mistakes without realizing it, and there are a number of reasons for this happening. It is important that you ascertain what these mistakes are so you can improve. Some common mistakes are provided below. #1 1 Talking Too Much. There are a lot of reasons why you might talk too much.

Move Over, Uber and Airbnb. These Are the Hottest Companies in San Francisco

Inc Startups

You might not have heard of these thriving businesses, but they should be on your radar.

Separating the Business “Haves” from the “Have Nots”

Growthink Blog

read more. Jay Turo


How Do You Know Someone Is a Top-Notch Leader? Look for Any of These 4 Signs

Inc Startups

If you're going to build a leadership team to change the world, start with these four attributes.

Remember, ‘It Was Never a Dress’?

Business of Software Blog

Remember, ‘It Was Never a Dress’? It’s one of the most memorable Lightning Talks we have had a Business of Software Conference over the years. Packed with humor, thought provoking ideas and with a powerful message, Tania Katan inspired us to look at something from a different direction. Tania is coming back… Tania has made a vocation out of defying convention in order to create a platform for everyone to shine.

Want to Live Longer? Scientists Say They've Made 'Exciting' Progress in the Quest to 'Reverse Aging'

Inc Startups

To summarize: "The ability to reverse aging. is some way in the future yet, but its an exciting start.".


Startups: If You’re not Blogging, You’re Making a Mistake

Austin Startup

Communication is everything in a startup. If you’re a startup, you need to be blogging for your own team. I know everyone says blogging is dead in the age of Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.

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This Philosophy Professor Turned the Answer to One of Life's Big Questions Into a $169 Million Business

Inc Startups

The unlikely creation of a word-of-mouth hit: PopSockets, those back-of-the-phone buttons you see everywhere.


Apartments condemned in Greensboro complex where children died; residents have 30 days to move

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

The city said Wednesday that inspectors visited the apartments on Monday and found 696 violations of the city's Minimum Housing Code. The city said inspectors cleared 144 violations that they found in their last inspection in May


Elizabeth Warren's New Bill Aims to Reinvent U.S. Capitalism

Inc Startups

The Accountable Capitalism Act, if passed, would require companies with more than $1 billion in annual revenue to look out for workers' interests. Politics

Panel to decide whether to move 3 N.C. Confederate monuments

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH — A North Carolina committee tasked with deciding the fate of three prominent Confederate monuments now located at the State Capitol grounds will announce its plan next week

The Best Leaders Always Use These 5 Resilience-Boosting Strategies

Inc Startups

Resilience will help your company continue in the face of adversity. This approach will help you gain the resilience you and your people need.


North Carolina governor, groups ask judges to block referendums

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH — Legal motions by North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and interest groups to keep constitutional amendments proposed by the Republican-controlled General Assembly off November ballots are back in court

A Delta Flight to Europe Turned Around Halfway Through (the Rumored Reason is Utterly Ridiculous)

Inc Startups

Bravo TV's Andy Cohen was among the angry passengers. Best-Kept Travel Secrets

3-year-old child severely injured in traffic crash in Thomasville

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

A 3-year-old child was severely injured Tuesday in a vehicle crash in Thomasville, authorities said today


4 Keys to Living a Happy, Well-Rounded Life as a Leader

Inc Startups

Forget about work-life balance, try balancing these areas for happiness based on eastern wisdom that will inspire you to have it all.


Transportation secretary suggests free lane for I-77

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

CHARLOTTE — A state transportation official said Wednesday he is backing a recommendation to convert one of the two proposed toll lanes for Interstate 77 near North Carolina's largest city into a free, general purpose lane

This Missionary-Turned-Lawyer Started a $3.4 Million Company to Save You From Roaches and Bedbugs

Inc Startups

Taylor Olson started out selling bug-bustingservices door-to-door.Now he runs a company, Slingshot, that answerspest-control calls around the clock.


Canadian star Barrett has 34 points in Duke exhibition debut

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario (AP) — Canadian star R.J. Barrett scored 34 points in his first exhibition game for Duke, helping the Blue Devils rout Ryerson 86-67 on Wednesday night


This Email From a Chief Executive to His People Is a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence

Inc Startups

Short. Sweet. And majorly effective.

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New info could mean N.C. centenarian is older than she thought

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

CHARLOTTE — A North Carolina centenarian is already considered the nation's third oldest person, but newly uncovered research could make her the oldest

140 Outstanding Leadership Quotes From The Global Leadership Summit

Inc Startups

140 quotes from global leaders about authenticity, strength, and emotional intelligence in today's leaders.

Woman who served time for abusing baby now charged in death

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) AP) — A North Carolina grand jury has indicted a woman who served time for abusing an infant and is now charged with murder after the baby's death

Why You Should Be Paying Attention to the Cannabis Industry

Inc Startups

Explosive growth that's hard to ignore. Marketing

Winning numbers drawn in 'Powerball' game

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) AP) — The winning numbers in Wednesday evening's drawing of the "Powerball" game were