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The Early Stage VC Decision Making Process Infographic

VC Cafe

Interesting infographic from Anna Vital in San Francisco, from the Kickstarter campaign "Becoming an Entrepreneur" Kickstarter campaign. Trying to get inside the mind of an early stage VC investor. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Why I’m Off The Grid Today To Reset My Brain

Feld Thoughts

If you are reading this on Friday, 1/18/13 I’m probably doing one of a couple of things right now. The three most likely are sleeping, laying on my couch reading next to Amy , or just hanging out with her.

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Seed and Later Investments for Startups are Booming

Startup Professionals Musings

The number of startups getting seed funding in 2012 jumped by 65% over the previous year to a total of 1749, according to a recent report by CB Insights. Seed investments” are early stage financings (typically less than $1.5 million) made by either Angels or venture capitalists, or both.

We’re All Junkies with a Need for Speed (Does Your Website Deliver?)

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Sometimes there is a simple answer to a problem that is hard to identify because of its obviousness. Why haven’t your leads been converting? Are you marketing methods dull? Why haven’t any of your posts been shared? Is your writing bland?

An Entrepreneur's First Hire Can be the Foundation of Future Success!

Small Business Force

Hiring the first employees in a start-up is an epochal event in an entrepreneur's and a business' life cycle. Like getting your first customer and revenue made you a real business, having employees now makes you a real company.

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5 Reasons to Schedule More Business Lunches

Inc Startups

Have an important meeting? Here are five reasons to do it over lunch, and some tips to make the most of it. You finally get connected to the person you have been pursuing. Maybe it's the client of your dreams. Perhaps it's the mentor you always wanted.

Should I Have A Plan B?

Mike Michalowicz

Should you have a Plan B? The answer seems obvious: Hell yes! But it isn’t that cut and dry. The real answer, the right answer is “sort of.”. Just so we are on the same page, Plan B is the action you intend to take should Plan A (what you are doing now) doesn’t work out as you intend.

Sidetracked? 10 Biggest Time-Wasters

Inc Startups

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you've got to have a laser-like focus, something that's harder to do now than ever before. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you only need to do one thing: Invent, develop, and market a product or service that customers really need or want.

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Twitter Link Roundup #162 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

crowdSPRING Blog

Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account , I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing. These posts and videos are about logo design , web design , startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more!

12 Essential Traits of Successful Start-up Leaders

Inc Startups

From humility to the ability to stay focused anytime, 12 start-up founders share the traits they consider hallmarks of great leadership. We asked 12 successful founders from the Young Entrepreneur Council which traits they believe--above all others--define great start-up leaders.

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Top five typical frustrations and confusions in the fundraising process

The Equity Kicker

If you’ve been paying attention you will know that Nicholas Lovell and I are writing a book for entrepreneurs who want to raise venture capital. It’s tentatively titled Get Funded. We are now preparing to shoot a promotional video which opens with five frustrations that entrepreneurs frequently encounter when they embark on the fundraising process, expressed as questions. Then it will cut to the second section where Nicholas and I give answers.

Brilliant Designers Live By These 3 Rules

Inc Startups

Lots of unloved devices are ripe for reinvention. Here's how Matt Rogers, one of the former Apple designers behind the Nest thermostat, did it. Up until a couple of years ago, the average home thermostat wasn't exactly considered cutting-edge technology, let alone anything to look at.

Elephanti – Stomping Into The Mobile Marketing Space


Brick-and-mortar businesses – large and small – are increasingly looking towards the online and mobile spaces to boost flagging retail sales. The problem, of course, is that many of them are traditional outfits with nary an idea of how to approach this challenge.

5 Ways Older Workers Benefit a Business

Inc Startups

Forget Millennials. Older workers stay late, cost less and bring real wisdom to a workforce. "I I wouldn't recommend placing your college graduation date on that resume. You wouldn't want anyone to discriminate against you before they even get a chance to meet you."

A new use for Evernote – store your greeting cards

Jeff Hilimire

I’m maybe the biggest Evernote fan out there. I have (and love) the Evernote Moleskine notebook. I use the Google Chrome Evernote app. I’ve blogged about Evernote dozens of times. And yet, I keep finding new ways to use this amazing software!

Surprising Way to Keep Employees

Inc Startups

How's this for counterintuitive? Maybe the best way to get employees to stick around is to encourage them to leave. Retaining good employees is an ongoing challenge in any start-up. How do you keep them at your company when they have their own entrepreneurial streak?

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7 Things Investors Use To Determine Valuation

Early Growth Financial Services

I’ve already addressed formal valuation for startups in previous posts: Generating Your 409A Valuation and Calculating Your Equity Valuation. Now I’d like to look at how a potential investor determines your company valuation. In other words, how can you figure out how much an investor will be willing to pay for your company? Of course, value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, so it’s kind of tricky to pin down a definitive number.

Encourage Your Managers to Butt Heads

Inc Startups

The more you faciliate your leadership team to debate, the better your company will be. Here's how. To me, the most productive culture for a business is one that allows for "constructive disagreement." That is, a dynamic in which key stakeholders can and are compelled to disagree.

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Rocketbank Of Russia Joins Holvi, Transferwise and Isepankur In Disrupting Banking


The idea of disrupting one of the largest industries in the world has become quite popular in our region. After all, even if you get a minuscule part of the pie, you are a billionaire.

5 Ways Getting Married Helped My Business

Inc Startups

In writing his vows to his future wife, this CEO learned he ought to make similar promises to his employees. After being a widower and single father for 6years, I married my best friend Barbara a few weeks ago in an intimate ceremony in my home.

Stripe launches Checkout with overlay payment form and mobile support optimized for Android and iOS

The Next Web

Stripe on Friday released the first version of Stripe Checkout, its attempt to make “something that looks great, makes Stripe easier to integrate, improves with time, and results in a better payment experience for users.”

Welcome to SBA Ventures LLC.

Inc Startups

The Small Business Administration is getting into the start-up business, helping fund high-growth companies through licensed investment companies. The Small Business Administration is expanding its mandate to support the nation's small businesses by helping to fund start-ups.

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Submarine Cable Between Iceland And Denmark To Make Icelandic Data Storage More Attractive


Iceland is getting hooked up to Denmark with an upgraded submarine cable connection, which promises faster speeds and greater redundency. Iceland has been growing as an attractive location for datacenters in recent years.

How Your Business Can Avoid Extinction

Inc Startups

Businesses can learn from the evolutionary prowess of penguins and Facebook. The 2005 film " The March of the Penguins " chronicled the survival challenges faced by emperor penguins.

Friday Wrap-Up


Hi folks, it's the Friday Wrap Up, the best part of your work week. Right? Well this week it is if you're trying to get hired. We've got a full lineup of new jobs posted this week. Scroll down for the latest, or visit our Job Board.


Investigators Probe Shady Crowdfunding Sites

Inc Startups

The JOBS Act paved the road for new crowdfunding portals. Now regulators are sussing out the potential fraudsters.

May the math and stat majors inherit the tech world

deal architect

I started my career at PW as an accountant. I have a long since expired CPA certificate as memory. It was good business grounding for an MBA and required experience back then before you could move into PW’s consulting arm. Industry Commentary


How to Deal With Addiction

Inc Startups

A Harvard Medical School psychiatrist explains how to tell if a team member is slipping towards a substance abuse problem, and what to do about it. Picture an addict, and you'll probably think of someone out of The Wire , complete with droopy eyes, ruined relationships and criminal tendencies.

Successful Hiring

Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

“The secret to successful hiring is this: look for the people who want to change the world.” ” Marc Benioff. Strategy

What Closed Doors Could Be Costing You

Inc Startups

An expert makes the case that internal communications should be made through social networks. Do you agree? Are you missing out on a more productive (and profitable) way to communicate?

Success, Hubris, and Control

Mark Birch

I read the following this morning: It was about what it is always about with : hubris and control, the same tightly intertwined strands of his DNA that convinced him he would never be exposed, that the dozens and dozens of people privy to his pyramid scheme would remain muzzled forever.

Why Your Shipping Policy is Losing You Business

Inc Startups

If you're a small retailer, you've got it hard enough; don't lose a potential customer because of bad customer service and annoying store policies.

Free Mini-reviews (Part 5)


Part 5 of my annual free mini-reviews. Disclaimer: I haven’t seen any analytics or survey data for any of these websites, and all my comments are only based on my experience in the field. I’m only spending very little time on each site, so there’s going to be superficiality.

An Easier Way to Work With the Government (Yes, Really)

Inc Startups

The SBA, in conjunction with the White House's Presidential Innovation Fellows, launched a new marketplace for small business. The SBA , in conjunction with the White House’s Presidential Innovation Fellows , is bringing small tech businesses and government contracts closer together.