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Give Before You Get

Feld Thoughts

This first appeared in my LinkedIn Today column titled Give Before You Get. I post unique content on LinkedIn a few times a month (I ultimately reblog it here) but if you want to get it when I first publish it and you are a LinkedIn member, simply follow me on LinkedIn. As 2013 begins, I encourage you to adopt one of my deeply held beliefs, that of “ give before you get.”.

My simple ways to be a happier, smarter 30-something

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Do this stuff, and I guarantee you will literally be happier, smarter , more productive, live longer, and most importantly you will not feel like you’re missing out on life. Don’t eat anything that’s nasty at room temperature.

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The Two Words That Determine Your Success In Life

Mike Michalowicz

Determine Your Success In Life With I Am . I promise you this: if you have the discipline to implement what I am about to share with you, your life will be transformed. More than just your business life. Every aspect of your life will change.

13 New Year’s Resolutions to Work Happy in 2013

Startup Professionals Musings

Welcome to the New Year 2013! You’ve probably already made your resolutions, but if not, I suggest a renewed commitment to finding happiness and satisfaction in your work. After all, most of us spend more hours in this role than any other, and life is too short to spend most of your life unhappy.

Hate the Curves and Bored with Cruise Control

Life Beyond Code

This is the grand dilemma that many people face – when the roads are curvy, they complain what it takes to navigate all these curves. It seems like they have to pay 100% attention or they might drive off the road.

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Is Making Money the Ultimate Validation?

Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

Recently I had an interesting conversation with someone who took the stance that, making money was the only sign that you are creating any value in the world. From his perspective making something that had perceived monetary value meant that you had created something worth while.

A Year of Learning and Gratitude


Last year I made predictions for 2012; it was the first time I've done that. I'm not going to do that this year, partly because it was a long, rambling post, partly because 2012 was a humbling, somewhat painful, and somewhat redemptive year. LEARNINGS It has been a year of learning as well.

2 Joyful New Year's Resolutions

Inc Startups

Think your end-of-the-year commitments need to be dour pledges to make worthy improvements in your life or business? Think again, says a happiness researcher. It's no wonder that New Year's resolutions are the bain of everybody's existence this time of year.

Be a Pioneer not an Opportunist


As we turn over to a new year, it seems that everything old is new again. From retro typefonts to Instagram filters to the recent neon craze in the fashion world, it seems we are cycling back in time. And now I can’t open a tech blog without reading about the new bubble or the Series A crunch. I’ve seen this movie twice before as a VC. I invested in Silicon Valley from 1999-2003 and in NYC pre and post 2008 financial crisis. Two significant boom and bust cycles of the modern era.

The "Real Valuation" Is About Having Fun

Inc Startups

Ronen Shilo, founder of software company Conduit, talks about what his company's recent $1 billion valuations means--and doesn't mean--to him. Ronen Shilo founded software company Conduit in 2005. Since then, the company has grown to 407 employees. It reached a $1 billion valuation in May, 2012.

2013 Top 10 Storage Trends: Hitachi Data Systems


Big data is coming, but are governments, companies and even individuals prepared for its eventuality?

Give Us the Rules and Let Us Go Kick Butt

Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch talks Fiscal Cliff on Wall Street Journal Radio. photo credit: Ennor via photopin cc. There’s plenty of talk and a fair amount of angst swirling around the made for reality TV Fiscal Cliff negotiations.

Use a checklist to control your email addiction

47 Hats

So what was your most terrible anti-productive habit in 2012? Mine was checking email. On my desktop, iPad and iPhone, morning, noon, night, between and during and before and after everything else. Killing this habit in 2013 would be the #1 thing I could do to increase productivity.

The Voice of the Enterprise Customer

deal architect

Tim Cook of Apple recently told BusinessWeek “I’ve talked to many other CEOs who look at me like I have three heads when I talk about getting hundreds or thousands of customer e-mails in a day. It’s a privilege. Industry Commentary

Top Ten Posts in 2012

Scott Edward Walker

Happy New Year! Below is a list of my top ten posts in 2012 based on pageviews.

The big disruption opportunity in book publishing

deal architect

Apple says it has written $ 6.5 billion in royalty checks to iOS apps developers in the last few years. While my book had a section which shows the distribution of those checks is uneven, and this NY Times article. Industry Commentary

It's Good Enough. Ship It.

Constantly Learning

Being done always trumps perfection. All humans, to some extent, are perfectionists. Our ideas, projects, and productions are fragile. We doubt ourselves and don't want to be embarrassed by something we've put our name on. We think people we respect will laugh at us if our work isn't any good. Linds Redding : Most artists and designers I know would rather work all night than turn in a sub-standard job. I don't think this is limited to creatives.

Feel free to borrow these New Year's resolutions

This is going to be BIG.

In 2012, I started my second company--a venture capital firm called B rooklyn Bridge Ventures. Becoming an entrepreneur again has been a ton of work, but incredibly rewarding. In a year, I went from an idea and a track record to more than $5mm of limited partner commitments, six investments in incredible entrepreneurs (to be announced when I get my new website up), and a ton of opportunity to create innovation in New York City.

New Year’s Day: Imagine by John Lennon - It seems cliche.

Mark Birch

New Year’s Day: Imagine by John Lennon - It seems cliche to start the new year with a song like Imagine. It is routinely listed as one of a handful of best rock songs of all-time. The lyrics are prosaic, the emotional content touches upon the maudlin, and its aspirations seem hopelessly naive. Yet we cannot dismiss this song so casually because deep down we desire the very peace and tranquility the song yearns for and no song expresses that desire more poignantly.


Happy New Year + Announcements Throughout January!

Startup Houston

Happy new year from all of us at Startup Houston! 2012 was a great year. But it’s January, and I’m not interested in looking backwards. Not here, at least. If you want a year-end recap– some validation that Houston is a great place for startups, and that we’re in the middle of a startup groundswell– check out this article from October. 2012 was great, but now it’s over.