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7 Tips For Building Millennials Into Next-Gen Leaders

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Millennials have come a long way in business since I started writing about them nearly ten years ago. They started out as that spoiled generation of kids, born between about 1982 and 2004, who had everything, and could care less about business.

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Moving Business? What You Need To Know


At a certain point, entrepreneurs will realize the need to move their business to another location. If you are a business owner who wants to move your company to another area , there are several things that you must look into before relocating.

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28 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names


The idea of exactly what your business is going to usually come first. Secondly, most often, is giving a title to your idea. What exactly is going to be the name of your business? Some people turn to their childhood for inspiration or a beloved family pet.

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Increase Productivity By Streamlining These Common Business Tasks


Part of what makes a business successful is its ability to operate efficiently. From start to finish, a company must be able to provide high-quality products and/or services for their customers or clients.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

Want to Know a Secret? Your Customers Do.


The carefully evasive proposal included intriguing tidbits: Jeff Bezos laughed when Mr. Kamen assembled an It for him [.]

How To Manage A Side Business And A Full-Time Job


Starting a business has become so easy that many people are taking the leap of faith to chase their passions and earn more money. That being said, however, running a successful business isn’t easy and doesn’t tend to happen overnight.

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Here’s How You Can Launch Your Own Medical Billing Startup


The healthcare industry is vast, and ever-growing. And the good thing is, you don’t need to become a doctor or even a medical assistant to get your foot in the door of this lucrative industry.

3 Services That Streamline Your Business

The Startup Magazine

Today’s small and medium-sized businesses run on efficiency just as much as they do market share, and after a half-century of technological revolution, it’s no wonder they are looking for lower-overhead options for technology infrastructure than the traditional mainframe or corporate phone suit can offer.

Ramish Zaidi On Top 5 Technologies To Look Forward To In 2020


by Ramish Zaidi, Managing Director of Vortex Infosolutions. The fourth revolution has already started, and it’s absolutely moving at a pace, double the speed of the last three revolutions together.

Five Nuggets on Motivation, Grit, Culture and Strategy

VC Cafe

“Sometimes an organization doesn’t need a solution; it just needs clarity.” Ben Horowitz, The Hard Thing About Hard Things. We live in a time where information is everywhere, “data” is important, but “insights” are rare.

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How To Find The Best Survey Sites To Make Money On The Side


Taking surveys online is one of the easiest ways to make money today. When you work as a survey taker, expect to answer surveys that contain questions about a wide variety of topics. You will be paid based on the number of surveys you complete within a specific timeframe.

The Benefits of a Mastermind Group

Mike Michalowicz

I believe no man is an island. So I offer this tip – if you’re an entrepreneur, you need to be in a mastermind. Belonging to a mastermind group is one of the most powerful tools to help you increase profitability in your business. What is a mastermind group?

7 Expert tips for finding safe sources for business investment

Our Own Start-up

If your business is already started, but you need investment money to take it to the next level, you also have a challenge. Fundraising business investment business plan fundraising fundraising for business online financial source sources for business investment starting a business.

Have Big Banks Forgotten About Small Businesses?

The Startup Magazine

If you’re an entrepreneur, the big banks are more than happy to keep your money in a small business account. But, where are they when you really need them? They say the best way to get a bank loan is to show them that you don’t really need one.

Small Business Saturday: How to Jump-Start Your Holiday Sales

Up and Running

Back in 2010, American Express designated the Saturday after Thanksgiving as Small Business Saturday ® to encourage people to “Shop Small,” or to support local businesses between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. .

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Hiring Freelancers: Project-based Versus Time-based Engagement Model


The ‘’Gig Economy’’ series sheds light on the future of work and the pros and cons of hiring freelancers and gig workers. Our guest today is Jim Barnish, Managing Partner, Morgan Hill Partners. Jim, lots of companies hire freelancers to complete short -term projects.

What Entrepreneurs Really Need (and It Isn’t Funding)?—?Sputnik ATX

Austin Startup

What Entrepreneurs Really Need (and It Isn’t Funding) Hint: they need pie. I recently saw data from Y Combinator comparing what founders consider their biggest obstacle, then contrasting that with a list of the things proven to grow companies fast (what you really need).

Why recurring revenues increase your company’s value


The massive shift in revenue models in recent years. Have you noticed how many web apps and content have turned into subscription services during the last several years? Call it the Netflix effect.

What Brands Need to Think, Do, and Say to Stand Out

Duct Tape Marketing

What Brands Need to Think, Do, and Say to Stand Out written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Podcast with Ron Tite. Podcast Transcript. Today’s guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is a speaker, author, and founder and CEO of the agency Church + State, Ron Tite.

Cyber Threat Analysis Framework for Board Members

Board Effect

One of the most difficult challenges for today’s boards is tackling cyber threats successfully. The topic of cybersecurity is immensely complex and constantly evolving. A major data breach carries the potential for substantial financial and reputational losses.

Benefits you need to know about work from home

Our Own Start-up

What is it that makes working from home so great? Corporate Life benefits of work from home facts about work from home things to know about work from home work from home


Let’s talk self-care

Austin Startup

As entrepreneurs, we take pride in working 12-hour days, working through weekends, and not having an ounce of a social life. Our days are often fueled by lots of caffeine and little nutritional food to get through it all. And self-care … what’s that? We’ve all heard this term, right?

Becoming a private practitioner: 4 Steps to take before you open for business

Our Own Start-up

Before you see the first patient, here are four ways you can protect the company from the start. Starting a Business Becoming a physician becoming a private practitioner opening a private practice private practitioner starting a business


Seeking Out True Equality in the Workplace

Women Entrepreneurs Can

It may just be a stereotype, but it often seems that the fight for equality in the workplace has often centered around the office. Women will be challenging for equal pay for jobs in middle to senior management levels.

Everything you need to know about personal injury claims in Lakeland

Our Own Start-up

But even in this beautiful city of Florida, accidents are unforeseeable, which is why having a Lakeland personal injury attorney at your service is essential.

3 Ways to Boost Employee Satisfaction

Women Entrepreneurs Can

Many studies show that when an employee is happy, they will produce better quality and much more work than they would otherwise. And which both the business owner or manager wouldn’t want that? But it isn’t always so easy to keep everybody that works for you at happy at all times.

How your startup can break into the e-commerce market

Our Own Start-up

Here are a few pieces of advice to provide your business with the necessary kickstart into the world of e-commerce.

Austin’s Shotgun Seltzer Lands $1 Million Investment From Unorthodox Ventures


Shotgun Seltzer, Austin’s first craft spiked seltzer, announced recently that it has received a $1 million investment from Unorthodox Ventures. It is the second investment since Unorthodox Ventures moved to Austin. The firm, founded by Carey Smith, founder of Big Ass Fans, has also invested and acquired GoFish Cam. Austin-based Shotgun Seltzer launch in July […].

John Jantsch on the Local U Deep Dive Podcast – The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch on the Local U Deep Dive Podcast – The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. John Jantsch sat down with Mike Blumenthal and Carrie Hill, hosts of the Local U Deep Dive Podcast, to discuss local marketing, reviews, and his latest book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur.

Austin’s Cloudsnap Raises $1.8 Million and Hires New CEO


Austin-based Cloudsnap announced recently that it has closed a $1.8 million funding round. In addition, Matt Bradley, a former Rackspace Chief Strategy Office, was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Cloudsnap. Active Capital, based in San Antonio, led the investment round along with Houston-based Mercury Fund. To date, Cloudsnap has raised $4.1 million. When Bradley worked […]. The post Austin’s Cloudsnap Raises $1.8 Million and Hires New CEO appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Transcript of What Brands Need to Think, Do, and Say to Stand Out

Duct Tape Marketing

Transcript of What Brands Need to Think, Do, and Say to Stand Out written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Back to Podcast. Transcript. John Jantsch: This episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is brought to you by SEMrush.