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What is the Appropriate Time Horizon of a Financial Model for VC’s

Ask The VC

Q: When building a financial projection model for a pitch to VC’s, should you include future rounds of funding in the model or simply show what measurable goal you are trying to achieve with the current round you are seeking? A (Brad): It depends on the stage of the company. But first, it’s important to understand how a VC is going to look at your projections in the first place.

Request for Laptops for Monarch High School Students

Feld Thoughts

Following is a guest post from Lura Vernon, President of the Monarch High School PTSO. Lura is also a good friend, contributor to Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur , mother of two awesome young women, and wife of Todd Vernon, CEO of VictorOps. . Lura’s request is for laptops for Monarch High School Students. Any amount will do – 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, or even 100. If you have any extra, please email me and I’ll get you connected.

What Klout Really Means and the Future of Social Media Influence

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

A surprising number of people have no idea what Klout is and what their score may be. Essentially, Klout is a program that measures your web presence and its influence on other people based on social media networks. Klout offers a 0-100 range, with 20 being the average score.

Build Entrepreneur Credentials Early and Wisely

Startup Professionals Musings

Many believe that entrepreneurs are born, not made. While I agree that successful company builders usually have a natural inclination to be entrepreneurs, a good education helps polish that apple. There are people who are natural musicians, but that doesn't mean we don't try to teach them music.

Don’t Underestimate the Undergraduates

Steve Blank

Jim Hornthal splits his time between venture capital, entrepreneurship and education. Jim has founded six companies, including Preview Travel, one of the first online travel agencies, which went public in 1997 and subsequently merged to create as an independent company.

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All I need is a lead

Taffy Williams

Entrepreneurs raise money from a range of sources. Initially, funds may come from family and friends but eventually the funding requirements escalate. Road shows become commonplace and visits to a large number of funding sources becomes a major activity.

How to Guarantee ROI With Social Media Participation

Duct Tape Marketing

Now that more and more organizations are investing time and money into social media participation, people are looking for ways to measure the return in terms of direct business rather than fans, friends and followers.

The Chinese government appears to have completely blocked GitHub via DNS

The Next Web

Reports are coming in that the social coding site GitHub has been blocked in China. While the service has seen blocks in the country before, this appears to be a much broader denial of service, affecting most, if not all users in the world’s most populous country online and offline.

China 31

4 Tips for Getting a Business Loan

Inc Startups

Need cash? Boost your odds of getting a business loan with these simple tips.

SBA 29

Overcoming the Fear of Starting a Business

Business Plan Blog

There are thousands of startup articles that offer advice on the methods, processes and mechanics for starting a business. However, the inner, personal workings of starting a business are just as important as your business plan and capitalization strategy.

9 Most Important Indians to Follow on Twitter

Inc Startups

To get smart fast about the Indian business landscape, follow these plugged-in and candid Tweeters The most efficient and timely way to get a feel for the Indian business landscape--not to mention Indian society--is to follow the Twitter streams of the most interesting players in that landscape.

India 26

Clay Collins Founder Of Startup Leadbrite, Pioneer Of The Prelaunch, And Serial Entrepreneur Shares His Story by Yaro Starak

Tweet. Download the Text Transcript in PDF (coming soon). Subscribe to this Podcast in iTunes.

GM, Raising the Innovation Sting Ray

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Why does it take a near death experience to wake some companies up? I guess there is an innovation equivalent to a drunk hitting bottom. If only the drunk could see what they are headed for before they land in the gutter. Case in point: General Motors.

My "Aha" Moment in San Francisco

Growthink Blog

This weekend I had the very good fortune to attend Ryan Deis and Perry Belcher's Traffic and Conversion Summit in downtown San Francisco.

Pushing Through the Tough Stuff: 7 Tips

Inc Startups

It's when things get bad that we're most likely to be procrastinate. Don't be tempted. Firing an employee. Confronting a customer. Delivering bad news to an investor. Conducting an interview with a hostile reporter.

When it was a game: Hoping Foursquare returns to its roots

This is going to be BIG.

I don't know anything about Foursquare's fundraising plans--but as a user, I certainly hope the company lives to die another day. Somewhere along the line, the product went from changing the way I interact with the real world around me--running into friends more often, choosing to go to stick to habits to maintain a Mayorship--to aiming its sights on Yelp. I don't use Yelp and never wanted a better one.


Mike Michalowicz

THE OBJECTIVE: I want some funny, relevant phrases for my website and thought a fun, easy contest would make this a win-win for both you and me. THE PRIZES: I am giving away a FREE autographed copy of The Pumpkin Plan and an even more FREE copy of my “Industry Authority” DVD training (which I recorded last yea r) to each winner! There will be 10 winners… and one person can win multiple times, up to all 10! That’s right. I said “more FREE.”

Bad Customer Development Questions and How to Avoid My Mistakes

Kevin Dewalt

Summary: Although Customer Development can give us tremendous insight into market problems, it takes a lot of time – time that’s wasted if we do it incorrectly. Worse yet, poorly worded questions can cause us to reach wrong conclusions about what people want. The best questions don’t require customers to speculate about their behavior. Here I share real examples my bad questions and mistakes and offer some better alternatives.

Looking at Martin Luther King, Jr. Day through a new set of eyes

Jeff Hilimire

I wonder what Martin Luther King, Jr. would think if he were here today. Would he think that significant progress has been made since he left us on that fateful day in April, 1968? This is a question I wouldn’t have even considered a year ago.

44 Ways To Reinvigorate Your Entrepreneurial Drive

Mike Michalowicz

44 Ways To Reinvigorate Your Entrepreneurial Drive. Here’s your pseudo-science lesson for the day.

Don’t think about an elephant!

The Next Web

Have you ever been asked to “think outside of the box”? I thought this phrase was now extinct, but recently I heard it pop up during a meeting again, and in all seriousness too. Amazing. Thinking outside the box is virtually impossible. You can stop saying it.

SAP cloudwashes its image

deal architect

Watching the playoffs this weekend, I chuckled when I saw SAP is the NFL’s Official Cloud Software Solutions provider. Not sure how much it cost SAP but they are clearly eager to be considered “cloudy”. Since the revenues show a. Cloud Computing, SaaS Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SA

Jongla Releses Stickers, HTML5 App To Target Crowded Mobile Messaging Market


Is there room for another mobile messaging player? Jongla , the Helsinki-based messaging app, tells us they're seeing some initial traction as they try to break into the crowded messaging market.


Thought Readership #20: The GOODREADS Challenge

Active Garage

When you get to a certain age you think you’ve seen everything, right? But no, I logged onto LinkedIn recently to find a “Can you recommend me?”

Self parking Audi

The Equity Kicker

Every now and again I like to post a video which shows how fast new technologies are coming down the pipe. The pace of technology innovation is accelerating all the time but most people don’t fully grasp the implications.

How To Become Valuable To A Start Up (If You’re Not An Engineer)


For all the glamor and noble intentions attributed to start-ups, working at an early-stage technology start-up isn’t fundamentally dissimilar from working at an established technology company. Products are built, released, iterated upon based on customer feedback, and the cycle is repeated.


[Singapore][Event] Office Hours Revealed With Jeffrey Paine


Ever wondered what a venture capitalist does and what that means for a startup seeking funding? Where To Be Born 2013


Business Insider Here is an infographic from The Economist showing `where to be born in 2013.` It takes into effect different variables like GDP, divorce rates and life expectancy. The US doesn't even crack the top ten. at 1:13

Adobe Systems Rolls Out Creative Cloud Over Asia


Adobe Systems , a leading maker of multimedia and creativity software, brought its experience to the cloud when it launched Adobe Creative Cloud , a membership-based online cloud-based platform that allows users unlimited access to its entire suite of tools and services in the U.S. market last April.

What Is The Appropriate Time Horizon Of A Financial Model for VC’s?

Ask The VC

Q: When building a financial projection model for a pitch to VC’s, should you include future rounds of funding in the model or simply show what measurable goal you are trying to achieve with the current round you are seeking? A (Brad): It depends on the stage of the company. But first, it’s important to understand how a VC is going to look at your projections in the first place.

Startup Monday: Lehigh Valley Tech Founders Group

The Lehigh Valley Tech startup scene seems to be very active. Ben Franklin Technology Partners has an accelerator program at Lehigh University, and Allentown sports a tech accelerator as well. They've held lots of events including hackathons and Startup Weekend. Tonight we start Startup Lehigh Valley --a peer mentor group for startup founders. Modelled on Startup Lancaster (51 founders!) and Startup Mechanicsburg (31 founders!),

The Grass is Always Greener

Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

Not a day goes by when one of my friends working in a cushy job does not complain about their work and how they want to take the plunge and start their ‘own’ thing.

T3Leads Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program Revisited An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

The following is a paid review for written and reviewed by Michael Kwan. It is completely of Michael Kwan’s opinion and is not influenced by being paid. If you’re interested in having your site or product reviewed, please view my advertising page.

Whats mine is mine. Whats yours is mine also.

deal architect

We all know how aggressive tech companies can be in enforcing all kinds of even minor patents. What is less discussed is the tendency of many to only grudgingly give credit to technologies they may themselves be embedding in their. Industry Commentary