Sun.Oct 13, 2019

7 Strategies To Prepare For Global Market Challenges

Startup Professionals Musings

New entrepreneurs who want to survive, and optimize the growth of their startups, need to think globally, and act locally, from day one.

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Is Winter coming for startups?

VC Cafe

11 years ago Sequoia released the “ RIP Good Times ” Presentation. With the financial crisis meltdown, it was clear that “winter is coming” for startups.

What Big Companies Look For When Buying Your Startup

The Startup Magazine

Thinking about selling a business? What will bigger companies be looking for when evaluating yours? What makes them acquire others? Sometimes it is just the right time to sell your startup.

Workfront - looking for work productivity in all the right places

deal architect

Alex Shootman, CEO of Workfront, is versatile on many fronts. He has traveled more of the world than his tech peers. He has a family with adopted kids which deserves to be profiled in a movie. He is very good. Cloud Computing, SaaS digital transformations

How To Raise Capital For A New StartUp

The Startup Magazine

Starting your own business can be an exciting time. But it can also be stressful, daunting, and incredibly overwhelming, especially when it comes to the task of raising the necessary funds to get your dream off the ground.

Father of 3D Printing Makes it Possible For Everyone To Paddle a Perception Brand Kayak


They say there’s a success story behind every failure in business. That’s why Bill Master’s story and background is intriguing and thought-provoking. He was the first person to patent 3D Printing.

Dr. Dallas Dance Explains Why Leaders Should Never Stop Learning

The Startup Magazine

Too many leaders are complacent and feel that they have gained the highest level of skill in their fields. Leaders who are not in learning mode can cause stagnation in the workplace, maintaining the status quo rather than forging into new territory.

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Fundamentals for Starting Up a Business

The Startup Magazine

Starting up a business, despite what Hollywood may suggest, doesn’t just involve crafting ideas from a home office until they succeed. Rather, it involves meticulous planning, sometimes unglamorous spreadsheet data , and a robust business plan.

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Coming Storms: Three Reasons That VC Firms May Start Overlooking “We’re Conflicted” and Make Competing Investments

Hunter Walker

There was a time when far less written about – or by – venture capitalists. But I seem to recall “we won’t invest in two competing companies” was an oft-stated principle even in these more opaque days.

Trimming The Hedges, Planning For A Rainy Day


At the end of 2016, folks in the startup tech ecosystem looked toward 2017’s impending “uncertainty.” ” Then at the end of 2017, the same worry about 2018; rinse and repeat last year, looking toward 2019. Yet, looking back, not much changed — there’s more money than every in the early-stage ecosystem, bigger financing rounds, large private pre-IPO growth rounds, and much more. So, will the end of this year be any different, as we look to 2020?

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Saturday Startup Spotlight: Blended Sense

Austin Startup

Capital Factory’s Saturday Startup Spotlight series returns this week with the Co-Founders of Blended Sense : Abigail Rose , Albert Baez and Georgina Elizondo.

Why the changes at SAP may be timely for the industry

deal architect

Since Thursday evening I have heard from many if I am surprised by the changes at the top at SAP My answer is "only slightly" From Sapphire in May, I wrote after some of the changes earlier in the year. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) Industry Commentary

ProLon Day 5

Feld Thoughts

Today’s the last day of my ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet. I wrote about my start in a post titled ProLon Day 1. I was a little nervous about trying this so I figured I’d blog about it to bust through any anxiety I was having about trying it. I find myself very happy with it on Day 5.