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Easy to criticize, hard to create

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

(Powered by LaunchBit ). I can rip any business idea to shreds. Movie-watchers are accustomed to the immediate gratification of browsing and selecting.

Retrofit – Data Driven Weight Loss

Feld Thoughts

If you’re a regular reader, you know about my interest in the quantified self and exercise. You also know my struggle with losing that “last 20 pounds” which I’ve finally decided I am going to do once and for all. Retrofit uses a Fitbit and a Withings scale to make tracking your sleep, activity and weighing yourself easy.

5 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Face it: There are days when being an entrepreneur sucks. Here are a few simple steps to getting your mojo back. It’s all in how you see it!

Using Evernote to manage your Startup

47 Hats

Whether it’s the latest set of Heroku commands or alternative revenue models for your startup, you need one place to store all the vital bits, ideas, and decisions. I recommend Evernote. Dozens of posts culled from my RSS reader (Mr. For example, DeveloperMemory is not a flashcard application and won’t be marketed as such.

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10 Steps To Great Leadership

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

I never went to CEO school. But here's how I learned to drive my business forward profitably. Hint: Its not just about number crunching. ” 4.

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Why Nobody is Talking About Your Company

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You're probably making these five classic public-relations mistakes. Here's how to stop sucking at publicizing your company. I was wrong. It isn't.

Beware of fancy formulas and slick shortcuts

Escape From Cubicle Nation

“Wow, how long before I can do that?” ” some would ask. “Do you see that?” “Yes sir!” Marketing advice.

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How to Use Instagram to Tell and Sell Your Marketing Story

Duct Tape Marketing

How to Use Instagram to Tell and Sell Your Marketing Story This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. Postagram – This might be my favorite application.

All My Employees Are in Sales

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Everyone at my company understands that the next sale begins when the customer says yes, and making that sale is part of their job. “WOW!”

Horizontal specialization as a catalyst for startups

Chris Dixon

One of the most important events in the history of modern computing was the advent of “fabless” semiconductor companies. The story of fabless semi companies is similar to the recent history of internet startups: various forces led to a massive lowering of startup costs, which then led to a boom in innovation. startups

Networking Tips from the Inc. 5000

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Want to be a power networker? We tapped 6 CEOs of the countrys fastest growing companies about how theyve networked for success, and how you can too.

How to Select a Company or Product Name

Developer Resource. Design. Developer. E-commerce. Hosting. General. Marketing. Licensing. Resellers. Search. Engines. Software. Conferences. Software. Organizations. Software. Store. Statistics. Support. General Marketing. Search: [advanced search] -->. How to Select a Company or Product Name. When building a business there is little more. Jumble.

Barbara Corcoran: 2012 Real Estate Outlook

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The real estate entrepreneur and star of ABC's Shark Tank talks about what to on the real estate market. percent. percent), Detroit had the best (up 3.7

End of a Business Does Not Have to be Failure

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Sometimes an entrepreneur reaches a crossroad. While the business that they have started shows potential, they may come to the realization that the only chance it has of being sustainable will require raising money to grow it to the next level. And investors will likely expect to become involved in major decision-making about the business.

Build a Website That Will Beat the Competition: 4 Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A tale of two florists: Same product, same market. Here's why one company wins hands down. Business has always been about competition. You tell me.

How to Not Fail as an Entrepreneur

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Why do most entrepreneurs fail? Businesses fail everyday for a variety of reasons. They may have run out of money, may have underestimated the competition, may have not known how to operate efficiently, or may have had trouble keeping track of their accounting information. Most of these problems can be avoided if an entrepreneur does

The 5 Crucial Sales Questions You're Afraid to Ask

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The five questions you're afraid to ask a buyer are actually the key to increasing sales and ramping up efficiency. I love threshold questions.

Pound Around the World – My Thoughts from Random Hacks of Kindness

VC Cafe

Parents have a hard time teaching them the value of money. Pound Around the World. View more presentations from Eze Vidra.

Information Arbitrage - Tough love

Information Arbitrage


Reverse Engineering a Career

This is going to be BIG.

I run into a lot of people trying to switch careers and join a startup. They're trying to get product positions and marketing jobs in particular, but they don't have any prior experience. That leaves them in the infinite loop of not being able to get the job because you don't have experience, but not being able to get any experience, etc, etc.

Go Vertical

Seeing Both Sides

Start ups are great barometers for the future. Yet, in my own work with various incubators, I am often struck by the lack of vertical focus.

First-Time Founder? 9 Things to Know

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Two serial entrepreneurs set out to succeed where failed. It's worked -- so far -- because they've followed these key principles. million.

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Check Your Tech – How to Avoid Unnecessary SEO Surprises

Rembrandt Communications

It’s been months since you did extensive, search engine optimization (SEO) keyword research and added the appropriate tags to your site. Lately, you’ve been focusing on other things like landing pages, newsletters, case studies, and more. But as you scan the Web one day, you notice that your site is not showing up in the [.].

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Solving the Data Deluge

Peter Levine

Data underlies every Web site, gaming company, social network and enterprise computing environment. We’re talking massive quantities, too, created by users and computers, and getting bigger all the time. This is a problem that is not getting easier to solve. Think about that. No wonder there is a data deluge problem. The $33.5

The Truth About Your Next Hire

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Obviously, job candidates' references are biased. Here's how you can find out what a potential employee is really all about.

Top Five Ways To Recognize And Appreciate Millennial Workers


by Mike Byam, managing partner at Terryberry. – the heart and mind still works the same. Implement a social recognition network.

How to Launch a Pop-Up Shop

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Tis the season to try out a retail store -- no long-term commitment required. Here's the one piece of technology you need to get started. Literally

The Rise Of The Context Graph

Nick O'Neill hit the web just two years ago and with it the rise of a basic concept: it should be extremely simple for people to express their identity on the web in a visually compelling way. Instantly, numerous companies took note and either duplicated (e.g. or integrated It’s too tedious though.

The Path to Becoming a Venture Capitalist - DShen's Blogs


Rob Go of NextView Ventures just wrote a great post: So You Want to be a VC? where he describes what it's like to be a VC, to the many people who tell him they want to get into VC. I thought I'd repost and expand on part of

LLC 13

Invest in Israel Newsletter December 2011

VC Cafe

For the Invest in Israel archive, click here. Below are the headlines for December 2011 (mid month update!). million it was claiming in 2009. At 0.99

SBA Helping Owners Tap Their Real Estate Loans for Equity

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Business owners may be overlooking a SBA program that helps them refinance commercial loans to obtain working capital. Financing is still the No.

Forget About the Numbers

Growthink Blog

As any venture capitalist worth his salt will tell you, there is a chasm of difference between the mostly grounded-in-reality financial forecasts offered by public companies, and the almost never do come true "rosy scenario" projections offered as a matter of course by emerging technology companies. So what is going on? Now wouldn’t that be nice.

Design Staff ? Tips for testing your designs with

Design Staff

I love quick and dirty user research. I try to eliminate barriers that prevent teams from talking to and observing people using their products.

Is a Bird in the Hand Worth Two in the Bush?

Taffy Williams

In arecent meeting, I asked company founders if they would take $10MM for theirtechnology and just walk away. Thequestion was a bit of a trick question. Any answer provided would be revealing valuable information about theteam. In addition, anyresponses would show level of team commitment and possibly founders thoughts oncompany valuation.