Mon.May 20, 2019

5 Keys To Expanding Your Thinking And Raising Results

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Image via Good Free Photos It’s time for more entrepreneurs to reset their focus, and shift their thinking to completely different ways of doing things.

Book: The Moment of Lift

Feld Thoughts

I had surgery recently and a few friends, including Chris Moody and Sarah Ahn, gave me some books as gifts. They knew I’d be spending a lot of time on the couch either napping or reading, so my pile of infinite books to read became more abundant with a few good ones including The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World by Melinda Gates. While I’ve met Melinda’s husband Bill a few times, but I’ve never spent any time with Melinda.

This Is How Founders Achieve Product-Market Fit

YFS Magazine

To get a better grasp on the practical application of product-market fit, let's take a look at how founders achieved it rather quickly for their startups. Plan product development product market fit starting a business

The Importance Of LinkedIn In The Modern World


In an increasingly online world, it is natural for selective processes to be done through tools and web sites. For a professional who wants to stand out and be always remembered in his area of ??business,

Create a Business Plan for Fewer Hassles and Faster Growth

Up and Running

Writing a business plan can help make sure Office Space doesn’t feel relatable [ source ]. There’s a famous scene in the cult-classic 1999 movie “ Office Space “ where the main character, Peter, is confronted by his boss, Bill.

Expecting The Unexpected: How To Prepare For Financial Emergencies


It’s perfectly natural to think “that will never happen to me,” but unexpected emergencies do happen, and it is crucial to be prepared for them. There are some precautions you can take before, during and after a financial emergency to ensure you stay on track and financially afloat.

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Why India Will Become The SaaS Hotbed Of Tomorrow


by Prasanna Krishnamoorthy , partner at Upekkha. Just as Information Technology (IT) services transformed India in the 1990s, Software as a Service (SaaS) will dramatically shift the nation in the 2020s.

India 141

Tiny Checks

This is going to be BIG.

Not every fundraise is easy and sometimes you wind up having to take a higher quantity of smaller checks than you’d like. On the other hand, some people try and pad the cap table with a bunch of big names or industry vets, even if their check size is small, just to build the network. They have an idealized vision of how easy it’s going to be to utilize everyone once the business gets going. The reality is that the last thing most founders will have time for is writing up investor updates.

Blockchain Week Bull Run


Unlike last year’s NYC Blockchain Week, which was more form over substance (anyone recall Lambos parked in front of the Hilton?),

Startups and Privilege

Diego Basch

One fine day, the NBA executives have a realization: there are not enough players trying to join the league (we must have entered a bizarre dimension but stay with me for analogy’s sake). What do these marketing geniuses do? Increase the funnel, of course. They tell everyone who will listen that the NBA is awesome, and that anyone who tries hard enough has a chance. Of course, it is not true that anyone who tries hard has a chance.