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I Love Google’s Style

Feld Thoughts

Today Google announced that they had now raised the limit on number of contacts to 25,000 (from 10,000) for all Gmail users (including Google Apps users.) Boom – done – deployed for everyone – and announced in a short and to the point blog post. 70 days ago I wrote a post titled Dear Google, I Have More Than 10,000 Contacts where I bitched loudly about this problem.

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Megatrend Crosscurrents

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

It is an exciting time to be an entrpreneur and an investor in tech startups. The history of tech investing is a series of waves or megatrends that come one after another. Mainframes to minicomputers to PCs to client server to Internet, for example. But right now we are in the midst of a number of these megatrends all happening at the same time.

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Best practices for raising a VC round

Chris Dixon

Having raised a number of VC rounds personally and observed many more as an investor or friend, I’ve come to think there are a set of dominant best practices that entrepreneurs should follow. Valuation: Come up with what minimum valuation you’d be happy with but never share that number with any investor. If the number is too low, you’ve set a low ceiling. If your number is too high, you scare people off.

Your Toughest Competitor May be Your Best Partner

Startup Professionals Musings

Companies today are paranoid, afraid that even their friends will steal their business. Yet a creative collaboration with your biggest competitor may be the best opportunity for revenue and survival. But remember that “dancing with the wolves” can also get you eaten for lunch.

What to expect from your Angels


I spent last week in the Valley and met a number of entrepreneurs that either recently raised $ or were in the process of raising. I won’t comment on the crazy valuations going on out west (that’s been covered already ). Instead, I want to talk about an interesting phenomenon regarding high profile angels and the impact they can / cannot have on your startup. The Valley is blessed with a large pool of active angel investors.

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The Situation Room Photo

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

I've looked at it several times. It's the Situation Room during the Osama bin Laden assault. Gripping. A good example of the power of a photo to convey emotion.

How to Say Thank You :: Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct.

Duct Tape Marketing

Last week I asked readers to share their stories of the best thank you they had ever received.[caption caption id="attachment_8646" align="alignleft" widt

Jeff Bezos on Why You Should Have a Plan

Up and Running

Tweet I was happy to pick up this quick piece from Jeff Bezos last month on Business Insider. Jeff, founder of, ought to know. In Business Insider’s Instant MBA series, Jeff says Business Plans Are Important and Necessary.

What It’s Like To Be An Entrepreneur – Mark Achler

crowdSPRING Blog

We’re thrilled to be part of a new web/TV reality series – Trep Life – giving audiences a unique, 360-degree view of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Each episode will focus on one company or organization.

Never get comfortable OR comfortability is the enemy of innovation

Jeff Hilimire

When I look back at my life and see the periods where I wasn’t creating “new&# , its because I became too comfortable. I think its a big reason why I decided a few years ago that I would never have my own office again. Being locked away in an office helped me to get comfortable in my routine, almost creating blinders to what was going on around me. I didn’t see problems or opportunities. I stopped creating “new&#. Creating “new&#.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: High-Octane Energy In Pune


On April 17, I was in Pune for a 1M/1M live event. Pune has become a hotbed of product entrepreneurship in India, and I was curious to see what kinds of ventures are cooking there. Well, Persistent Systems and IncuCapital hosted a highly interactive and engaging session.

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Selling Companies: An Interview with Jeff Bowling

Growthink Blog

I recently interviewed one of my clients, Jeff Bowling. I interviewed Jeff since he has started and sold several businesses. I figured he had several great points to share with you (which he did). One of my favorites was his strategy of becoming a thorn in the sides of his competitors. In fact, he attributes this to his success in successfully selling his most recent company.

Three things quick

47 Hats

First off, a hardy thanks to those who commented on this post , or tweeted, or emailed, or IM’ed, or called. Like the song says, I get by with a little help from my friends… Speaking of help, if you need to kick your web site into a higher gear, you could do worse than attend AppSumo’s Action Class today at noon, PST. Your’s truly will be critiquing the sites of nine brave volunteers already picked. I think it will be worth your while.

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Don't Underestimate the Impression Your Assistant/Receptionist Makes

Babbling VC

Here's a tip I give to all my companies. Hire the best damn assistant and/or receptionist you can get. By "the best" I don't mean "the hottest!" If they look good, great. If they are rude, dumb, unattentive or disrespectful, you're screwed. Crap, it doesn't even have to be a woman. We're out of the 50's! Yet, one thing you want to absolutely make sure. When they are the first point of contact between you and a customer/partner/investor, they better shine. .

May 18: Young Jewish Professionals Private Equity/Hedge Fund Summit

David Teten

On Wednesday May 18th, the YJP, I, and some other colleagues will be hosting our Young Jewish Professionals Private Equity and Hedge Fund Summit.

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As the Paradigm Shifts #D: Dignity, Denial and Detachment

Active Garage

Whether self-employed, employed by organizations, whether retired or unemployed, we all engage with companies and organizations that support us or we support them. In our interactions with these organizations, what we are wanting is to experience qualities of dignity, first and foremost.

More Innovation

deal architect

on the New Florence blog Chase mobile deposits Google: Big Data, Simple Algorithms Eggs – HighTech and Low-tech FastCompany’s version of innovation. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

Entrepreneurial Lessons from 6 Miles Through the Forest

Growthink Blog

Last weekend, I ran a 6 mile adventure race called the Leatherman's Loop. I had to cross three rivers and go through tons of mud. The mud was an issue for me.

Horse Trading


“Horse trading” is a bad phrase in the startup/VC community. It typically is used in the context of someone (often a VC) attempting to change deal terms between a signed term sheet and the closing of the investment. The typical time between term sheet signing and closing is 45 – 60 days so there is ample room (unfortunately) to revisit issues. I do not like horse trading and do not like it when others do it. Yet I see it all the time.

May 26- Capital Roundtable Deal Sourcing Conference

David Teten

The Capital Roundtable is holding a MasterClass May 26 on “ Best Practices for Sourcing Quality Deal Flow & Developing New Business for Private Equity Funds “, and I’m honored to be one of the speakers. The conference is being chaired by Bob Fitzsimmons, of High Road Capital Partners. It’s in Midtown Manhattan. Among the other speakers: - Robert P. Bennett, Ground Swell Equity Partners LP. Christopher A. Gebelein, Private Equity Growth Advisors LLC. David C.


Executive Summary Examples

Force of Good: a blog by Lance Weatherby

When I was thumbing through the executive summaries at the 5th annual SEVC back in March I paused to read the BrightWhistle executive summary a bit more deeply.

The Top Five Traps in Health Care M&A Transactions

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

By Sandra M. DiVarco of McDermott Will & Emery. In addition to the typical pitfalls and traps of corporate deals, health care M&A transactions also give rise to additional risks related to compliance with the specific laws and regulations that govern this complex industry. Health care businesses in the United States function within an intricate regulatory scheme, the requirements of which are brought to the fore when contemplating a transaction.

Spotify Enables iPod Syncing, Aims To Replace iTunes


Spotify has taken a major step forward today with the announcment of their new feature to enable iPod syncing. Previously, the company has enabled mobile syncing to only premium customers, but today - that too is being opened up to everybody. However, it isn't quite what you're expecting. Spotify mobile opening up to everybody basically means that you're able to use the mobile application to play your own MP3-files and sync them to the application from your computer.

Social Entrepreneurship Business Models

Campus Entrepreneurship

Inc Magazine lays out some social entrepreneurship business models. What do you think? the article goes into more detail on each type of social venture). The Social Entrepreneurship Spectrum: B Corporations. To become B Corps, businesses must prove that they care as much about society and the environment as they do about profits. The Social Entrepreneurship Spectrum: Nonprofits.

Founders House Opens Its Doors To (Some) Startups


This week Danish entrepreneurs in Copenhagen celebrated the creation of Founders House , a new co-working space for start-ups. The space was created by 5 serial entrepreneurs because they felt Copenhagen was missing 'a coworking space exclusively for talented die-hard tech entrepreneurs', as they state on the Founder's House homepage.

Busy Lissy

The Product Guy

Simplified, streamlined project management wrapped in a nice UX. via The Products. Filed under: screenshots. screenshots

Russian Search Engine Yandex Shared Information With FSB


Yandex has been on top when it comes to coverage recently and sharing another piece won’t be surprising. Unless it isn’t positive. BBC has mentioned that Yandex, Russia’s largest search engine has confirmed sharing confidential data with the state’s secret service; the FSB.

Eyeview Raises $1 Million Round from Innovation Endeavors

VC Cafe

In 2008, VC Cafe covered the story of EyeView. Three friends won the Harvard Business School business plan competition, carried on with the venture to raise money from respectable VCs in Israel and land clients like Yahoo and eBay. But since then, very little was heard about the company until now.

How Helping Newbies Led To Big Profits And A Closing Down Sale (Discount Price Ends Friday) by Yaro Starak

One the factors I like to hammer home to people when they create any kind of information, whether it’s blog or website content, membership content, or any kind of paid info product, is not to underestimate how much of your audience truly are beginners. Everyone starts as a beginner.

Decline in Private Equity Deals in Israel for Q1 2011

VC Cafe

IVC Research Center has released the Quarterly Survey of Israeli Private Equity Deals for Q1 2011. Eleven private equity deals in Q1 2011, amounted at $216 million, a 68% decrease from the $668 million in Q1 last year, and a 74% decline from the previous quarter ($826 million).

Information Arbitrage - Thoughts on Data Privacy and the "Penny Gap"

Information Arbitrage


Launching Tech Ventures: Selling the Dream

Launching Tech Ventures

by Tawanda Sibanda. Mukela Overview for Hotels from Mukela on Vimeo. I am the co-founder of an Africa-focused hotel reservation site called (mukela is derived from the Zulu word emukela, meaning welcome

Do the Work

So I've created a profile for Jawaya on, but alas, no angels, no action. The guys behind it have been great to me, but I'm getting the feeling that I can't just post the profile and expect something to happen. Let's see--name investors (check). Great advisors (check). Stellar Intergalactic Visionary Product (check). Video (nil). But it's the views--no views. I'm not getting passed over, it's like we don't exist. Ah, so maybe there's technique. Indeed, it turns out there is.

Launching Tech Ventures: Learnings from Applying “Lean Startup” to.

Launching Tech Ventures

by Arun Agarwal (Twitter: @arun_agarwal) Recently I had the opportunity to take Launching Technology Ventures with Tom Eisenmann at the Harvard Business School, and learn the latest and greatest about the process for building capital

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